Which SUV is best to sleep in?

Initially, you might think that the larger the SUV, the better it performs in camping/sleeping circumstances.  However, most people don’t buy their SUVs solely because of sleeping, and as such, we need to find SUVs that are great at many different things.

To do this correctly, we ought to consider compact, mid-size, and full-size SUVs in a few different price categories. Sometimes the person wants a more utilitarian SUV that is predominantly aimed at off-roading or adventuring, others tend to prefer large luxury daily drivers.

As far as compact affordable SUVs go, the Honda CR-V is a great option. Furthermore, if you want a more luxurious option, the Audi Q5 is the one to go. As far as mid-size SUVs go, the Jeep Cherokee is a great affordable option while the Volvo XC90 is a great luxury option.

However, if you want the biggest and the most spacious SUV on the market, you ought to consider buying a full-size SUV. The Ford Expedition is a classic when it comes to great all-around full-size SUVs, while the Mercedes GLS is the best full-size luxury SUV for sleeping/camping.

1. Honda CR-V

Even though the CR-V does not offer three-row seating, what it does offer is a large rear bench that can be folded down to enjoy a large sleeping space. Furthermore, the CR-V is a dependable option for anyone looking for a compact SUV no matter the purpose.

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Besides being the segment best-seller, the CR-V also offers an abundance of cargo space which always comes in handy, especially if you tend to sleep in your SUV. Hondas are also fairly reliable and they work great for both short-distance and long-distance cruising.

2. Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 looks great, feels great, and drives great. Space-wise it offers competitive dimensions, but what it does best is comfort. Incredibly plush multiple-way heated or cooled adjustable seats with massage functions should be able to keep you comfortable for sleeping or driving.

If you fold down the seats, the space becomes even more generous, so much so that you can even stretch out. Reliability-wise the Q5 is one of the most reliable Audi models, spare parts are everywhere and it also retains great resale value.

3. Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Grand Cherokee started as a rugged utilitarian SUV, and it still is one. However, the newest Grand Cherokee is also a great luxury SUV while still not being as expensive as some European competitors. The space is plenty, seats are comfortable and the cargo space is vast.

Price-wise, the new Grand Cherokee offers a lot because it still retains a relatively low price tag. Reliability is now decent, and so is the comfort. For sleeping purposes, the Grand Cherokee performs admirably because you can fold the rear seats down if you want a large flat surface.

4. Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 is an excellent mid-size luxury SUV because it offers style, luxury, technology, and safety without being too brash or too expensive. Many people believe that the XC90 delivers way more than many German premium mid-size offerings, and it is hard to argue these statements.

The best thing about the XC90 is that you can fold all three rows of seating in order to come up with a large flat surface. This surface is large enough for a mattress, and this makes the XC90 one of the best SUVs on this list.

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5. Ford Expedition

Hardly any other affordable full-size SUV is as recognizable as the Expedition, and that’s for a good reason. The Expedition is also great when it comes to towing because it offers superior towing capacities compared to many full-size SUVs out there.

The Expedition is large enough for a roof-mounted tent which can transform the Expedition into a great camping vehicle. Performance is admirable and so is the comfort and interior space. You can also easily place a mattress if you fold the seats down which is standard for many full-size SUVs.

6. Mercedes Benz GLS

The Mercedes Benz GLS is a great full-size SUV as far as comfort, luxury, space, technology, and safety are concerned. Thanks to its huge size, the GLS is capable of transporting both cargo and 5+ passengers. Just as with any other Mercedes, the GLS comes loaded with lots of comfort and luxury amenities.

However, large full-size SUVs can be a bit of a pain for the urban driving environment as it’s hard to find a parking space large enough for the GLS. Furthermore, even though the GLS comes with lots of cameras and sensors, visibility is nowhere near as good as with some compact SUVs.

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FAQ Section

What should I keep in mind if I am planning to sleep in my car?

First of all, find a safe place to park close to civilization just to be sure. Secondly, leave the windows open at all times, but you should also cover the windows with blankets or with built-in car blinds for increased privacy and safety.

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Thirdly, always have a working cell phone connection because you never know what might happen. Some countries don’t allow car sleeping, so be sure to check if it’s legal to sleep in a car. Get a couple of necessary gadgets such as power banks and flashlights.

Will I suffocate if I don’t leave my windows opened?

You will not suffocate if you close all of your windows, however, leaving the windows opened keeps the cabin fresh. Cars are not made airtight which means that car vents will still let air in even if you turn off you’re A/C.

Even though you technically can’t suffocate if you are by yourself, it’s always best to crack open a window just to make sure.

Is sleeping in a car comfortable?

For some, sleeping in a car feels like a nightmare, for others, it is adventurous and great for saving money. If you do decide to sleep inside a car, it’s best to do so for only a few days at the very maximum, otherwise, you should opt for either camping or search for other forms of accommodation.

It depends on how big you are and how big your car is. A car can’t be any more comfortable than a bed, but if your car is large enough for a mattress, then there is not much to it.

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