Why do Tesla tires wear out so fast?

Tesla is one of the best-performing luxury vehicles on the market. However, with the sheer power that this car delivers, expect the tires to wear out faster.

Tesla tires wear out quicker because of the higher performance nature of their cars. The cars deliver astonishing power with strong torque that puts pressure on the tires and makes them wear out faster. Also, Teslas are quite heavy, which puts additional stress on the tires.

The rate at which Tesla tires deteriorate also depends on the types of tires you’re using and the Tesla model. Additionally, your location and driving habits also play a huge role in the rapid wearing of your tires. Here are some of the reasons explained why Tesla tires wear out so fast:

Heavy car

One of the main reasons why Tesla tires wear out faster is because they are much heavier than other cars. This puts stress on tires, which end up deteriorating faster. That’s why the Tesla Model X and Model S tires wear faster than other Tesla Models.

Pushing the car harder

Teslas are some of the fastest cars on the market. Thanks to the enormous amount of power and torque delivered to the tires by the drive system. With the quick acceleration and high cornering rates, the tires are the point of contact that takes all the “abuse,” which makes them deteriorate quicker.

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RWD system

Since most Tesla models feature a rear-wheel-drive system, it’s easier for their tires to wear off faster. Add this to the faster acceleration and regenerative braking, and you have rear tires that will wear out faster than the front wheels.

What to do to reduce tire wear on your Tesla?

Regular maintenance

Your car tires will wear out regardless of how you drive. However, you can reduce faster wearing by regularly maintaining your EV. Apply techniques such as proper inflation and regular alignment to prevent causing uneven tire wear or contribute to faster wearing.

Consider getting small wheels

Smaller wheels and smaller tires may not look as elegant as large wheels. However, they are cheaper and will last slightly longer than large wheels. So, the smaller wheels will last longer and save you some dollars in the long run.

Reduce speed

One of the best feelings about driving an EV is how smoothly and effortlessly the car cruises. As a result, many Tesla drives are tempted to put the foot on the pedal and accelerate faster. Nevertheless, this puts stress on your tires and that’s why you should take it slow.

Which Tesla Models wear out tires much faster?

Tesla Model X

Apart from performing exceptional and delivering excellent speed like other Tesla models, the Tesla Model X is also heavier. As a result, the tires have a lot to deal with which causes faster wear than other Tesla models. So, if you drive Model X, expect to change your tires slightly faster than other models.

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Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is also another heavy car. Even though it’s not heavier than the Tesla Model X, it’s heavier than all the other Tesla Models. On the contrary, it’s the fastest Tesla Model on the market. And with higher torque and regenerative brakes, expect Tesla Model S tires to deteriorate faster.


How long do Tesla tires last?

Tesla recommends inspecting your tires after every 10,000 to 12,000 miles. If you drive often, you should change them after covering 10,000 miles. Besides, you should rotate your tires after every 6,000 miles. Note that all AWD is harder on tires than RWD or 4WD systems.

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Where can I change Tesla tires?

It’s easy, you can either take your damaged tires to be replaced at a Tesla Service Center or to a nearby third-party tire shop. Never drive with a punctured or damaged tire as it’s very risky. You can always click on roadside assistance for immediate help.

What’s the cost of replacing Tesla tires?

First and foremost, there’s nothing like Tesla tires. Like all cars, tire prices will vary according to different factors. This includes your Tesla model, driving habit, and climate. Some tire dealers will recommend all-weather tires, winter tires, or summer tires.

It’s important to understand that you will pay more for all-weather tires or safer, high-speed-rated tires than those that are not highly rated. For instance, the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires are slightly costly than the Michelin Primacy MXM4. Both of these tires are meant for the Tesla Model 3.

Does Tesla use special tires?

No, it doesn’t. Tesla uses Tesla Michelin tires. However, Tesla tires are built slightly differently to optimize performance, safety, durability, and reliability. This allows them to withstand extreme temperatures, UV light, high loads, and different environmental conditions.

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To keep your Tesla Michelin tires operating optimally, make sure to rotate them as per the recommended tire rotation schedule. Also, ensure to replace the tires as recommended by the manufacturer.

Do I have to replace all tires if one tire goes out on a Tesla?

No, you don’t have to. However, Tesla recommends that you change all the tires when one wheel is bad or damaged. This is important as most Teslas are AWD. However, you don’t need to change all tires, but you should replace both tires on one axle.
So, if it’s the front tire, replace both front wheels, and vice-versa for the rear wheels. This is crucial as there’s a differential between them that’s stressed even more when tires are of different diameters. Besides, if tires have different tread depths, there will be uneven wheel circumference.
The main reason why Tesla recommends its customers to change all tires is because of the All-wheel-drive system, ABS, and traction control systems that utilize wheel sensor data. Replacing all wheels will ensure that the wheel sensor data being obtained is correct and precise.

Bottom line

All-in-all, Tesla tires wear out faster because of the powerful torque delivered, high performance, and weight. When you combine all of these three factors, you will find that they stress Tesla tires, which end up deteriorating faster than other tires.

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