Common problems with Suzuki Baleno

Suzuki Baleno

Suzuki Baleno is a subcompact car that has been in production since 2015 to date. This car is roomy, reliable, practical, and fun to drive. Nonetheless, it also comes with several issues. But what are the common problems with Suzuki Baleno?  

Some of the common problems with Suzuki Baleno are engine issues, electrical issues, air conditioning problems, transmission problems, suspension problems, and brake issues. Note that most of these problems occur as the car puts on several miles.  

What are the common problems with Suzuki Baleno?

Engine Issues

One of the problems that Suzuki Baleno users have complained about is issues with the engine. Common engine issues are misfiring, idling, stalling, and total engine failure. Most of these problems are caused by bad ignition coils, bad spark plugs, a malfunctioning oxygen sensor, and a faulty fuel injector.

One of the most common engine issues in the Suzuki Baleno is bad ignition coils. Ignition coils in the Suzuki Baleno are known to break down and lead to the engine idling. No matter the problem, it is vital to identify the underlying issue and have it fixed. 

Transmission problems

Suzuki Baleno users have also complained about different transmission issues. However, the most common problems were difficulty shifting gears, slipping gears, and a delay in acceleration. Most of the transmission problems are brought by worn-out transmission parts, low transmission fluid levels, and electrical problems. 

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Even though Suzuki Baleno users have reported different transmission issues, it is the whining sound that’s the most worrying. This is caused by plates that move and rub against the gears because of the shearing of the end plate bolts. No matter the issue, it is vital to have the issue checked and fixed by a professional mechanic.  

Electrical issues

Common electrical problems on the Suzuki Baleno are dimming or flickering lights, or even complete loss of power when driving. Most of the electrical problems are caused by problems with the alternator, battery, broken wires, or sometimes the starter. In some instances, a bad voltage regulator or worn-out brushes can also lead to electrical problems. 

If you’re experiencing any electrical problem on the Suzuki Baleno, it is vital to have the underlying problem detected and fixed. If the battery is bad, it should be changed. On the contrary, if the wires are broken, they should be refixed or replaced. 

Suspension problems

Several suspension problems have also been reported by Suzuki Baleno users. Some of the problems that the owners have reported are worn-out shock absorbers, misaligned wheels, and damaged ball joints. If the shock absorber is damaged, the car may produce weird noises when passing over bumps or bounce around excessively. 

Suspension problems should be fixed quickly as they can even lead to an accident. So, if you’ve got worn-out shock absorbers or strut mounts, ensure to replace them in time to avoid costly expenses and risk the life of occupants. 

Brake problems

Like all car parts, most brake parts also wear out with time and have to be replaced in time to avoid serious brake issues. Brake issues with this car include damaged brake rotors, worn-out brake pads, or a malfunctioning brake caliper. What’s more, the brake pads are one of the first parts of the braking system to wear out and should be replaced in time. 

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Besides, if the brake pads and brake rotors are not replaced quickly, other braking parts like the brake rotor may become damaged as well. So, if you notice any of the above brake problems, you should have it replaced immediately. 

Air conditioning issues 

Air conditioning problems are not only common with Suzuki Baleno but as well as other Suzuki models. Some of the signs of a bad air conditioning system are strange odor from the air vents or intermittent or weak flow of cool or hot air. Note that most of the air conditioning problems are connected to a bad compressor.

To fix this problem, ensure that the mechanic inspects the compressor and replaces it if it’s damaged. 


Is Suzuki Baleno reliable?

Yes, the Suzuki Baleno is a reliable car. This is even though the Suzuki Baleno is made in India. Many reliability agencies have awarded this car an above-average reliability score, which is impressive. Nevertheless, good care, maintenance, and good driving habits should be maintained for this car to last.

How long does the Suzuki Baleno last?

The Suzuki Baleno can last for more than 250,000 miles if properly maintained. However, this car starts to develop serious issues after clocking the 150k miles. If you want your car to last more than 200,000 miles, you should adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance service. 

Is it expensive to maintain the Suzuki Baleno?

Maintaining the Suzuki Baleno is cheap. Like many Suzuki models, the Suzuki Baleno will cost the user less than the annual average cost of $651 to maintain the car for the entire year. On average, the user will have to spend between $350 and $450 to maintain this subcompact hatchback. 

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Is a second-hand Suzuki Baleno a good car?

Yes, a second-hand Suzuki Baleno is an outstanding car. This is because the Suzuki Baleno is cheap to maintain and very reliable. Nevertheless, it is vital to ensure that you acquire a second-hand Suzuki Baleno that has been well-maintained. Additionally, you should check the history of the car to avoid getting a car with lots of problems. 

What is the most reliable Suzuki model? 

Suzuki is rated as one of the most reliable mainstream cars in the market. Most reliability agencies have rated it in the top five to seven of the most reliable brands. The most reliable Suzuki model is the Suzuki Ignis, followed closely by the Suzuki Vitara and Suzuki S-Cross. 


The Suzuki Baleno may be made in India, but it is still as reliable and durable as other Suzuki models. This family city car is also spacious, practical, and great for long journeys. Now that interested owners know some of the problems that they’ll encounter with this car, it is important to take good care of it and avoid most of the issues. 

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