Volvo V60 – All you need to know

The Volvo V60 is a compact executive luxury estate based on the Volvo S60 sedan that was first introduced back in 2010. The 1st gen V60 got a hefty refresh back in 2014 and was later replaced in 2018 by the current, 2nd generation of the Volvo V60.

The Volvo V60 engine lineup starts with 4-cylinder engines and it moves all the way up to 6-cylinder engines in some variants. The V60 also comes with a few diesel engines as well, but these are only somewhat popular in Europe. The 2nd generation of the V60 also comes with a plethora of hybrid engines that are both efficient and powerful.

Design-wise, the 2nd generation V60 is a lot better because it looks amazing both inside and out. The earlier V60 models are not nearly as exciting but do utilize the classic Volvo boxy design. The suspension and chassis tuning of the V60 are tailored towards a more comfortable drive which means that the V60 is no sports car.

Reliability-wise, the V60 tends to land in the above-average reliability category, but there are some issues worth mentioning. Value-wise, the 1st gen facelift model seems to offer the best value of them all. Practicality-wise, the V60 offers lots of interior space and cargo space because it is an estate car.

Volvo V60 – The powertrain

The first-gen Volvo V60 lineup starts with a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine with 200hp that was later boosted to 240hp. The 1st gen V60 is also available with a 3.0L V6 with 305hp. The second-generation V60 offered the very same engines, but with the addition of the V60 Polestar, a high-performance version offering 370hp. All of these are either FWD or AWD and are available with an automatic gearbox.

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The second generation of the V60 comes exclusively with different iterations of a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine with power outputs ranging from 160hp to 300hp. The real shining stars of the 2nd generation V60 are the hybrid models which also use the 2.0L with electric assistance to offer up to 455hp with the Polestar models.

Diesel engines are also available throughout but are not all that powerful nor popular. All these powertrains are efficient and fairly potent which makes the V60 a tremendous highway cruiser. The most efficient V60 models are able to return up to 150MPGe.

Volvo V60 – Design and chassis

The 1st generation of the V60 utilizes a classic Volvo boxy estate design which makes it perfectly in line with all the other models from that era. The interior of the refreshed version is a lot more modern while the pre-facelift model is starting to show its age a little bit.

The current V60 generation is a really handsome-looking car which means that it manages to stand its ground, even against its premium German competitors. The 2nd gen V60 interior is classy, sophisticated, and filled with all sorts of luxury features and high-end materials.

Suspension and chassis tuning is solely tuned to offer a comfortable ride which means that the V60 is not designed to be a sports car. The Polestar models do offer a stiffer chassis setup which does make the V60 Polestar a lot more dynamic, but it still retains the comfortable approach.

Volvo V60 – Reliability and common issues

The V60 seems to be an above-average reliability car, but it does suffer from issues associated with the in-car electronics, the brake system, engine control module issues, fuel system issues, and issues with the A/C system. Most of these can be resolved easily which is indeed a good thing because the V60 is not going to spend all that much time in the workshop.

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More about Volvo V60 issues.

Volvo V60 – Value and practicality

A used Volvo V60 costs between $15,000 and $50,000 depending on the model, the mileage, the condition, and the equipment list. The second-generation V60 is a lot better than the first-gen model while the 1st gen refreshed model seems to offer the best value for money out of them all.

Practicality-wise, the V60 is great as it offers lots of seating and cargo space, especially because it is an estate. Visibility is also great while the interior is filled with all sorts of cubby spaces and storage units. Mounting a child seat is easy because the doors open fairly wide.

FAQ Section

Is the Volvo V60 safe?

The Volvo V60 is indeed a safe car because it is made by Volvo after all. Volvo is known for making some of the safest cars out there which comes as no surprise as Volvo is a brand that pioneered many safety features found in modern-day cars such as seat belts.

The early V60 models are not as safe as the later ones, especially not as the 2nd generation of the V60 which is class-leading when it comes to safety. The good thing is that Volvo tends to include lots of safety kit as standard which is not the case with its German rivals.

Which Volvo V60 is the best one to buy?

The best Volvo V60 you can buy is definitely the second-generation car because it is a huge upgrade over the earlier models. The facelift 1st gen V60 is also a nice car, but it is not able to compete with the V60 II. As far as engines go, the best one to get is the T5 engine which tends to offer the best experience overall.

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You can also go for a hybrid unit as well as these are the most economical while also being the most powerful. Some say that it makes no sense to buy a modern-day Volvo if it ain’t a hybrid.

How long can a Volvo V60 last?

According to most online sources, a Volvo V60 is able to last more than 20 years or 200,000-miles easily. However, the internet is brimming with proud owners saying that their 1st generation V60s are able to last more than twice as much.

The reality is that proper maintenance or a lack of proper maintenance either makes or breaks the car. If you do maintain it well enough, you are likely going to enjoy a V60 for a long time to come.

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