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Mercedes Benz Sprinter

The Mercedes Sprinter van is not a car most Mercedes Benz enthusiasts are dreaming of, but the Sprinter still is one of the best Mercedes commercial models money can buy. The Sprinter was around for quite a while which means that Mercedes offered numerous different model years of the Sprinter, some of which are better than others.

These can be used in a variety of different ways depending on what you want from your van. You can use it as a commercial carrier, a people carrier, a camping van, or whatever else suits your needs. However, before you do any of that, you need to be aware of which model years you should avoid right from the get-go.

The reason why some model years of the Sprinter should be avoided is that they simply aren’t on par with the rest of the industry. The 2016 Mercedes Sprinter seems to be the one many people deem to be the worst Sprinter model year of all time, and the 2015 model is right behind.

The 1999 Mercedes Sprinter might be a deal of the century at the moment, but this van is so old that it is really difficult to find one with not too many miles on the clock. Furthermore, these typically do experience issues that simply aren’t a thing on newer models.

2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

According to a bunch of customer satisfaction surveys, the 2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter model year seems to be the one with the lowest overall score. More problems were reported for the 2016 Sprinter than with any other model year, and that is rather obvious the moment you browse through some of the most reputable customer satisfaction survey results online.

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The most complained about issues with the 2016 model are related to a bunch of interior faults which meant that many accessories simply weren’t working. The brakes were also heavily criticized because they felt unnatural and weren’t the best at stopping the van. Engines were too old to be efficient, and too old to be sophisticated.

The seats are supposedly incredibly uncomfortable, and that surely is an issue with a car that usually does hundreds of miles in one go. There are simply too many people complaining about the 2016 Sprinter model and that is why we named it the worst Mercedes Benz Sprinter model year yet.

2015 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

In the second place, right behind the 2016 Sprinter stands the 2015 model which also seems to be almost as problematic as the 2016 model. Therefore, the 2015 Sprinter is the 2nd most complained about Sprinter model of all time. The issues with the 2015 model are similar to the ones listed for the 2016 model but aren’t completely the same.

The most notable issues are associated with the body, the paint, and a bunch of interior issues as with the 2016 model. The windows are also problematic as they tend to get stuck and the power windows function fails miserably. Leaky roofs are also a thing with the 2015 Sprinter which is rather unfortunate.

The reality is that none of these issues are mild and easy to fix which means that the 2015 Sprinter really is a model year you should avoid. It simply comes with too many annoying and truly serious issues which can ruin your ownership experience.

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1999 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

The 1999 Mercedes Benz Sprinter is the very first Sprinter van that came to the US. To be 100% honest, the 1999 Sprinter was actually decent when it first came out, but we can safely say that the years that followed really did a number on the 1999 Sprinter. For starters, the car is just too old to be used on a daily basis.

Secondly, it lacks features most people now deem as vital for a van. The 1999 Sprinter also isn’t the most reliable Sprinter model year yet. This issue is even made worse by the fact that there are no lower mileage 1999 Sprinter models. Some people would buy these in order to save money, but you really can’t use the 1999 Sprinter for the same things you can use a 2015 or a 2016 model.

The 1999 Sprinter also has issues with body panel quality, paint quality, possible corrosion, exterior lightning issues, a low-quality interior that manages to crack, and issues with the steering system. Even in its best state, the 1999 Sprinter is now too old to be used for anything more than just occasional strolls to Ikea.

FAQ Section

Should I buy a Mercedes Benz Sprinter?

If you are in need of a car that can seat many people, or you want a car that can haul lots of cargo, the Sprinter van is a great choice. Depending on the configuration, you can get these tailored for passenger transportation or cargo transportation. The Sprinter is a really modular van which means that it can be used for virtually anything.

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There aren’t too many vans out there that are as well-known as the Sprinter. The Ford Transit might be the more popular choice, but the Sprinter is a higher quality product overall. If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel, the Sprinter is the way to go.

Which Mercedes Benz Sprinter model is the best?

The best thing you can do is buy a diesel Sprinter van as these are perfect for what they usually do. You want a van with enough torque to get you moving no matter how heavy the cargo is. You should also opt for an automatic version as it makes the Sprinter a lot easier to live with.

The 2012 Sprinter seems to be really reliable, and so are the 2010 and 2004-2006 models.

 Did Dodge use to make the Sprinter?

Yes, the very first Sprinter models were manufactured by Dodge and Mercedes-badged Sprinter models were in production since 2010. If you take a look at a 2006 Dodge Sprinter, you can immediately see that it’s just a rebadged Mercedes Sprinter as these were sold as Mercedes Sprinter vans in Europe right from the beginning.

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