Is the Volvo XC90 worth the money?

The Volvo XC90 is a luxurious SUV that has been in production since 2002, with an upgraded version released almost every year. Each new one promises to be better than the previous. This luxury SUV is definitely worth its price tag.

The Volvo XC90 is a perfect example of a costly vehicle that’s worth every penny. It promises luxury, comfort, quality, and style. The exterior is an eye-catcher, and the interiors are orchestrated with quality materials and technology.

With new versions produced every year, driving the XC90 has become more fun and practical. That is not to say the car is without blemishes. So, what makes the Volvo XC90 worth it?

Beautiful exteriors

Beginning with the first version released in 2003 and continuing through the latest 2021 version, the XC90 has been a good-looking vehicle, making many drivers fall in love at first sight. Over time, it evolved into an SUV with a sporty edge, giving it the perfect car look for adventures.

 The XC90 doesn’t just look good; all versions are built with quality materials. What also sets it apart from similar SUVs is that the way it looks on the outside doesn’t reflect its inside capacity. It maintains the face of a four-passenger car, but can fit up to seven passengers comfortably.

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Gorgeous, spacious, and comfortable interior

The seats are covered with quality Nappa upholstery that makes them more comfortable to sit on. The 2020 and 2021 model even offer a fridge and bottle/glass holder handmade from crystals to keep backseat passengers happy on every journey.

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Aside from comfort, quality, and style, the XC90 has a large cabin, making it a perfect match for a family ride.  It comes with three rows that can fit up to seven people. However, the last row is best for kids because of its small head and legroom.

With all seats in use, there is still enough cargo space for groceries and other items. You can also fold down the rear rows to get more storage space when there are no passengers.

Tech features make each journey fun

The infotainment system is met to make every journey exciting. The latest version includes an easy-to-operate tab in front of the driver that operates just like your mobile phone. You can listen to audio, control the climatic conditions, and more.

You can also operate it using your mobile phone, whether its Android or Apple, though there have been some complaints of the sensors sometimes failing to respond on time.

All XC90s comes with LED lights, power tailgate, back camera, sat navigation system and are keyless (just locate the center console and twist the knob to start the XC90).

You can also charge your mobile phone via the car’s USB ports. And there are also rear headphone outlets, which can be a heaven-send for parents who don’t want to spend the car ride listening to “Baby Shark.”

Different trims for each version

The XC90 has continually developed since production started and each version has unique features. Some XC90s have five seats, while others come with a seven-seat option.

Engine types and sizes vary. Older models had gas engines, diesel engines, or both engine options. The latest 2021 edition has a T8 engine with an electric motor, offering modernized and environmentally-friendly performance.

Each XC90 version gives you the option of a 4WD or AWD to best suit your driving terrain. Having a variety of trims to choose from ensures you will only pay for the features you need.

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Driving is serene

The XC90 gives a smooth and quiet ride. Even if you have kids in the last row, they can sleep without being disturbed by noise from the tires on the road. However, the R-design doesn’t promise this; its giant wheels give a steadier ride, but much road noise.

The XC90 comes with a light steering and that is easy to turn without exerting much energy, even with a full carload. Compared to other Volvo models, the XC90 has more responsive steering and can roll through corners without much disturbance.

The engine keeps improving

There was an improvement on the B5, 2.0-liter, four-cylinder diesel engine. The 48-volt system and a small electric motor added to rotate the turbo made it even better. It improved throttle responsiveness and also eliminated torque drops while changing gears. Its 354lb torque provides enough power to move the car, no matter the weight of the load it’s carrying.

The latest T8 engine might be faster than the B5 diesel engine, and together with the additional volts and electric motor, it can perform exceptionally. The only difference between the B5 and the T8 engine is few seconds. Where the T8 records 5.5 seconds to 62mph, the diesel engine achieves it in 7.1 seconds.

With the upgraded T8 engine, the XC90 can be driven on electricity alone and save you money on gas.  But even if you can’t afford the new XC90 T8 driven on electricity, other versions can still give you outstanding performance.


How many miles does the XC90 cover?

Most XC90s have a good potential-mileage range. The type of engine plays a vital role, but with proper maintenance, you can usually get up to 200,000 miles before your car drops dead. Most Volvo cars are estimated to last for up to 19.5 years if well cared for.

Is it expensive to maintain a Volvo XC90?

Volvo parts are pretty expensive. So be sure to set aside $700 to $1000 yearly for repairs and maintenance. But unless you are a rough driver, you shouldn’t have to buy parts often. How often you drive and the terrains you cover also play a huge role.

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What makes the XC90 go bad?

Just like every other car, driving habits and climatic conditions plays a huge role in an XC90’s longevity. Sensible driving and proper maintenance will keep components intact for a long time. However, there are cases when faults stem from manufacturers. Like the 2003 and 2016 versions that had transmission and engine issues, as well as premature tire wears.

There have been some instances where Volvo made a recall for affected XC90s to be returned to dealers to fix their issues. Some were missing codes that only need to be upgraded on the XC90 computer. Others had components that were not correctly placed, and posed a potential hazard to occupants.

Have there been any significant changes to the XC90 since it was first produced?

The first generation was in production from 2002 to 2019. Then in 2019, the XC90 got a facelift and the second generation was born. There were a lot of changes made in its appearance and the engine was also improved to enhance the car’s performance.

The second generation started with the B5, then progressed to the B6, and now the T8 engine. The B5 engine runs on both diesel and petrol, giving power up to 246bhp, so you can decide which fuel you want to run on.

The B6 engine runs on gas only, recording up to 296bhp. While the latest T8 combines electricity and engine, bringing power to a whopping 385bhp, recording 0-62 miles per hour in just 5.5 seconds.

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