Common problems with Citroën Berlingo

Citroën Berlingo problems

The Citroën Berlingo is one of the longest-standing Citroen models because it was first introduced in the mid-1990s and has been in continuous production ever since. The Citroën Berlingo is a larger MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) mostly used for either transporting people or transporting in its commercial version as these are available both ways.

The reliability of the Citroën Berlingo is better than some Citroen models, but still far from it being considered a reliable automobile as a whole. The Berlingo suffers from a wide variety of issues, many of which can be really expensive to fix. However, if you take proper care of it, chances are that both versions of the Berlingo will serve you for a really long time.

For starters, the most common issues with the Berlingo are associated with the suspension, the electricals, the equipment, the engine, and often the steering/alignment. All in all, if you are interested in buying a Citroën Berlingo, be sure to do a thorough pre-purchase inspection as that is the only way to be sure the car is even worthy of consideration.

The reason why the Berlingo stuck around for decades is that people tend to buy them. These Citroen models aren’t necessarily the most popular Citroen models, at least not what most people believe. However, they are really popular across the world, except in North America where you can’t buy them.

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Citroën Berlingo – Suspension issues

The Berlingo tends to suffer from a wide variety of suspension issues, but newer models do seem to fare a lot better in comparison. The front-end strut mounts are a weak point for many Berlingo models and they tend to fail relatively often. The only way to fix this issue is to replace the struts and hope that the issues will not happen again anytime soon.

Owners have also reported issues with the coil springs which can also fail and also need replacing. The good news is that you can find replacement suspension components for the Berlingo really easily, but the bad thing is that this is not something you can do by yourself as suspension repairs do require specialized gear in order to do them safely.

Citroën Berlingo – Electrical issues

The Citroën Berlingo also tends to suffer from a wide variety of electrical issues which are really common with a bunch of other Citroen models. The A/C system is known to fail because the pump that controls the air can lose power which will have to be either repaired or replaced. Many owners stated that water can get into the fuse box which can illuminate all warning lights and the car may not start at all.

Other electrical issues that can typically be found with many Berlingo generations are related to power windows which tend to fail, but mostly with older models. You also need to pay attention to condensation headlights, and issues with in-car phone connectivity with newer Berlingo models.

Citroën Berlingo – Engine issues

The 1.6L diesel engine is really popular with the Citroën Berlingo, but it does tend to suffer from both creaking and chuffing noises. Creaking noises are mostly caused by failing cambelt rollers which tend to give up at some point in time. Chuffing noises are mostly caused by injector failures inside the engine itself.

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The only way to repair these chuffing noises is to replace the injectors altogether which can often be expensive. However, it is always better to replace all the injectors at once because that way you ought to be sure that you should not encounter coil failures for quite some time.

Citroën Berlingo – Equipment issues

Equipment-related issues that occur with the Berlingo are often tied to water getting inside of the car due to low-quality seals around the roof, and potentially even around the doors. If water has damaged the roof aerial, you will have to replace it as soon as possible as water could cause massive damage if it gets in contact with your in-car electronics.

The sliding doors are known to fail on both newer and older Berlingo models as the door catch isn’t the most durable one on the market. The interior door handles are also prone to falling off after a while which means that they need replacing as well.

Citroën Berlingo – Steering system issues

Many owners have complained about Citroën Berlingo’s steering wheel not wanting to go straight. This can be fixed relatively easily simply by loosening up a few bolts and repositioning the steering wheel accordingly. This can cause uneven tire and suspension wear in the long run which is why you should fix this as soon as you can.

FAQ Section

Is the Citroën Berlingo a van?

The Citroën Berlingo comes in either van or MPV configuration which means that it can both be a van and a people carrier. The Berlingo van is a really popular commercial vehicle for businesses of all shapes and sizes while the Berlingo MPV is mostly popular with larger families that seek comfort, safety, and ease of use that aren’t tied to a huge price tag.

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Should I buy a Citroën Berlingo?

If you are interested in buying either a commercial vehicle or a people carrier that does not cost too much money, the Berlingo is a good choice. On the other hand, if you’ve never driven these types of cars and you don’t really like the looks, you are not going to like the Berlingo either.

The Berlingo is a car designed for those who value function over form which is why you will mostly see these driven by family people or working people, not someone who appreciates cars per se.

Which cars rival the Citroën Berlingo?

Most Citroën Berlingo models are being sold in Europe where the Berlingo needs to compete for market share with the Peugeot Partner and the Vauxhall/Opel Combo Cargo. However, the most popular cars in this segment are the Ford Transit Connect, the VW Caddy, and the Renault Kangoo as the three of these are the fiercest competitors residing in this particular segment.  

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