Common problems with Suzuki Splash

Suzuki Splash

The Suzuki Splash is a compact and reliable car. It is also efficient and cheap to maintain. However, owners have reported experiencing several problems. So, what are the common problems with Suzuki Splash? 

Some of the common problems with the Suzuki Splash are engine overheating, DPF warning light, oil smell, faulty suspension springs, windscreen wiper failure, and timing chain problems. Moreover, other owners have reported experiencing stability control system warning lights, rear suspension strut failure, and a whirring sound in the gearbox. 

What are the common problems with Suzuki Splash?

Overheating engine 

This problem is common in the 2013 Suzuki Splash model year. The engine overheats because of a fault with the water pump. Mechanics found out that the bolts that fix the pulley to the water pump will usually work loose and fall out. As a result, that stops the water pump from working well, making the engine overheat. 

To fix this problem, you will be required to replace the bolts or tighten them if they are not damaged. You should also replace the water pump if it’s faulty. 

Oily smell

Another problem that is common with the Suzuki Splash is an oil smell inside the car’s cabin. Furthermore, this smell can be noticed when you open the bonnet at the rear of the engine. In most cases, this smell is normally caused by a split oil breather pipe. 

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To stop this smell, you will have to replace the oil breather pipe. 

Illuminating traction light 

If your Suzuki Splash has a faulty pressure sensor on the ABS unit, the illuminating traction light will come on. Besides, the brake pedal will become less responsive. However, to fix this issue, you will be required to replace the faulty pressure sensor and ABS unit. 

Windscreen wiper failure 

It is normal for the windscreen wiper system to fail on the Suzuki Splash after reaching the 1000-mile mark. This issue is very annoying as it produces a squeaking noise when it starts to fail. The best way to fix this problem is to replace the faulty windscreen wiper.

Whirring sound in the gearbox 

Suzuki Splash comes with several gearbox issues, and this is one of them. Users stated that they heard whirring sounds coming from the gearbox when the car was in first gear. However, the sound goes away to a different gear. Note that this problem can be caused by a lack of oil or gearbox linkages. 

To fix this problem, you will have to refill the oil and then replace the gearbox linkages if they are damaged or faulty. 

DPF warning light 

The diesel particulate filter warning light comes on when your DPF becomes clogged. The DPF becomes clogged when the car is not driven for long trips. This is important for any car with a diesel particulate filter. To fix this issue, you will have to clean the DPF. But to avoid it, the user needs to drive the car on open roads for a long time and not just around the city. 

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Faulty suspension springs 

When you hear a sharp banging noise emerging from the suspension as you drive over speed bumps, this is an indication that you’ve got broken suspension springs. Fixing this issue is easy as you will have to replace the faulty suspension springs. 

Rear suspension strut failure 

Another suspension problem that Suzuki Splash users should be ready to deal with is the rear suspension strut failure. The rear suspension strut is prone to failure, and it produces a knocking sound when it fails. To fix this problem, you will have to replace the failed rear suspension strut. 

Timing chain problems 

The Suzuki Splash is fitted with a timing chain, instead of a timing belt, which is more durable and needs less maintenance. Many Splash users have reported the timing chain stretching or breaking prematurely. As a result, you will have to replace the timing chain earlier, which is quite expensive. 

Stability control system warning light 

Even though not very common, several Suzuki Splash users have also reported experiencing SCS warning lights. This light usually comes on when the stability control system is faulty. To fix this problem, you will have to replace the stability control system. 


Is the Suzuki Splash a reliable car?

The Suzuki Splash may feature a ton of issues and shortcomings, but this car is reliable. Many reliability agencies have awarded it an above-average score, which is impressive. In addition, this model is cheap to maintain and great for city driving. 

How long does the Suzuki Splash last?

This will depend on how well you maintain and drive the car. However, with proper care and maintenance, this car can last for more than 250k miles. On average, the Suzuki Splash should last between 150,000 and 260,000 miles (about 418429.44 km). 

Is it expensive to maintain the Suzuki Splash?

No, maintaining the Suzuki Splash is affordable compared to most of its rivals. Besides, this car registers fewer issues, making it cheap to maintain. Furthermore, the cost of repair and labor is very affordable, unlike some of its rivals which will cost you almost double for the same parts. 

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Which is the least reliable Suzuki Splash model year?

Suzuki has been producing the Splash model since 2008. Over the years, it has managed to come up with some exceptional model years that have stood out from the competition. However, some model years such as those made between 2008 and 2010 were plagued with problems. 

So, if you’re looking to buy a used Suzuki Splash model, try to stay away from the 2008 to 2010 model years. Most of these models are plagued with issues like timing chain issues, oil leaks, power loss, transmission issues, and electric problems. 

Is Suzuki more reliable than Nissan? 

Yes, Suzuki is more reliable than Nissan now. However, this wasn’t the case in the past as Nissan produced more reliable cars. Today, Suzuki is considered to be one of the most reliable mainstream car brands in the market. Only Toyota, Honda, and Lexus are considered more reliable. 

Bottom line

The Suzuki Splash may be an efficient, practical, affordable, and reliable car, but it also comes with several problems as highlighted above. Nonetheless, with good care and maintenance, the Suzuki Splash can last for more than 12 years. 

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