Suzuki Splash Automatic Gearbox Problems

Suzuki Splash

Suzuki Splash is a city car that was introduced in 2008. It was jointly made by Suzuki Motor Corporation and Opel GmbH. This small car is reliable, efficient, practical, and affordable. But it also has several issues that users should take note of. But what are the Suzuki Splash automatic gearbox problems? 

Some of the common problems with the Suzuki Splash automatic gearbox are gears slipping, check engine light turning on, whining sound, and grinding or shaking in gear. On top of that, some users have also reported low or leaking fluid, the car doesn’t respond or engage in gear, smells like it’s burning, and the transmission overheats warnings. 

What are the common Suzuki Splash Automatic Gearbox Problems?

Gears slipping 

Gears slipping is very normal in Suzuki Splash models with automatic gearboxes. This problem happens as the car puts on more miles. Gear slipping is usually caused by normal wear and tear, which causes them not to engage well and slip in and out of sync. 

To fix this issue, the owner will have the check damaged or worn-out transmission bands, clutch plates, or even solenoid packs. Ensure to replace the worn-out parts. 

Whining sound 

This problem normally happens out of negligence. Owners of the Suzuki Splash have reported hearing a whining sound. This issue usually occurs because of low transmission fluid. If the transmission fluid is too low, then the internal parts of the transmission are not lubricated well. 

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To fix this problem, the user will have to ensure that the car has the right level of transmission fluid. 

Grinding or shaking in gear 

If you notice that the automatic gearbox in your Suzuki Splash is grinding or shaking, this is a sign that the planetary gear system is failing or faulty. Note that automatic transmissions rely on a planetary gear system to work well. So, if this system fails, then it can cause major damage to the car’s gearbox system. 

To correct this problem, you will have to replace the planetary system in your gearbox in time, failure to do so may lead to costly and cumbersome repairs. 

The transmission light turns on

Another sign of a bad gearbox is when the car’s transmission light comes on. This is an indication of low fluid levels in the transmission or a serious fault. Another reason for the transmission light coming on can be due to an overheating gearbox or gear change problems. 

To fix this issue, you will have to visit a professional mechanic and have them diagnose the gearbox and pinpoint the problem. If the issue is fixed, the transmission light will disappear. 

The car doesn’t respond or engage in gear 

This is another transmission problem that is caused because of negligence from the owner. The gearbox normally has trouble engaging gears, rough shifting, or dying when shifting into drive or reverse because of unwanted particles in the transmission fluid. After covering several miles, the transmission fluid may become contaminated with dirt, debris, and other particles. When this happens, engaging gears will be difficult. 

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To fix this problem, the user will be required to replace the contaminated transmission fluid. 

Smells like its burning 

Taking care of your car with scheduled maintenance will ensure that it lasts longer and doesn’t develop serious problems. However, most people don’t do so and end up with issues like a burning smell from the gearbox. This problem is normally caused by old transmission fluid in the gearbox. 

So, if you notice that your gearbox is producing a burning smell, you will have to replace the old transmission fluid with a new one to fix it. 

Transmission overheats warnings 

An overheating transmission is an indication that your gearbox has internal damage or it has transmission fluid problems like low fluid level, dirty transmission fluid, or even leakage. Nonetheless, this issue can be corrected by diagnosing and replacing the damaged part or replacing the bad transmission fluid, or adding the right fluid level. 


Is Suzuki Splash a reliable car?

Yes, the Suzuki Splash is a small reliable city car. Thanks to its simple and durable design. Also, it is fitted with a sturdy engine. Aside from being reliable, its spare parts and cost of maintenance are low, meaning that the user won’t spend a lot to have it on the road daily. It is also fuel efficient, which is great for people who want to drive it daily. 

What are the common problems with Suzuki Splash?

The Suzuki Splash may be a nice small city car with a practical design, but it also has a lot of problems. Some of the common problems with this car are windscreen wiper failure, gearbox problems, traction light illuminated, rear suspension strut failure, faulty suspension springs, engine overheating, oily smell, and DPF warning light. 

What normally destroys an automatic gearbox?

Negligence or poor use is what destroys automatic gearboxes the most. The user of an automatic gearbox is required to allow the automatic transmission to come to a full stop before they move the shift selector from one of the drive functions into park. 

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If you switch between the reverse, park, and drive too fast, you run the danger of grinding your gears and causing serious damage to your car’s transmission. 

What are the common signs of a bad automatic gearbox?

An automatic gearbox is easier to drive in stop-and-go traffic and it shifts more quickly and smoothly than a manual gearbox. However, this gearbox also experiences multiple problems over its use. Some of the signs of a bad automatic gearbox are gear slipping, gear hesitation, and gear trembling during changing of gears. 

How long does the Suzuki Splash last? 

The Suzuki Splash can last for more than 250,000 miles if properly maintained and cared for. Most of the problems that owners of this car reported start from 60k miles. Nevertheless, most serious issues started after the car clocked more than 120k miles. Aside from proper maintenance, good driving habits have to be practiced as well. 


The Suzuki Splash is a good daily driver as it’s compact, reliable, practical, efficient, and easy to maintain. However, it also comes with several issues that should be dealt with in time to allow the car to run smoothly. One of those issues is gearbox problems. With good care and maintenance, the Suzuki Splash is a durable and nice car to have. 

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