Is Suzuki Vitara a good car? 

Suzuki Vitara

Suzuki Vitara is a very popular SUV because of its low maintenance cost, excellent handling, and rugged design. This SUV also delivers highly efficient power and enhances fuel economy in high-speed cruising. But is the Suzuki Vitara a good car?

Yes, the Suzuki Vitara is an excellent car as it is reliable, durable, practical, cheap to maintain, and fuel efficient. On the contrary, people searching for a luxurious, faster, and safer SUV may not like it. Regardless, it is still a good car as it is low maintenance and can be used for both short and long drives. 

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History of the Suzuki Vitara

The Suzuki Vitara is an SUV produced by Japanese car maker, Suzuki. This car has been in production since 1988 to date. Suzuki has produced this model for over five generations. It is also crucial to note that the second, third generation and 2022 models are referred to as Suzuki Grand Vitara. 

Furthermore, in Japan and several other markets, this model is known as Suzuki Escudo. However, the original model was made to replace the Suzuki Jimny and the first generation was known as Suzuki Sidekick in the United States. Note that the North American version was created as a joint venture between Suzuki and General Motors, and it was known as CAMI. 

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Features of the Suzuki Vitara 


When it comes to looks, the Suzuki Vitara is one of the best. Thanks to its energetic styling and original design, it creates attention wherever you cruise. Some of the exterior features that make it stand out from the competition are LED headlamps, a distinctive high-profile grille, and 17-inch polished alloy wheels. 

The interior also looks upscale and it’s spacious. It boasts features such as a multifunctional steering wheel, new 4.2-inch multi-function color LCD, and a multi-touch color display. Overall, it is well-built and sleek. This car also comes with a wheelbase of 97.6 inches, a length of 163.6 inches, a width of 72.4 inches, and a height of 68.5 inches. 

Note that the dimensions can vary depending on the model you select. The dimensions above are based on the 5-door version and not the 3-door version. 


The Suzuki Vitara comes with four different trim options. These are the Vitara Turbo 2WD Auto, Turbo 2WD Two Tone, Turbo AWD Auto, and Turbo AWD Two Tone. All of these models are fitted with a 4-cylinder 16-valve engine with a maximum output of 103kW and 220 Nm or torque. 

Note that the base model, the Turbo 2WD Auto and Turbo 2WD Two Tone models are more efficient than the more advanced models. But in terms of speed and performance, the latter models do better. 

Comfort and cargo space

Even though the Suzuki Vitara is a compact SUV, it still offers ample cabin and cargo space. This car can carry up to five individuals and it has excellent cargo space. It offers a total of 275 liters with the rear seats raised. Nevertheless, the space increases up to 710 liters with the rear seats folded. 

This is impressive and allows the owner or user to carry as much luggage as possible. 

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Fuel efficiency 

The Suzuki Vitara is one of the most efficient cars in its class. This compact SUV has outstanding fuel efficiency as it provides a mileage of 28 km per liter. With such an efficiency rating, this car is very economical. It will help the user save a lot of cash on fuel expenditure. 


Like most Suzuki models, the Vitara does not fare well in this category, even though it comes with several exceptional safety features. Some of the top safety features that this car has are the central door locking, child-proof rear door lock, engine immobilizer, electronic stability programme, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control.

On top of that, it also comes with blind spot monitoring, a weaving alert, a speed limiter, cruise control, and a collapsible steering column. 


The Suzuki Vitara is neither very cheap nor expensive. It is on par with most of its rivals. The base Suzuki Vitara models have a starting price of around $29,100, while the more advanced ones go for as much as $38,000. On top of that, the used models are even cheaper, but this car holds its value well should you think of reselling it. 


Is the Suzuki Vitara worth buying?

Yes, the Suzuki Vitara is worth buying because it is cheap to maintain, reliable, durable, fun to drive, and practical. However, some people might find it unappealing, more so those looking for speed, luxury, performance, and safety. 

What are the common problems with Suzuki Vitara?

If you intend to acquire a new or used Suzuki Vitara, it is vital to know some of the common problems that you will encounter along the way. Common problems with the Suzuki Vitara are a clogged DPF, failing brake calipers, dropped clutch, a cracked cylinder head, and a faulty suspension system. Fixing these problems in time will help you save a lot.  

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What is the high mileage for Suzuki Vitara?

If you’re looking to purchase a used Suzuki Vitara, it is crucial to do a thorough inspection of the car before paying for it. Besides, you should stay away from a Suzuki Vitara with more than 150k miles. This is because this model starts to develop serious issues when it hits over 150k miles. 

Is Suzuki Vitara a good daily driver?  

No, the Suzuki Vitara is built for long journeys. Nevertheless, since it is compact, low maintenance, and reliable, it can be used for daily driving. Besides, it is fun to drive for both short and long journeys. This is because it comes with great visibility and a spacious cabin with a panoramic sunroof. This makes the journey lively and scenic. 

Which cars are like Suzuki Vitara?

Suzuki Vitara is a very popular and exceptional SUV from Suzuki. It performs well and offers a great driving experience. However, this car faces stiff competition from its rivals, including Fiat 500X, Kia Seltos, Renault Captur, Mitsubishi ASX, Skoda Yeti, and Ford EcoSport. 

Final thoughts 

Suzuki is both a good and bad car. It is a good car if you want a low-maintenance, reliable, practical, fuel-efficient, and affordable SUV. On the other hand, it is not a good car if you want a high-performance, spacious, luxurious, and advanced SUV. Besides, it also comes with several problems that interested buyers should know about if they want their car to last for a long time. 

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