New Citroën ë-Berlingo electric vs old Berlingo

Citroën ë-Berlingo

The Citroen Berlingo has been around since 1996 in many different variations and configurations. The year 2008 saw the very first refresh of the Berlingo when the 2nd generation came out which was also replaced by the 3rd gen (current) version of the Berlingo in 2018. In 2021, Citroen came out with the last iteration of the Berlingo, a 3rd generation refresh that also came with an electric engine called e-Berlingo.

It’s relatively clear by now that electric MPVs/vans are only starting to kick off and that most people out there use these for commercial purposes. As such, it sometimes makes sense to go for an older model as it offers more or less the same functionality, but with a much cheaper price tag. This is why in this article we are going to compare the New Citroën ë-Berlingo electric vs old Berlingo.

The 2021 e-Berlingo costs a lot more than an older Berlingo, so much more that you can sometimes buy two used older Berlingo models for the price of a single new e-Berlingo. If you consider the fact that many people buy these as fleet vehicles, it immediately becomes apparent that you can save a whole load of money by going with the older model.

The e-Berlingo comes with its own advantages such as cheaper running costs, warranties, lease discounts, more functionality, higher safety standard, and better technology. On the other hand, the old Berlingo is cheaper, more readily available, easier to live with, and offers more or less the same functionality.

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New Citroen e-Berlingo

With a starting price of around €32,000, the e-Berlingo is not the cheapest car in its segment, but that is what you get if you want to buy an electric MPV/van straight from the factory. The e-Berlingo offers a 50kWh battery shared with many other Stellantis-made cars with a maximum range of around 174 miles/280km.

136hp is readily available with all e-Berlingo models and the battery can be recharged from 20% to 80% in around 23 minutes thanks to a 50kW DC fast charging rate. 50kW DC charging is not really something special these days, but you don’t need much more the e-Berlingo only comes with a 50kWh battery. The new e-Berlingo offers the most space out of all Berlingo models out there.

This means that you can pack more people and more stuff into the back of the e-Berlingo and still be relatively comfortable. It must be said that the Berlingo’s range is going to suffer if you pack the e-Berlingo to the brim thanks to the almost 600-liter trunk space.

The new e-Berlingo gets a whole host of modern-day assistance and safety features that will keep you both safe and entertained on a long journey. Electric cars come with loads of special deals, discounts, and inter-city benefits which can sometimes make all the difference if you are buying these as fleet vehicles.

Old Citroen Berlingo model

The second generation of the Berlingo was introduced back in 2008 and it was in continuous production until 2018. The good thing about the 2nd generation of the Berlingo is that it comes with a 1.6L 4-cylinder gasoline engine with either 90hp, 98hp, or 120hp and with a bunch of diesel engines with power ranging between 75hp and 120hp.

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You can get early 2nd gen used Berlingo models these days for as low as €5,000 while newer, relatively well-kept, and lower-mileage models will set you back for €15,000 – €20,000 which is still a really good price. You are not going to get the very latest technology and safety features, but you will get 678 liters of trunk space which is bigger than with the new e-Berlingo.

Diesel models can return up to 60MPG without any cargo while gasoline-powered fully packed models can return half that at the very best. Most of these are out of warranty and you can’t really know how someone treated them before you so it’s always a risk buying an older used car.

As such, you need to do pre-purchase inspections which can be a costly procedure if you are buying multiple of these as fleet vehicles.

 Conclusion – The new e-Berlingo is better, but the older Berlingo makes more sense

The new e-Berlingo is the better car by a mile as it comes with everything you’d expect from a 21st-century family MPV. As such, if you are buying the Berlingo to be your family car, it makes sense to buy the new e-Berlingo, but only if you know how to live and use an electric car.

On the other hand, if you care more about functionality and you want to use these for commercial purposes, it makes a whole lot more sense to go with the older model as it is going to save you a bunch of money while still being more practical.

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FAQ Section

Is the Citroen e-Berlingo a luxury MPV?

With a starting price of over €30,000, the e-Berlingo might just as well be at the door of the luxury MPV segment which is a clear step above the Berlingo when it comes to quality, badge appeal, and overall comfort. However, electric cars come with a premium over their ICE counterparts, and the e-Berlingo is no different.

Therefore, we can’t call the e-Berlingo a luxury MPV as being a luxury MPV means more of everything.

Should I buy the Citroen e-Berlingo?

Before you go ahead and buy the e-Berlingo, you first need to consider a few factors. For starters, if you don’t have any experience living with an electric car, I’d suggest you first go for a plug-in hybrid just so you can feel what it takes to own an electric car.

If you are experienced enough, you need to keep in mind that buying a €31,000 e-Berlingo is not money well spent as €31,000 can get you a whole lot more in almost every segment.

Does it make sense to buy used MPVs?

Believe it or not, most people out there are only buying used MPVs as buying new MPVs is sometimes as expensive as buying a new luxury car. It makes sense to buy any used car if you know what to look out for and if you do all the necessary pre-purchase inspections and check-ups.

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