Common problems with Volvo S90

The Volvo S90 is the flagship luxury sedan made by Volvo since 2019. The Volvo S90 is designed to compete with the Mercedes Benz E-Class, the BMW 5-Series, and the Audi A6. All four of these are known to be extremely complex and brimming with all sorts of features and gadgets which in part hampers the long-term reliability.

As such, the Volvo S90 is sadly an under-average reliability car which is a shame because Volvo is known to often make more reliable cars than its German counterparts. Either way, the Volvo S90 seems to gather a predominantly negative reputation, at least according to many credible reliability sources.

The most common Volvo S90 problems are the faulty ECM (Engine control module), hydraulic unit issues, fuel pump fuses, vibrations while driving, and electronics. These tend to happen across all S90 models which means that these issues have not been resolved on a larger scale.

Buying an S90 is a question of if you are willing to risk it, especially if the car you are looking at is not covered by a warranty. The S90 is also relatively expensive to maintain as is the case with the rest of the cars from its segment.

Volvo S90 – ECM (Engine control module) issues

The pressure inside the fuel tank is unable to release properly due to software issues with the ECM. This can cause significant deformation and compression of the fuel tank which can lead to potential fuel leaks down the line. This can also stall the car without any warnings which is indeed a safety hazard, especially while driving at higher speeds.

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Volvo has even issued a recall to rectify this issue back in 2021. This means that there are still many cars out there that have not yet been fixed. As such, if you are interested in buying one, be sure to inspect the fuel tank for any signs of deformation and leakage.

Volvo S90 – Hydraulic unit issues

The S90 also has peculiar issues associated with the engine’s rotor shaft. More specifically, the place where the shaft meets the magnetic package in the brake system hydraulic unit is not welded properly from the factory. This can cause a myriad of issues such as inoperative ABS, inoperative ESC, and so on.

This means that your braking capabilities are severely constrained and as such can lead to many unwanted consequences. There are even instances in which owners reported accidents because they were unable to stop the car properly.

Volvo S90 – Fuel pump fuse issue

The 15A fuse located in the fuel pump is known to blow without any warning which tends to stall the car and makes it unable to start. This means that the S90 is no longer able to provide fuel to the engine, and as such is not roadworthy. These can happen both while being stationary and while driving on the highway.

Volvo also issued a recall for this issue back in 2021 which also means that there many S90 models that have not yet resolved this issue.

Volvo S90 – Vibrations while driving

Many modern-day Volvo models seem to sometimes suffer from increased levels of vibrations while driving above 60mph. Some owners have complained that issues such as these are so intense that it makes the car feel extremely unsophisticated. Volvo has said that issues such as these are mainly due to the tires, but many owners state that even after they changed them, the issue persisted.

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Either way, Volvo has not yet made a statement properly addressing this issue as it is being noticed with newer Volvo models. Some sources state that these issues might be due to lower-quality engine mounts or issues with the transmission.

Volvo S90 – Electrical issues

The S90 is a fairly new car which means that it should not suffer from electrical issues all that much. Nevertheless, there are some electrical issues owners are reporting on a larger scale. These are issues with the start/stop system, infotainment screen glitches and bugs, dashboard cluster issues, and issues with the sunroof.

Some owners have even reported that the start/stop system has even caused the car to sporadically jerk forward even without the driver inside the vehicle. This is obviously a huge safety issue, but there aren’t too many owners that are experiencing these.

FAQ Section

Is the Volvo S90 worth it?

As mentioned previously, the S90 is not really all that reliable which means that reliability is not necessarily one of its strong suits. Either way, the S90 is actually a really nice car to drive because it oozes sophistication and luxury. It offers a lot of space for each passenger and the cargo space is also really welcoming.

Many people out there believe that the S90 is a lot better looking than its German rivals, and it’s easy to see why. If you also consider that pretty much every automaker out there (besides Lexus) struggles to make a reliable luxury mid-size sedan, Volvo not being able to do so as well is not anything out of the ordinary.

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Is the Volvo S90 better than the Mercedes E-Class?

The Mercedes Benz E-Class manages to beat the S90 when it comes to technology, comfort, and luxury while the S90 beats the Mercedes when it comes to safety, efficiency, and sophistication. The Mercedes E-Class is an impressive automobile but many people believe that it has become a bit too blingy in the last few years.

On the other hand, the S90 seems stately and a bit more under the radar when compared to the E-Class. Either way, while the S90 really is a tremendously luxurious car, the E-Class seems to offer a better package overall.

Is the Volvo S90 safe?

When it comes to safety, the S90 leads the segment. This is more or less to be expected from Volvo cars as they always tend to lead the pack in reliability. The S90 comes with many safety features as standard while the very newest and potentially most useless ones are part of additional equipment.

Either way, if safety is your concern, the S90 is likely to keep you safe, no matter the situation you find yourself in.

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