Is Tesla better than Lexus?

Tesla and Lexus are some of the best luxury car brands on the market. But since Tesla offers all-electric vehicles, and Lexus offers gas and hybrid vehicles, picking the best car can be quite a daunting task. So, which car is better between Tesla and Lexus?

Both of these luxury vehicles are outstanding in their own way. Nonetheless, the final car that you choose will depend on your taste, budget, location, and comfort. Since Tesla and Lexus are luxurious vehicles, expect them to have high-tech safety features.

Before you pick a Tesla, consider how you will be charging your car. Teslas are exceptional EVs, but Tesla superchargers are not well spread in some areas. Therefore, if you’re a person who travels a lot, this is a vital point to consider. Actually, a hybrid Lexus may be the best choice for you.

On the contrary, if you want to reduce carbon emissions, then Tesla may be the best selection. Lexus features gas-powered and hybrid vehicles, which still produce carbon emissions. With Tesla, you don’t have to worry about emissions as they are 100% electric.

To make work easier, we’ve compared Tesla and Lexus features so that you can pick the car of your dreams with a lot of ease.

How does Tesla compares to Lexus?


Both Lexus and Teslas come with some of the best designs. The cars are good-looking and very appealing to the eye. Whether you buy a sedan or SUV from these brands, your car will stand out as their designs are well thought out and beautiful. 

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What makes Tesla’s design so special is its unique construction that leaves behind a lot of passenger and cargo space. The Tesla designers commenced with a clean slate and designed the car around its electric powertrain and battery. The most beautiful Tesla Model is the Model S.

On the same note, Lexus also has its unique design that has been improved upon over the years. Regardless of the Lexus model that you pick, you will love the angry ‘Spindle Grille’ upfront feature. This is what makes the Tesla design so special. The most outstanding Lexus model is the Lexus LS 500, followed closely by Lexus RX.

When it comes to the interior, Lexus has a slight edge over Tesla. Even though both car brands boast a luxurious interior, many users have voted for Lexus as the more comfortable car. But in terms of technology, Tesla comes with more advanced features with its large infotainment screen.

You will be happy to learn that both cars can host a total of five passengers. This makes them ideal as a family car. However, Lexus has the most passenger volume when you compare the sedans or compact SUVs. Then again, Tesla has more cargo space, which is because of the front trunk/engine area.


Choosing either Lexus or Tesla based on performance is quite a daunting task as both cars perform outstandingly. Besides, the level of performance from one model to another varies. Overall, Tesla performs better than Lexus. Thanks to their fast acceleration rate that can pick from 0 to 60 mph in less than 2.9 seconds.


Since these two cars are luxury brands, one of the things that you should expect them to have is high-quality safety features. Yes, both of these cars are safe and it depends on the safety features that you’re looking for.

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Tesla boasts of a number of safety features, which include forward collision warning, lane departure avoidance, automatic emergency braking, and blind-spot collision warning. All of these safety features are a standard on all Tesla models.

Lexus also boasts of its own high-tech safety features. All Lexus models come standard with the Lexus Safety System Plus. This system comprises four advanced safety systems that are built to assist in certain situations. They include lane assistance, a pre-collision system, dynamic radar cruise control, and intelligent high beams.

Service and parts

This is where there is a huge distinction between these two luxury car models. Lexus service and parts are readily available and cheap. On the other hand, Tesla’s service is not well spread and their parts are quite expensive. Throughout the USA, there are at least 240 Lexus service centers and mere 120 Tesla service centers.


Pricewise, both of these vehicles are slightly above the average car price. Being luxury brands, they are not cheap, but Tesla is slightly more expensive than Lexus. The cheapest Tesla model (Model 3) costs about $38,190, while the most expensive Tesla model (Model X) costs around $91,190.  

On the contrary, the cheapest Lexus model costs approximately $31,250, while the most expensive Lexus costs about $106,210. So, before you buy your dream car, it’s crucial to compare their prices so that you can end up with the best luxury car for the money.

Resale value

In terms of resale value, Tesla has a better resale value than Lexus. According to KBB 2019 best resale value awards for luxury cars, Tesla was ranked high above Lexus. It boasts of a resale value of 69.3% after 3 years and 48.7% after 60 months. While Lexus had a value of 63.2% after 3 years and 43.7% after 60 months.

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Which car is easier to maintain – Lexus or Tesla?

Of course, Tesla is easier to maintain than Lexus. This is because it has fewer parts in its drivetrain, which means fewer problems. You won’t have filter issues or oil leaks when you own a Tesla. But with a Lexus, these are issues that you will have to deal with often.

Which car is more reliable – Tesla or Lexus?

When it comes to reliability, Lexus is one of the most reliable luxury car brands on the market. Actually, it ranks higher than Tesla, Mercedes, BMW, and even Audi. Surprisingly, Tesla is one of the least reliable cars on the market.

Which car is costlier to own – Tesla or Lexus?

Even though Tesla’s initial price is slightly higher than Lexus, you will end up saving a lot in the long run. This is because Teslas are easier to maintain and don’t need fuel to run. On the contrary, Teslas are cheaper but expensive to maintain over a long period.


If you’re looking for the best electric luxury car, Tesla carries the day. But if you want an advanced and affordable luxury car, Lexus is the best option. Regardless, both of these cars are exceptional in performance and are packed with lots of comfort and safety features. 

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