Peugeot e-208 vs Opel Corsa-e

2023 Peugeot e-208

Peugeot and Opel/Vauxhall are both owned by Stellantis which is one of the world’s largest car conglomerates that also owns Citroen, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Chrysler, Dodge, DS, Fiat, Jeep, Lancia, and Maserati. In this article, we are going to compare the Peugeot e-208 vs Open Corsa-e and tell you which one of these two is better.

The Peugeot e-208 is a subcompact city electric car powered by a small displacement battery. This means that the e-208 is designed for urban use and isn’t particularly good for long-distance highway journeys. The e-208 looks the part as virtually all new Peugeot models do, both inside and out.

The Opel/Vauxhall Corsa-e is based on the same platform as the e-208 which means that there aren’t too many differences between these two. The Corsa-e does look a bit more streamlined and its interior isn’t as flashy or sharp as in the e-208.

All in all, we can say that this is a really close competition as not many aspects are different between these two. However, we are now going to go in a more in-depth look which means that we are going to compare these in regards to design, power, range, comfort, practicality, reliability, and pricing.

Peugeot e-208 – The Smallest Peugeot EV

With a starting price of £31,345 in the UK, €32,250 in the Netherlands, and €35,350 in Germany, the Peugeot e-208 certainly does set the stages on the lower end of the EV price spectrum. Even though the gasoline models cost as much as 40% less, the e-208 is the better car for what it is intended to do. It is powered by a 45kWh battery with 139hp and 192lb-ft of torque.

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This is enough to give it a range of between 125 miles and 265 miles depending on how you drive and the outside temperature. 150kW DC fast charging the e-208 from 15% to 80% takes 25 minutes while slow DC 7.4kW charging takes a little over 7 hours.

The design of the e-208 is what separates it from most of the segment as the e-208 looks really sharp and sporty. The interior is also a cut above the rest as the design is more akin to something like an Audi than it is to an economy-level car. With either 2 or 4-doors, the e-208 isn’t the most spacious car out there while reliability is still a bit of a mystery as the car is too fresh to tell.

Opel Corsa-e – The Smallest Opel EV

With a £31,130 UK price, the Corsa-e is literally identical to the e-208, but the price in the Netherlands is rated at €33,999 while Germany pricing is set at €33,895 which makes the Corsa-e cheaper than the e-208 in Germany but noticeably more expensive in the Netherlands. Overall, the pricing is very much the same.

The Corsa-e powertrain is identical to the one in the e-208 which means that the Corsa-e uses the same battery, the same motor, and the same overall charging infrastructure. The range is estimated at between 125 miles and 265 miles which is also identical to the e-208.

The exterior design of the Corsa-e is more streamlined and simpler which is also the case inside. The Opel is a bit tighter on the inside, but it does feel a bit more poised on the road. Reliability is also a mystery as the Corsa-e is also a fairly new car.

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 Conclusion – The Peugeot e-208 Is The Better Car

First off, the prices of these two are so closely aligned that we can call it a draw. Secondly, the powertrain part of the equation is identical which can also be viewed as a draw. The design is certainly subjective, but most people are likely going to prefer the e-208 as it does look sharper and more futuristic both inside and out.

The Peugeot has a 311-liter trunk space while the Corsa-e has 267 liters of trunk space. The Peugeot e-208 is a bit lighter as well but the Corsa-e does feel a bit more poised on the road. The e-208 is a much more popular car and it tends to depreciate slower compared to the Corsa-e.

Because of that, we can say that the e-208 is the better car overall as most people go for the e-208 anyway. The Corsa-e really isn’t too far behind, but it does not feel on par with the e-208 when it comes to practicality, design, and value.

FAQ Section

Is The Peugeot e-208 Worth It?

If you are in the market for a subcompact and affordable electric car that is perfect for daily commuting in tight city environments, the e-208 is actually a really good car and is indeed worth the asking price. These cars are designed for inner-city use which means that they are really easy to maneuver, park, and navigate through tight city streets.

The e-208 isn’t a particularly practical car which means that it does not fare all that well when it comes to multiple passengers. It also does feel like a particularly small car which means that it isn’t all that isolated or comfortable as something a bit larger.

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Is The Opel Corsa-e Worth It?

The Opel Corsa-e sure is worth it if you want a really small car for inner city use. It may not be overly exciting, attractive, or popular, but the Corsa-e is perfect for doing daily chores in busy city centers. It also falls short when it comes to interior space which means that four adults are going to be a bit of a squeeze.

The trunk space is also limited to say the least which means that this is far from an ideal long-distance cruiser.

Do Small Electric Cars Make Sense?

Yes, they do. EVs make the most sense when it comes to city use as the overall range and usability aren’t the best for long-distance journeys. Many countries around the world don’t have adequate charging infrastructure which means that highway journeys with EVs such as this one is not something you want to experience.

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