Common problems with Peugeot 107

Peugeot 107

The Peugeot 107 is the smallest car Peugeot made and the first generation of the 107 came out back in 2005. The facelift came shortly after in 2009 and the 107 was completely discontinued in 2014 when it was replaced by the comparable newer and more modern Peugeot 108. In this article, we are going to mention all the common problems with Peugeot 107 and tell you what you need to look out for.

The first point of interest is the engine which can have issues with the idle control valve and the catalytic converter which can make the engine feel a bit too loud and agricultural. Secondly, we also need to mention issues with the electrical systems which include problems with the gauge cluster and the battery.

Moreover, the 107 also tends to suffer from steering system issues, water leaks, and issues with the exhaust system. All in all, some of these can be dangerous such as the issue with the steering system whereas some electrical issues can be just a nuisance.

Either way, now it’s time to dwell a little bit deeper into each of these individually and tell you how to approach fixing them!

Engine Issues

The idle control valve on the 107 is known to fail which can make the car idle roughly. The RPMs tend to go up and down in an uncontrollable manner and do affect how it feels inside the car. In order to fix this, you will have to replace the idle valve with a new one. The second engine-related issue we mentioned has to do with the catalytic converter.

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If the engine suddenly becomes extremely loud and raspy, it’s likely due to the catalytic converter cracking. The heat of the exhaust manifold can affect the weld that holds the converter attached to the engine. In order to fix it, the best thing you can do is invest in a new catalytic converter and a specially designed bracket which will stop this from happening in the future.

Electrical Issues

French cars are known to experience various electrical issues, most of which are just annoying and aren’t too dangerous. One such issue is when the gauge cluster fails and it refuses to show the correct information which can lead you to speeding and not knowing how much fuel is left inside the tank. To fix this, you will have to disconnect and reconnect the steering ECU after waiting about 2 minutes which should solve the issue.

The other area where the 107 can fail is related to the battery which can die relatively early. This issue is somewhat associated with a faulty idle valve which means that these should be inspected together. A dirty or damaged control valve can stall the car and make it feel like something is wrong with the battery.

Steering Issues

The Peugeot 107 is known to suffer from a faulty power steering pump which can lead to partial or intermittent lack of power assistance or it can sometimes completely fail. This is a really serious issue as it can cause a complete lack of control. Therefore, be sure to inspect your power steering pump whenever you can and replace it.

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Some have said that a hard knock with a hammer can get the power steering pump to whir back into life, but this is not really something you want to rely on.

Water Leaks

As far as serious issues go, you can’t really beat water leaks. Be sure to check the door seals and the seals of the hatchback trunk as these are the two most vulnerable places. The water tends to find its way into the rear passenger foot space of the trunk, so be sure to check these before you do anything.

Replacing these should be done as soon as possible as the more water enters your car, the more difficult it becomes to fix everything. If the water comes in contact with electrical wires, relays, or switches, it can destroy them. Moreover, this can also cause your car to rust from the inside which is really difficult to notice until it’s too late.

 Exhaust Problems

The exhaust system on the 107 is also known to experience a wide variety of issues. We first need to start with the exhaust system emitting loud growling noises, but it can also suffer from rust, especially with older models.

Both of these will require you to replace either the box or the end pipe which isn’t too expensive. If your exhaust is rusty, try to replace it as soon as you can as rust can settle on nearby components as well.

FAQ Section

Is the Peugeot 107 a reliable car?

The Peugeot 107 seems to be a fairly reliable car as it is built to be simple. Therefore, most of the issues mentioned above are either caused or worsened by a lack of proper maintenance which is why you should maintain any car out there, not just the 107.

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Sure, the car has issues, but that is customary to virtually all cars in existence. The 107 is now a fairly cheap car to buy while also being relatively cheap to maintain and run.

Why did Peugeot replace the 107?

Peugeot replaced the 107 with the 108 because the 108 is basically the same type of car. It’s the same with the 107 which replaced the 106 when it first came to be. The 108 was kept until 2021 when it was completely discontinued due to Toyota acquiring a Peugeot factory in the Czech Republic.

What is the smallest car Peugeot makes?

The smallest car Peugeot makes is the compact hatchback Peugeot 208 which is pretty much the same type of car as the 107. The 208 is actually a really popular car in Europe for a wide variety of reasons. It is available as a diesel, a gasoline car, or a full-on EV with the e-208.

The 208 is slightly larger than the 108 which was way too compact for most people. The 208 can actually transport people in the back without neck and leg injuries which was never really the case with the 107.

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