Which Tesla is best for dog owners?

Tesla has changed the way people look at electric cars. Aside from that, it has made it easier for people to travel with their pets, more specifically dogs. But what is the best Tesla Model for dog owners?

Tesla Model X is the best Tesla for dog owners. Not only does this model feature the unique Tesla “Dog Mode,” but it’s also very spacious, offering enough room for passengers and dogs. Nonetheless, Tesla Model S is also good for dogs, but it’s not as spacious as the Tesla Model X. 

So, whether you have a small or large dog breed, the Tesla Model X will comfortably accommodate your dog and other pets. This SUV is spacious, comfortable, and with dog-friendly features. However, you can still add other dog features like a dog harness and car seat to make your canine friend even more comfortable.

What does the Tesla “Dog Mode’ do?

The Tesla dog mode is normally activated when the car is parked. The mode ensures that the car is air-conditioned even when parked. Hence, your dog won’t suffocate when left inside the car as you go shopping or pay parking fees.

To avoid passer-by thinking that you accidentally left the dog in the car and have to rescue it, the dashboard indicates a notification showing that the dog is safe and not in danger. This is a unique feature that others cars don’t have.

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Features of the Tesla Model X?

Now that you know the best Tesla model for dog owners, let’s look at some of the most exceptional features of this amazing SUV. Apart from being dog-friendly, the Tesla Model X boasts some of the best features you can find in an electric SUV.

Even though the Tesla Model X has the same design as its smaller sibling the Tesla Model Y, it’s slightly bigger and more spacious. On top of that, it comes with more cargo space as it has 91 cubic feet of storage space, while Model Y has 76 cubic feet of storage space.

Aside from having a larger cabin space, Tesla Model X comes with a seating capacity of up to seven individuals. Nevertheless, you can customize it to have a seating capacity of 6 people. Note that the extra seating space is not for free as you will have to pay for it.

How does the Tesla Model X Perform?

Despite being big and spacious, the Tesla Model X is not the best performing Tesla on the market. The good news is that it’s the second-best performing model after the Tesla Model S. It forks out a maximum of 1,020 horsepower, which matches Model S horsepower.

You will also love the excellent range of up to 360 miles for its Long Range Variant and 340 miles for its Plaid variant. If you want speed, pick the Plaid variant as it delivers an outstanding 163 mph, unlike the Long Range variant that produces 155 mph.

When it comes to speed, Tesla Model X is among the fastest SUVs on the market as it can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds. This is mesmerizing considering many electric SUVs can’t even match half the speed of this beast.

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Is the Tesla Model X Comfortable?

Apart from delivering space, power, and exceptional performance, this electric SUV is also well-built to offer comfort and luxury. Unlike most Teslas, this SUV comes with a slightly larger display as it measures 17-inches. On top of that, it has the world’s largest panoramic windshield to allow you to enjoy the sky’s view.

Despite having many top-notch features, the most captivating feature of the Tesla Model X is its unique falcon-wing doors. Not only do these doors make the car look spectacular, but as well as make entering or exiting the car to be fast and easy.

Tesla Model X has a starting price of about $91,190, but it’s worth every dollar. Actually, you get so much more with this futuristic electric SUV.


Can you leave your dog in a Tesla?

Yes, you can. All you need to do is turn on the “Dog Mode” while your car is parked. Simply click on the “Keep Climate On” to “Dog” and leave your pet safely in the car. If passers-by come close to your car, they will be notified that the dog is safe.

Which electric car is best for dogs?

First and foremost, all Tesla models are great for dogs. Apart from Tesla, dog owners will also love Range Rover PHEV as it comes with multiple dog accessories. This car has a special gangway for ease of entry and exit, a portable rising system, and a dog cage. Other top electric cars for dogs include Mini Countrymen PHEV and Audi e-Tron.

Why is Tesla good for pets?

Teslas are good for pet owners because they come with the “Dog Mode” function. Secondly, these cars are spacious, ensuring that passengers and pets can enjoy the ride comfortably. Aside from that, Tesla car seats are usually made of synthetic leather, which is simple to clean, unlike cloth.

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Do all Teslas have dog mode?

Yes, all Tesla comes with the “Dog Mode” function. This means that all of their models are pet-friendly. Nonetheless, since the Tesla Model X and Model S are more spacious, these two Teslas make the best models for dog owners.

How do I activate dog mode on Tesla?

Activating dog mode on Tesla is very easy. You can turn it on by going to the climate-control settings. Start by clicking on the fan icon on the 15-inch touchscreen. Next, select “Dog” on the far right side under the “keep climate on” settings. Finally, you will see a message on the display that states “My owner will be back soon. Don’t worry!”

Bottom line

If you have a dog or any other pet, the best Tesla Model to buy is the Tesla Model X. This is because this SUV comes with the “Dog Mode” function and it’s also spacious. So, your dog will have a lot of room and will be safe even if you leave it in the car with windows closed.

Just activate dog mode and keep climate on settings. The air conditioner will be activated and your dog won’t suffocate. However, all Tesla models come with this feature. The only difference is that Tesla Model X is more spacious and will properly accommodate your dog without getting in the way of passengers.

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