Which Tesla has the wing doors?

Wing doors were first introduced into the market by Mercedes-Benz in the 1950s. Several decades later, these doors are still in use and Tesla has featured them on one of its luxury crossovers. But which Tesla has wing doors? 

The Tesla Model X comes with wing doors. This car is a mid-size all-electric luxury crossover SUV. The falcon-wing doors make the Tesla Model X stand out from its competitors. Besides, these doors make accessing the car in tighter spaces easy. 

Unfortunately, falcon-wing doors can only be found on the Tesla Model X Crossover SUV. So, if you want a car or hatchback with gullwing doors, you will have to look elsewhere. Falcon-wing doors have their pros and cons, which are important to take note of before acquiring the Tesla Model X. 

Features of Tesla Model X 

As stated earlier, Tesla Model X is the only Tesla Model that comes with gullwing doors or falcon-wing doors. Nevertheless, this model has two variants; Tesla Model X Standard Range and Model X Plaid. Of course, Model X Plaid is more expensive and performs better than Model X Standard Range. 


Like many luxury cars, Tesla Model X is beautifully designed and the falcon-wing doors make it look even more outstanding. Besides, this car is beautifully designed with the lowest drag coefficient of any SUV on the market. As a result, it is fast with an excellent range. 

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Additionally, this car has refined aerodynamics features that work together with new wheels and tires to help the driver cover more distance. What’s more, the car has sharp handling and better ride comfort, making it one of the best all-electric SUVs on the market. 

Aside from having an exceptional exterior, Tesla Model X also boasts of a spacious and high-end interior. First of all, Tesla Model X can seat up to seven passengers, as it comes with an optional third-row seating that costs about $3,000. 

It also has the most storage space and a towing capacity of any electric SUV. With such features, this is a utility car. Other top-notch interior features include a high-end audio system, wireless gaming, spacious cabin, 17-inch cinematic display, and wireless connection. 


Tesla Model X Standard Range comes with a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system. On top of that, this variant accelerates from 0 to 60 in 3.8 seconds with a maximum range of 348 miles. On the other hand, the Tesl Model X Plaid variant features a Tri-motor all-wheel-drive system. It also accelerates from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds with a range of 333 miles. 

Even though both of these Tesla Model X variants are powerful and perform outstandingly, the Plaid variant is the better and more powerful car. Thanks to the 1,020 horsepower that the car delivers compared to 670 horsepower produced by Tesla Model X Standard Range. 

Furthermore, the Tesla Model X Standard Range comes with a top speed of 155 mph, while the Model X Plaid variant has a top speed of 163 mph. 


Like other electric vehicles, Tesla Model X is built from the ground up. Therefore, it has very low rollover risk, excellent side-impact protection, and front-impact protection. Moreover, the car comes with standard Tesla safety features such as automatic emergency braking. And since it has Autopilot, this car is very safe compared to its competitors. 

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Do Tesla wing doors open automatically?

No, Tesla falcon-wing doors do not open automatically. However, you can press a button on your phone to make them open automatically as you approach the car. Besides, you can also use the same button to close these doors as you leave. This is one of the coolest features of the Tesla Model X. 

Who made the gullwing doors first?

Also referred to by Tesla as falcon-wing doors, gullwing doors were first designed by Jean Bugatti for the 1939 Types 64. However, it was Mercedes-Benz that introduced them officially on the Mercedes-Benz 200SL race car in 1952. From then onwards, many car brands have emulated Mercedes, and there are a handful of cars with gullwing doors. 

Which car looks spectacular with gullwing doors – Mercedes 300SL Coupe or Tesla Model X?

Both of these cars look spectacular with gullwing doors, but the Mercedes 300SL Coupe is on another level. The gullwing doors on this model made it one of the most iconic cars of all time. Nonetheless, the gullwing doors on the Tesla Model X still look good and spectacular. 

Why do some cars have gullwing doors?

First and foremost, gullwing doors make cars look spectacular and out of this world. Secondly, these doors make entering and leaving the car easy. Additionally, these doors also make storing luggage behind the driver’s seat to be straightforward. On top of that, these doors increase visibility. 

One of the main reasons many supercars come with gullwing doors is because of visibility. These doors increase visibility over the driver’s shoulders, making them park cars or drive in tight spaces easily. This is because many supercars don’t have a clear rear view; hence these doors play a huge role. 

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What are some of the challenges of having gullwing doors on a car?

Gullwing doors or falcon-wing doors as Tesla calls them are fancy but also very challenging. First of all, these doors are very heavy. Therefore, they have to actively battle gravity on their way to open instead of just pivoting on a conventional hinge. So, opening these doors can be a challenge due to their weight.

Another setback associated with having gullwing doors is design issues. If you’re a short person and the doors don’t have an automatic opening, then you’re in trouble. Also, kids may have a challenge opening and closing these doors. Besides, these doors can be quite challenging to open in a crush.  


The only Tesla Model with gullwing or falcon-wing doors is the Tesla Model X. Unlike most gullwing doors on the market, Tesla Model X doors open automatically by pressing a button on your mobile phone. This makes them more convenient and fun to have. Besides, they make the Tesla Model X look spectacular. 

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