Should I buy a used Tesla?

Should I buy a used Tesla?

Not every person can afford a new Tesla. But if you’re in love with the brand and don’t have the money to splash on a new Tesla, you can still acquire quality used Tesla model.

As a matter of fact, buying a used Tesla has many advantages over a new Tesla. For instance, you will pay less but still get the same luxurious features and technology that other Tesla users enjoy.

However, you should do your homework well before picking any quality used Tesla model. You don’t want to end up with a poorly maintained car that will cause all sorts of problems. A good used Tesla should be in fantastic condition and with a good history.

How to inspect a used Tesla

Before you sign the papers and pay for a used Tesla car, you need to inspect your car and ensure that it is in a good state. Make sure you have a certified Tesla specialist take a look, especially if you aren’t familiar with Tesla. Here are the things that you should check:

Panel gap and misaligned trims

This is a common Tesla problem. So, if you see the panel gap and misaligned trims on the Tesla that you intend to buy, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Even many new Tesla models have this problem.

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Dents or cracks in the roof

If you come across cracks in the roof, shy away from the deal or have the seller repair the roof first. On top of that, you should look for dents on the floor or battery pack. Both of these parts are somehow expensive to repair.

Rear-hatch actuators

Others parts to inspect include the groaning rear-hatch actuators and bubbles in the main touchscreen. Talk to the seller to repair these parts before handing over the car to you. Of course, unless you want to incur costly repairs after you’ve assumed the EV.

Test drive

Last but not least, you should always test drive the car. This is universal for all used car buyers. And since Tesla is an EV, you should also proceed to charge the car and see if the battery is functioning properly and has some good range left.

Why you should buy a used Tesla

Buying a new Tesla is amazing. But if you don’t have the money to splash on a new Tesla, you can still spend what you have in your car budget on a quality used Tesla. Here are some of the benefits that you stand to enjoy:

Luxury brand

Tesla is the most popular luxurious EV brand on the market. So, whether you drive a new or used Tesla, people will still hold you with high status. Since Tesla is a luxurious brand, it’s possible that the previous owners maintained it properly and the used car is in pristine condition.

It’s slightly cheaper

When you buy a used Tesla Model, you no longer have to pay the full price of a new car. This means that you can wait for your dream car to hit the used car market and go for it. So, you will end up saving some cash but enjoying the same features that new car buyers enjoy. 

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Ready market

One thing that you don’t have to worry about Tesla is reselling. Tesla is currently the hottest luxury car on the market. This means that many people are looking for quality used cars. You can easily sell your car after owning it for a few years.

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Durably built

What most car lovers like about Tesla is its durability. Whether new or old, Tesla vehicles are well-built and should last for many years. This includes their long-lasting and powerful lithium-ion batteries. So, expect your car to last for many years and cover several miles.

Why to avoid a used Tesla

Costly maintenance and repairs

A used Tesla may be cheap, but you should be ready to deal with costly repairs and maintenance. If you buy a car that hasn’t had upgrades for a long while, you may have to spend a lot to have it upgraded up-to-date.

Reduced battery lifespan

One of the disadvantages of owning a used electric car is that their battery lifespan reduces every day as the car puts on miles. So, if the used car has many miles on it, this means that the battery pack is less efficient and will continue to dwindle as you put on more miles.

What is the best used Tesla Model?

If you’re looking to purchase a used Tesla Model, consider getting the Tesla Model 3. This is the cheapest Tesla model on the market. Aside from that, it has a long-distance battery and quick charging option. But if you’re a family man, then consider buying a used Tesla Model X.

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Is it better to buy a new or used Tesla?

It depends on your budget. If you have the money to buy a new Tesla, go for it. But if you don’t have the money to buy a new Tesla, then you should wait and purchase a used Tesla of your choice.

Where do I buy a used Tesla?

Just like any other car brands, there are many places that you can buy a secondhand car. This includes the car manufacturer, a private seller, or even a reputable dealer. You should always consider buying your car from a manufacturer dealership as these usually match minimum requirements and usually have warranties.

Is a used Tesla worth it?

Yes, a used Tesla is worth every penny. This is because Tesla doesn’t lose its value very much. So, you can resell it at a good price after a few years. Additionally, Tesla is a durable brand and can be upgraded to have the latest software.

Go for it!

If you’re wondering whether to buy a used Tesla or not, don’t hesitate. A used Tesla is still a quality car that will serve you for many years to come. You will love the lower emissions, outstanding performance, comfort, acceleration, and status that comes with a Tesla. Just make sure you thoroughly evaluate the used car before purchasing it.

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