Common problems with Citroën DS5

Citroën DS5 problems

The Citroën DS5 is a compact family hatchback made by the French company between 2010 and 2018. The DS5 is a car that combines a really good-looking exterior and interior design with Citroën engines, but with the added flair of a dynamic driving experience. As such, the DS5 is still a fairly popular car on the second-hand market.

Reliability-wise, the DS5 is not the best as it manages to suffer from quite a few common issues. The most common issues with the DS5 are related to the car’s electronics such as the rearview camera, the infotainment system, and a bunch of other niggles and gremlins. Other issues include problems with leaks which can be dangerous if left unattended.

The DPF (diesel particulate filter) is also known to fail on some cars and this can cost quite a bit of money to fix. The starter motor is also known to fail because it was placed in a bad location which can end up with a short circuit that can damage the surrounding wires.

We also have to mention issues with suspension as the bearings are known to fail on some models. These will have to be replaced at least once during the car’s lifetime which is not the cheapest and easier thing to do. All in all, the DS5 is not the most reliable car Citroën ever made, but it can still be a good used car if you know how to buy it.

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Citroën DS5 – Electrical issues

Electrical issues are the most common issues with the Citroën DS5, especially those related to the car’s rearview camera, the car’s connectivity suite, and the car infotainment system. All three of these are known to either glitch out or fail completely. Reprogramming these systems often solves the issue, but sometimes they will need complete replacement.

We also need to mention that the DS5 sometimes suffers from problems with the keyless function which can also be reprogrammed or replaced. The headlights can build up condensation which leads to needing to replace the headlights completely.

 Citroën DS5 – Leaks

Leaks can often be some of the most frustrating and downright dangerous issues a car can face and sadly the DS5 is one of those cars. Oil is known to leak from a hose connected to the turbocharger which will need replacing, otherwise, the car can suffer from a bunch of mechanical damage down the line.

Some owners have reported DS5 models suffering from fuel leaks as well which can be an even greater problem as fuel leaks can end up in the car bursting into flames. As such, if you do come across any leaks at all, be sure to take your car to a dealer and solve the issue immediately as you don’t want to risk damaging any other parts of the car.

 Citroën DS5 – DPF issues

The DPF (diesel particulate filter) is designed to convert harmful particles made by burning diesel into less harmful substances before releasing them into the atmosphere. This means that a fully functioning DPF is necessary for the car to always be able to pass emissions testing. However, the DPF can either clog or fail completely.

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The way to remedy this is to either clean the DPF and remove all the clogs or to either replace the system fully which is likely the better idea as it solves the issue in the long run.

 Citroën DS5 – Starter motor issues

Thanks to a badly placed starter motor, the car can experience a short circuit that can damage the surrounding wires which will have to be replaced. This issue is common with many Citroën DS models and that is why Citroën has made sure to find a way to fix this in order for it to never happen again.

As such, if you do experience these issues, be sure to take the car to the dealership where they will relocate the starter motor to a better place where it can’t cause a short circuit and cause any additional damage. Citroën is known to fix this issue free of charge, so be sure to demand that if your car isn’t too old.

Citroën DS5 – Suspension issues

To round up the list of the most common Citroën DS5 issues, we also need to mention that the car often suffers from suspension-related issues, more specifically the bearings. If you go over a bump or a pothole and you hear clicking sounds, chances are that your bearings are nearing the end of their lifetime.

You will have to replace these at least once during your ownership of the DS5 in order for your car to be as comfortable and as safe as it should be.

FAQ Section

Should I buy the Citroën DS5?

If you like these types of cars and if you like how the DS5 looks, you should indeed consider it. It may not be as luxurious as some other German hatchbacks, but it does undercut its German rivals in price which does make it worthwhile. The D5 is an interesting car because it looks like no other car on the road.

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This also means that the DS5 design seems to be aging really well as the car still looks fresh today. On the other hand, if you don’t like these types of cars, you aren’t really going to like the DS5. Moreover, it is not the most reliable car on the market which somewhat ruins the overall value benefit.

How long can a Citroën DS5 last?

It is really difficult to answer this question correctly as there are way too many factors that affect how long any car can last. The Citroën DS5 with proper and timely maintenance should be able to last at least 100,000 to 200,000 miles without needing any major overhauls. If you fail to maintain it, it is going to die a lot sooner than that.

 Is DS still part of Citroën?

The DS sub-brand has finally left Citroën in 2015 because they wanted to separate themselves from an economy-level brand in order to have their own brand philosophy which makes it easier for them to make and sell luxury cars.

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