What car is most comfortable for long driving?

In today’s day and age, there are hundreds of different models out there that are more than capable of providing you with an amazingly comfortable long-distance cruiser. Full-size sedans are the ones that immediately come to mind, but a GT is always the best cross-continental option.

Comfort can be described as a state of physical and mental ease, and both of these are crucial if you plan on driving for extended periods of time. A comfortable car has to be quiet, powerful, spacious, packed with superior technology and safety features, and offer loads of entertaining features on a long journey.

And the GT (Grand Tourer) segment is literally developed for such cross-continental journeys. And the appropriately named Bentley Continental GT/Flying Spur seems like the best GT out there thanks to incredible powertrain options and amazing interior design and comfort.

If you want an SUV, the Mercedes Maybach GLS, Bentley Bentayga, and the Rolls Royce Cullinan are the three most comfortable SUVs on the market. If you want a more affordable but still comfortable sedan, go for the Audi A4 as the recently revised A4 offers plenty of features to keep you entertained on a long journey.

Best GT’s for long-distance driving

The word GT literally means long-distance, and these cars are built specifically for long international drives for people who prefer driving compared to flying. These cars are expensive, fast, roomy, they offer loads of road presence and they make you feel like royalty.

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And no other car does it better than the Bentley Continental GT. You can opt for the W12 version if you want the smoothest experience possible, or for the V8 version if you value sportiness and response over smoothness.

These Bentleys are equipped with high-quality materials, 200mph+ top speeds, industry-leading hi-fi sound systems, multiple ways adjustable heated, ventilated, and massaged arm chair-like seats, and a vast cargo area.

If you want an even better-looking GT, go for the Aston Martin DB11. If you want a more affordable but still adequately capable GT, go for the BMW 8-series. If you value performance driving, but you still want increased comfort levels, the McLaren GT or the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso are the ones to get.

Best high-end sedans for long-distance driving

But if you value comfort and only comfort, and you don’t care about 0-60mph times and 200mph top speeds, or you prefer being chauffeur driven, these high-end sedans are the very top end of the fiercely competitive luxury sedan market.

And the king of all luxury cars out there is the Rolls Royce Phantom. The Phantom is superior in almost every aspect imaginable, it costs a fortune, is longer than some commercial vehicles and it offers more space than some stretch limos do.

The Bentley Flying Spur is a longer Bentley Continental GT with 2 additional doors and an emphasis on the rear passengers. Other credible options in this segment are also the Mercedes Maybach S-Class and the Rolls Royce Ghost/Bentley Mulsanne.

All of these cars are often being chauffeur-driven, and this is most likely the most comfortable way a person can travel inside a car no matter the distance.

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Best executive sedans for long-distance driving

Even though all of these aforementioned cars are absolutely amazing, they are way too expensive and you can get 90% of the experience with about %40 of the price. And the Mercedes Benz S-Class, Audi A8, BMW 7-series, Jaguar XJ, Lexus LS are the ones that immediately come to mind.

The best full-size executive sedan for long-distance driving is undoubtedly the new Mercedes Benz S-Class as this legendary flagship sedan offers amazing state-of-the-art technology that enables comfort levels no other executive sedan can match.

The Audi A8 and the BMW 7-series are not far behind though, and both of these should get a refresh in a year or two. No matter which of these 3 German sedans you go for, the levels of comfort associated with all three of these are indeed class-leading.

The Lexus LS and the Jaguar XJ are also full-size luxury flagship sedans, but these two are simply not on the level of comfort of their German rivals. But if you prefer the styling and class of the Jaguar or the incredible reliability of the Lexus, it’s easy to choose one of these over their German competitors.


FAQ Section

Are SUVs good for long-distance driving?

Modern-day SUVs are great for long-distance driving, but they can’t be compared to a sedan. Some models like the Mercedes GLS, BMW X7, Rolls Royce Cullinan, Audi Q8, Bentley Benteyga, Lincoln Navigator are all impressively comfortable.

But if you compare them to their sedan counterparts they do pale in comparison. This is mostly since SUVs are not as aerodynamic as sedans are and they are noisier thanks to a raised-up platform and beefier tires and suspension.

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Are modern-day hatchbacks comfortable for longer journeys?

Even though you’d never think that a hatchback could ever be an impressively comfortable long-distance cruiser, there are a few hatchbacks out there to prove you wrong. The new Audi A3 is an amazing hatchback with loads of punchy engine options and a decently quiet cabin that should keep you comfortable and entertained for a long journey.

The Mercedes Benz A-Class and the BMW 1-Series are also not far off, and some would even suggest that the new Mk8 VW Golf is also a great long-distance cruiser. The sophistication levels of some of these models are so advanced that they can rival even some larger and more expensive cars.

Which engines are the most comfortable for longer journeys?

Engine-wise, a V12 is undoubtedly the smoothest and most relaxing engine option when it comes to long-distance driving, but the efficiency levels are not as good compared to a smaller displacement forced induction engine. A diesel engine is also superior to a gas engine for long-distance driving in most cases.

As of right now, an electric engine is not all that comfortable for longer journeys as it does not offer any significant range and is vastly underperforming when it comes to charging infrastructure and charging speeds.

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