Common problems with Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto is one of the most popular mainstream city cars in the market. This car is affordable, reliable, efficient, and cheap to maintain. But what are the common problems with the Suzuki Alto? 

Common problems with the Suzuki Alto are lack of power, rear wheel bearing failure, power window failure, wheel vibrations, and faulty air conditioning. Furthermore, other users have also reported experiencing a rattling sound, squeaking sounds from the front of the car, engine lockup in the rainy season, and carpet wear. 

What are the common problems with Suzuki Alto?

Lack of power

As the Suzuki Alto ages, it will start to develop some issues. One of the common problems that owners have reported as their car ages is loss of power. This issue is normally caused by carbon buildup in the throttle body. Hence, when the throttle body is clogged up, it will affect how the engine works.

As a result, the car may lose power, become sluggish, stall, or even have poor fuel economy. To fix this issue, you will have to clean the throttle body or replace it. 

Rear wheel bearing failure

This is a common issue in the Suzuki Alto. It is well-known that the rear wheel bearings in this car tend to fail after some time. When this happens, you will hear a rumbling or droning noise coming from the rear wheels. Note that the noise is more recognizable when driving around corners, or at speeds below 30

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To fix this problem, the user will have to replace the faulty wheel bearings. 

Power window failure 

This is a common problem in most Suzuki models. The Suzuki Alto is not an exception. What’s more, this issue usually takes place when the car hits over 35,000 miles. The power window failure is normally caused by dust buildup in the assembly. The dust causes lag, making it difficult to close or open the window. 

To fix this issue, you will have to clean the assembly or replace it if it’s damaged beyond repair. 

Wheel vibrations

Even though suspension issues are not very common with the Suzuki Alto, wheel vibrations have been reported by owners. Users have complained of feeling wheel vibrations when they hit a certain speed. The main cause of this problem is misaligned wheels. What’s more, this issue tends to affect the front wheel more than the rear. 

To fix this issue, you will have to visit a professional mechanic and have them properly align your Suzuki Alto’s wheels. 

Faulty Air conditioning

Another common problem that Suzuki Alto users have complained about is faulty air conditioning. Users have complained that the AC cooling was weak or it stopped working completely. It is usually caused by clogged air filters in the AC unit. 

To fix this problem, the user will have to clean the unit or replace the filters if they are damaged. 

Squeaking sounds from the front of the car

Some Suzuki Alto owners have reported hearing a squeaking sound from the front of the car when the engine is running, or even when it is t idle. This problem is normally caused by a bad-timing belt or worn-out belt tensioner. Ensure to replace the bad part (s) if they are bad or worn out. 

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Rattling sound

Owners have reported hearing a rattling or squeaking sound from the engine when they drive over speed bumps or when turning corners. This problem is caused by a known issue with the engine mount. To fix this issue, the owner will have to fit the revised engine mount to stop the problem and the noise. 

Carpet wear 

Another common problem with the Suzuki Alto is carpet wear. Most fifth-generation Suzuki Alto owners have complained that the rear carpets wear out faster than conventional carpets. To resolve this problem, you will have to replace the rear carpets. 

Engine lockup in the rainy season 

This issue is mainly caused by the lack of resistance to dust as well as water resistance. As a result, this causes the hydro-locking of engines in the rainy season. To fix this problem, you will have to check if the timing belt is broken or if the oil level is low. 

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Is Suzuki Alto reliable?

Yes, Suzuki Alto is a low-maintenance and reliable car. It comes with a few features; therefore, the owner doesn’t have to worry about many things going wrong. Many reliability agencies have rated it to have an above-average reliability score, which is impressive for its size and performance. 

How long does Suzuki Alto last?

Suzuki Alto is one of the most durable subcompact city cars on the market. So, with proper care and maintenance, this car can last for more than 200,000 miles. This car comes with a CVT engine, which is known to last for at least 200k miles. Nevertheless, for this to happen, the owner should also exercise excellent driving habits. 

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Is it expensive to maintain the Suzuki Alto?

Maintaining the Suzuki Alto is very cheap. On average, it should take around $305 to maintain this car. However, this may be cheaper or costlier depending on the problem at hand. It usually costs between $95 and $2970 to maintain this compact city car in a year. So, it is quite cheaper than most of its rivals. 

Is a used Suzuki Alto a good car?

It depends on how well the car was maintained. Furthermore, it also depends on the model year as some are more reliable than others. Generally, a car that is well-maintained and well-driven should be good with fewer problems. So, it is vital to acquire a used Suzuki Alto with a good history. 

What is the least reliable Suzuki Alto model year? 

Suzuki Alto is one of the oldest Suzuki models in the market. This car has been in production since 1979 and it’s currently in its 9th generation. Since there have been so many Suzuki Altos, some have been good and others not so good. The title for the least reliable Suzuki Alto model year goes to the models made between 2009 and 2015. 


Suzuki Alto is among the best subcompact city cars on the market. This car is efficient, cheap to maintain, reliable, durable, and affordable. However, it also comes with several issues that can be avoided through proper care and maintenance of the car. 

All in all, the Suzuki Alto is one of the nicest small city cars because of its low cost of maintenance and spare parts. 

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