Is Volvo more reliable than Tesla?

Due to several common issues found in Tesla vehicles, Volvo is considered more reliable than Tesla.

According to major car brand rankings, Tesla often ranks much lower than Volvo. Reliability is the major reason behind Tesla’s low scores in Consumer Reports and JD Power compared to Volvo, which has a strong reputation for being a safe and reliable brand.

However, if we solely compare Volvo’s EVs with Tesla’s, Tesla clearly wins in the electric car category.

Looking for reliability

When looking for a new car, most people consider the potential price of repairing their vehicle and look for a car with low repair bills. Also significant is how frequently a vehicle breaks down or needs to be fixed.

Another very important factor when it comes to reliability is how well the car has been maintained if you are buying it used. The way a car is taken care of goes a long way in determining how reliable it will be in the long run.

Electric car reliability: Fewer parts and fewer repairs

Electric cars have fewer moving parts in general and no engine to manage, so they are much more cost-efficient to maintain. They typically have much cheaper repair bills than traditional cars due to less wear and tear on parts. EVs also don’t need no oil changes, nor do they need to deal with clogged valves or replacing gaskets and air filters.

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EVs definitely lead to long-term savings when it comes to typical repair bills. However, reliability depends on users’ satisfaction and the consistency of the car’s performance.

The biggest issue regarding the reliability of EVs is the replacement of batteries, which is quite expensive. The longer the car runs, the shorter its range will become. At some point, the batteries won’t pick up a charge.

Having said that, the lithium-ion batteries of EVs do not wear down too quickly. There’s an average of 100,000 miles before it shows a significant decrease in its range.

Tesla’s reliability is questionable

According to Consumer Reports’ ratings, Tesla has always scored pretty low in reliability ratings. And it’s not just with one or two Tesla models, but in fact, almost all of its models suffer.

The current Tesla Model X earned a score of only two out of five in reliability. The same is the case with Model Y and Model 3. Model Y never even achieved more than a one out of five rating and Model 3 achieved four out of five just once.

Problems with Tesla

Tesla received a reported 205 problems per 100 vehicles. This is by far the most by any car brand. So, what are these problems?

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Tesla is known for build-quality faults. This issue has been raised by many customers as well as technical people. In 2018, expert auto engineering consultant Sandy Munro reviewed the cars by saying that the quality was even lower than a Kia made in the 90s.

Apart from this, other issues like a bad paint job or uneven gaps between exterior panels are also common in Tesla cars. In an interview with Munro, even Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk acknowledged these issues.

Volvo: A reputation for reliability and safety

Volvo has always been the trademark for safety. Volvo offers its customers CPO (Certified pre-owned) vehicle program, which estimates the lifespan of the vehicle. Volvo is, perhaps, the only car brand that started making cars to ensure its customers with the best safety features.

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Volvo has become a standard for reliability and safety features. Even old Volvo cars are still considered remarkably reliable. People are still fond of their Volvo 740 series, sharing their pictures with their old sturdy Volvos online.

If we talk about Volvo’s electric cars, they are pretty reliable too. The Volvo XC40, Volvo’s first EV, obtained a 71 out of 100 score in JD Power’s reliability ratings. The car comes with all the premium safety features. IIHS also rewarded the car with the Top Safety Pick+ award.

Volvo vs. Tesla

If we compare the brands of Volvo and Tesla overall, we can easily say that Volvo is more trustworthy and reliable. This is because of their low repair rates and better build quality.

However, if we’re just talking about Volvo’s electric cars compared to Tesla, which only produces electric cars, then Tesla has some advantages over Volvo. Tesla has been making their electric cars since 2008. They have had more research time compared to Volvo. They have a higher value of electric cars than Volvo in terms of electric cars. They have other advantages over Volvo with electric cars, such as:

  • Better range
  • Better performance
  • Better tech features and infotainment system
  • Better warranty
  • Better autopilot mode


Do Tesla cars have autopilot mode?

Tesla cars come with a hands-on autopilot mode. The autopilot mode does not make the car a self-driving vehicle, but it is there to assist the driver. The driver still can control the car. The autopilot mode requires the driver’s hands on the steering wheel and the driver can take control at any time.

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What is the cheapest Tesla available?

The Tesla Model 3 is the cheapest model available, but it still offers many good features. It has long-range estimate of 263 miles and the car’s sleek shape looks elegant. The base variant’s price starts at $41,190. All the variants come with Tesla’s standard large infotainment screen. The autopilot option can be added for an extra $3,000.

How long does a Tesla’s battery last?

Tesla offers a battery warranty of 8 years or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first. The standard Model 3 has a 100,000-mile warranty. Although, Tesla claims that the battery still retains 70 percent of its life at the end of the warranty period.

Does reliability really matter?

Reliability in cars means getting the same outcome with perfect performance every day. The consistency of a car matters the most when someone has to trust a car brand. If a car needs to be repaired every other day with an expensive set of parts, that car is probably not for everyone.

However, when a new car comes into the market, people are usually eager to buy it without paying any attention to the car reviews and ratings. At that time, people usually ignore reliability and go towards experiencing new features. Nevertheless, reliability comes a major factor when the car becomes a bit older.

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