Are car seat covers necessary?

Car seats are bound to look miserable one day, of course, if the car is brand new, chances are that such an event is way off on the horizon, but not necessarily if you manage to spill something the moment you get into the car.

Seats are not designed to endure all kinds of abuse, and as such, if the chances of permanently staining your seats are higher than average, seat covers are not a bad idea. Moreover, if you own a particularly old car with grumpy seats, seat covers can even lighten up the interior and make the car look fresh.

Car seats can drastically change the styling of your interior which is sometimes necessary if your car is boring. If you are a taxi driver, investing in car seat covers is a must to keep your rear and front seats in the best shape possible.

There are loads of reasons why one should opt for seat covers, but if you own an expensive luxury car, putting seat covers on such seats is like putting condoms on a hamburger. It’s pointless and defeats the entire purpose of buying such a car.

Are you a dog person?

If you own a dog, it is better to opt for seat covers because dogs pee, poop and leave lots of stains on whatever they touch. If you also consider shedding, seat covers are undeniably necessary if you want to keep your seats in decent condition.

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Try to find seat covers that are resistant to tearing, are machine-washable, and can resist water to a certain degree. Opting for seat covers the same color as your dog is also a good idea if you want the covers to look as clean as possible.

Keep the summer leather seat burns away

Leather seats are amazing, but during the summer, these can get extremely hot, and can sometimes even cause burns. Such high temperatures and extended sun exposures can even damage the seats themselves.

Try to find seat covers in lighter colors which are better at deflecting light and heat away from the seats. Neosupreme/neoprene, mesh, cloth, or canvas-made seat covers are the best for the summer months. You should skip leather and leatherette seat cover because they don’t offer any protection from the sun.

Choose higher resale value

The necessity of car seat covers is disputable, and that’s for certain, but the fact that seat covers protect your seats is undisputable. This is extremely important if you are an Uber driver for example because people don’t really care that much about other people’s property, especially so if they are drunk and nauseous.

Many car seats were saved because of car seat covers, especially so if you want to maximize your resale value when it comes time to sell your car. That being said, don’t drive your car with seat covers all the time because it defeats the purpose of buying such a car.

A working man’s car should always wear seat covers

Imagine yourself as an everyday hard-working man in a pickup truck. Your days comprise out of constantly doing everything on your own from gardening, to around-house construction and to fixing up your son’s bicycle. After you leave your house, you go on a construction site driving your beloved pickup truck.

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If you want to keep your pickup truck in the best shape possible, invest in high-quality seat covers because there are lots of dirt, debris, and dust that can permanently stain your seats. Such dirt is bound to follow you back home from work, but car seat covers do help.

Your current seats look like failed abstract art

Your daily commute consists out of driving your kids to school, your dog to the dog park, and yourself from work to home. As such, you drink lots of coffee and you don’t pay too much attention to your seats and your relatively well-used car.

After a while, you realize that your car looks like an art project gone wrong. Your seats are full of permanent coffee and dog stains and many other suspicious stains and imperfections. Now is the time to clean those seats up and cover them with clean-looking seat covers.

Boring car makeovers

Car seat covers are not just made for damage control and prevention, they can also serve as a breath of fresh air for your worn and bland interior. Even though you still can’t afford yourself an extravagant luxury sedan with a space-age interior, high-quality seat covers can get you closer to that.

There are many seats cover companies out there that specialize in making luxury car seat covers with the intent of upgrading the look and feel of your interior, and you should check those out.

FAQ Section

How much do car seat covers cost?

On average, you are looking at $25-250 for a set of regular car seat covers. If you want car seat covers made from higher-end materials and are tailored to specific seats, such prices can go upwards of $1000 for the highest quality ones.

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Are car seat covers even safe?

Honestly, it depends on the type of seat covers. Your seats usually comprise out of a few airbags, and if an accident happens, those airbags need to deploy at a certain moment in time and with exact force and effort.

If you have seat covers that aren’t rated for your vehicle’s airbags, your bags can deploy prematurely or even too late and with too much or too little force behind them. Make sure you investigate the specific type of seat covers you are interested in before making a purchasing decision.

Is it okay to put a seat cover on high-end luxury cars?

To be fair, it’s always advisable to keep all of your belongings in the best shape possible, and that includes your Bentley and your Rolls Royce. However, these cars are made to offer you the highest levels of luxury, and it kind of makes no sense to reduce the levels of luxury.

It is somewhat of an ignorant argument, but if you have the money to buy a Rolls or a Bentley, use it for what it is, don’t put car seat covers in such cars. It’s like buying high-quality golf clubs to play miniature golf, it is just wrong.

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