Should I buy a Tesla or a Mercedes?

Tesla and Mercedes are some of the most popular, advanced, and safest luxury cars on the market. For this reason, choosing between one of these cars is pretty challenging. But which car should you buy – a Tesla or a Mercedes?

Tesla vs Mercedes

The car that you decide to buy will depend on your needs and budget. Yes, both cars are quite costly but have some similarities and differences. Buy a Tesla if you want a highly advanced and powerful electric car. On the contrary, you should buy a Mercedes if you want a comfortable, luxurious, and safe car. 

Since Tesla only offers electric cars, Mercedes offers customers a wide range of options as it has also entered the BEV market. Mercedes has the EQC and other Mercedes electric models lined up. So, soon, Mercedes will give Tesla a run for its money in the EV market.  

Why should you buy a Tesla?

There are several reasons why you should buy a Tesla over a Mercedes-Benz. These are as follows:

Enjoy a quiet ride 

Since Teslas don’t come with an engine, the cars provide a smooth and quiet ride. Nonetheless, this can be both good and bad for the motorists. If you’re driving in a crowded place or lonely street, it’s easier to knock someone as they won’t hear the car coming. 

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Save money on maintenance and repairs 

The main advantage of buying an electric car like a Tesla over an ICE is that you get to save money. Electric cars have fewer moving parts than ICE cars, meaning that they break down less often than ICE cars. 

Drive a high-performance car 

Teslas is not only the best electric car on the market, but it is also the best performing electric car on the market. Besides, it bests most Mercedes-Benz and other top-notch gas-powered cars. 

No need to buy gas

Another main advantage of buying a Tesla is that you won’t have to spend a lot on fuel as charging your car is cheaper than fueling it. What’s more, you can charge your car from the convenience of your home. 

Drive a car of the future 

If you want to be ahead of the rest, then get a Tesla. With the Autopilot function, Tesla is a car of the future. Yes, the autopilot function is not fully autonomous, but it eases the work of the driver and makes driving long distances to be fun. 

Why should you buy a Mercedes? 

Some of the reasons why you should buy a Mercedes-Benz over a Tesla include: 

A prestigious brand 

If you’re looking for a proven and reliable brand, Mercedes-Benz is the best choice. Mercedes has developed its brand for decades and the car is known for its durability, luxury, and class. 

Exceptional luxury and comfort 

When it comes to luxury and comfort, Tesla cannot come close to Mercedes. This is because Tesla comes with a minimalist design, while Mercedes pays attention to comfort and opulence. 

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Outstanding support 

Another great attribute of buying a Mercedes-Benz instead of a Tesla is that you won’t have to wait for weeks or months before your car is repaired or maintained. Thanks to the well-spread Mercedes service centers around the world. 

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Exceptional innovations 

In terms of automobile innovations, no car brand bests Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes is at the heart of most car technologies and that’s why it has maintained its brand for decades with a huge loyal customer base. 

What’s the main difference between a Tesla and a Mercedes-Benz? 

Mercedes electric car vs Tesla

The main difference between Mercedes-Benz and Tesla is that Mercedes makes both electric vehicles and internal combustion engines, while Tesla only specializes in electric vehicles. Another main difference is that Mercedes makes more comfortable and luxurious cars than Tesla. 


Is Tesla considered to be a luxury car?

Yes, Tesla is a luxury car. Not only does it have luxurious and advanced features, but they are also one of the safest cars on the market. On top of that, Tesla performs better than mainstream cars and has a comfortable interior that competes with some of the best luxury cars on the market. 

Which car is better – Tesla Model S or Mercedes EQS? 

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a more comfortable and luxurious car, the Mercedes EQS is the best choice. But if you want speed and advanced technology, then the Tesla Model S is the best choice. 

In terms of range, the Mercedes EQS has a better range than the Tesla Model S, and it also charges faster than the latter. The Tesla Model S Long Range has a range of 405 miles, while the Mercedes EQS has a range of 487 miles. 

Does Mercedes make electric cars?

Yes, Mercedes makes both electric and ICE cars. The electric line of Mercedes-Benz is referred to as “EQ.” Mercedes has already launched its first EQ, which is the Mercedes EQC. This SUV is one of the best and comes with outstanding features. Nonetheless, Mercedes also plans to release the Mercedes EQS sedan later this year. 

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Which car is cheaper to maintain? 

None of these cars is cheaper to maintain when compared to mainstream cars like Honda and Toyota. Regardless, Tesla is slightly cheaper to maintain as it doesn’t come with many moving parts like Mercedes-Benz. But if both cars develop a serious issue, you will find that Tesla is costlier to maintain. 

However, if you want the cheapest car to maintain in the long-term, then that will be the Tesla as it doesn’t require regular maintenance and it rarely develops issues. Of course, aside from its quality problems. 

Which car is more reliable? 

Like most luxury cars, both of these cars are not so reliable. When it comes to the quality of construction, Tesla lags behind Mercedes. But when it comes to overall reliability, Tesla is more reliable than Mercedes. Nonetheless, both of these cars are rated average or slightly below average on the reliability score. 


Now that you know which car meets your needs, choosing between Mercedes and Tesla has been made easy. All in all, both of these luxury cars are exceptional but Tesla is best suited for people looking to save on costs and want the best technology. On the other hand, Mercedes is ideal for people who want luxury, comfort, and safety. 

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