Luxury cars with low maintenance costs (+video)

Luxury cars with low maintenance costs are not all that common, but there are a few brands and a few ways that enable you to own a luxury car a bit more reasonably. Some low-maintenance luxury cars are low maintenance in regard to other luxury cars, which means that they still cost more than most cars.

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Luxury cars that are cheap to maintain

If you want a luxury car that is still relatively cheap to maintain, a hybrid is a way to go. Hybrids use less fuel, they cost less to insure, and they might lower additional costs as well. Electric cars on the other hand are also cheaper to maintain, but there are some EV considerations worth addressing.

Segment-wise, a hybrid sedan like the BMW 330e is likely going to be the option out there for both luxury and low maintenance. If you want an SUV that is relatively cheap to run, go for a Lexus RX 450h, because this SUV is low on fuel and it offers legendary Lexus reliability.

You can also go electric and opt for the Porsche Taycan. The Taycan offers above-average luxury and technology, but it also offers lower maintenance costs compared to something like a Panamera. If you want a low-maintenance supercar, go for the Honda/Acura NSX.

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Low maintenance compact luxury sedans

The compact luxury sedan segment is the most popular sedan segment on the market thanks to perfectly sized and thoroughly equipped sedan options. An Audi A4 offers fairly low maintenance costs considering the 4 years 50k mile bumper to bumper warranty, and the engines are also tested and proven for multiple hundreds of thousands of miles.

If you go through the hybrid route, the BMW 330e is likely going to be the best low-maintenance luxury compact sedan on sale. The 330e offers all the amazing features any other 3-series offers, but it also combines that with low running costs accentuated by impressive fuel efficiency ratings.

The hybrid version of the Lexus GS is also a fairly dependable compact luxury sedan that is not going to break the bank. The GS offers stylish looks, great reliability results, and a punchy engine. It’s worth mentioning that the fuel efficiency is considerably worse compared to the 330e though, but still worth considering.

Low maintenance sporty luxury cars

If you want a sporty luxury car, but you still are not willing to pay big dollars for maintenance, there are a few interesting options at hand. One of which would be the jawdroppingly beautiful Lexus LC500h. The LC500h can be bought in coupe or convertible form and it offers class-leading fuel efficiency and reliability.

Another great option would be a Honda/Acura NSX because this supercar uses a hybrid powertrain that enables the NSX to reach 0-60mph in about 3 seconds. Relative to such performance credentials the NSX offers great value for money, especially if you consider the reliability and fuel efficiency.

Ford Mustangs are also fairly cheap to run if you consider what you are getting for the money. Ford dealers are everywhere, and finding spare parts is a breeze. A 996 Porsche 911 can also be great value for money for very much the same reasons.

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Low maintenance luxury EVs

If you want to cut the maintenance costs down considerably, an EV might be a great option. In addition to saving our lovely planet, an EV uses no fuel whatsoever, there is no need for oil neither. Furthermore, EVs usually enable you to take advantage of a lot of government grants and tax returns which further decrease the price.

In that case, the Porsche Taycan is probably the best option to buy. The Taycan offers low maintenance, sporty, and an equally luxurious and comfortable experience. The same can be said about the Audi E-Tron GT, but the Taycan is more luxurious and more fun to drive.

The Mercedes EQS is not yet available for sale, but the EQS is also likely to be relatively cheap to run. You can also opt for a Tesla of any sort, and if you want to save a few bucks, you most definitely should opt for a Tesla.

And the best Tesla to buy is probably either the Model 3 or the Model Y, because these two offer better-looking interiors, and are a significant step up in build quality and luxury compared to the Model S and the Model X.

FAQ Section

Is it worth buying an EV in 2021?

The answer to this question depends highly on your usage scenario. If you are primarily using your car around town without lots of longer journeys, or you have more than one car, an EV is worth considering in 2021.

But if you are traveling long distances often, and your area is not all that well equipped with charging infrastructure, then you should skip buying an EV, and wait a few years before reconsidering it. It’s worth mentioning that most of the world is not truly ready to make a transition towards EVs, and that’s a fact.

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Which car brand offers the best luxury to maintenance ratio?

If you want to point out a single brand that offers luxurious vehicles, but it also offers low maintenance costs, Lexus is probably the only brand that does it successfully.

This is because Lexus is a part of the Toyota Group, and Toyota is well known to develop extremely reliable cars, and Lexus is no different. There are a bunch of parts shared between the two, but only a true car geek is able to recognize that.

Why are luxury cars expensive to maintain?

To answer this, you only have to look at the question itself. Luxury cars are indeed luxury. And luxury is expensive to develop, repair, or maintain. Luxury cars are way more complex compared to regular, more affordable cars which means that there is a lot more stuff that can go wrong.

Another reason why luxury cars are more expensive to maintain is the fact that they are not built in such large batch sizes compared to a Toyota Prius. This means that the availability of parts is worse, and the profitability of making those parts is also worse if compared to a Toyota Prius part.

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