Common problems with Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift

The Suzuki Swift is one of the most popular compact hatchbacks on the market. Thanks to its sleek look, great practicality, and great price. Nonetheless, it also comes with several problems. So, what are the common problems with Suzuki Swift? 

Common problems with Suzuki Swift are loss of power, EGR valve failure, excessive oil usage, dashboard rattle, and clutch slipping. Furthermore, other users also reported having oil leakage, electric window problem, and timing chain failure. 

What are the common problems with Suzuki Swift?

Excessive oil consumption

This issue is common in aging Suzuki Swift models or in worn-out Suzuki Swift engines. Nonetheless, the most common cause of excessive oil consumption in the Suzuki Swift is engine wear. This happens because of worn-out pistons. When the pistons work fine, the car is supposed to consume 1 liter per 600 miles or less. But if the pistons are worn-out and less functional, they will consume more oil. 

To fix this issue, the owner will have the mechanic remove the worn-out pistons and replace them with new ones. This is easier said than done as it is cumbersome and costly to dismantle the engine and replace the bad pistons. 

Loss of power 

Unlike most engines that lose power because of clogging in the fuel filter or issues with the fuel pump or fuel lines, the Suzuki Swift loses power because of problems with the sensors. So, if any of the sensors in the Swift model fail or provide wrong readings, that don’t look normal to the car’s ECU, then the car will go into limp mode. 

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The car usually goes into limp mode to limit the danger of damage that one of the sensor problems can cause. To fix this problem, the mechanic will have to detect the problem and replace the faulty sensor. 

Clutch slipping 

Another common problem with the Suzuki Swift is clutch slipping. This problem is very common in old or used Suzuki Swift models. Users have complained about the clutch juddering. This is an indication of a deeper clutch issue within the clutch unit, and it always shows up during cold weather. Note that you may have to replace the entire clutch to fix this problem. 

Timing chain failure 

Even though the timing chain is constructed to last the lifetime of the engine, it usually breakdown early. This is normally caused by a poorly serviced engine. As a result, the timing chain wears out prematurely and it can stretch or snap, affecting the performance of the engine. To fix this problem, the owner will have to replace the chain, which is cumbersome and costly. 

EGR valve failure 

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve or EGR valve links the exhaust manifold to the intake manifold. It helps regulate the amount of exhaust gas that flows back into the intake manifold, which then flows back via the engine. However, after putting on several miles, the EGR valve may clog up and function ineffectively. 

To fix this issue, you will have to clean the EGR valve if it’s clogged, or replace it if it’s damaged. 

Electric window issue

Several Suzuki Swift users have complained of hearing a rattling noise against the window glass during driving. Other users have complained that the window drops slightly after being winded up. This is caused by a loose bolt inside the door. 

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To fix this issue, you will have to tighten the door and the issue will be averted. 

Dashboard rattle 

Another overlooked problem with the Suzuki Swift is the dashboard rattle. The dashboard does rattle when you’re driving. This problem is caused by the clips that hold the dashboard in place. The clips wear out quickly, leading to this issue. Simply change the dashboard clips to fix the problem. 

Oil leakage 

Oil leak in the Suzuki Swift is normally caused by a worn-out crankshaft seal. The car comes with a rubber seal that prevents the engine oil from leaking out around the crankshaft. However, if this seal is worn-out, the oil will start to leak. This problem can be fixed by replacing the worn-out seal. 


Is Suzuki Swift a reliable car?

Yes, Suzuki Swift is a reliable car! Furthermore, it is one of the most reliable compact hatchbacks on the market. This is because this car registers fewer problems than a good number of its rivals. Furthermore, the cost of maintaining and repairing this car is also on the lower side. 

How long does the Suzuki Swift last?

Even though Suzuki isn’t the most durable car brand on the market, it is up there with the most durable ones. The Suzuki Swift isn’t an exception as it will easily clock more than 250k miles when properly maintained and cared for. However, for this to happen, proper driving habits should also be practiced. 

Is it expensive to maintain the Suzuki Swift?

Yes, maintaining and repairing the Suzuki Swift is cheap. This is because Suzuki Swift is a reliable car with few issues. On top of that, it has a lengthy warranty and the cost of spare parts are cheap compared to most of its rivals. It is estimated that you will spend between $95 and $2261 to maintain this car, with an average of $301 annually. 

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What are the main problems with Suzuki?

While every Suzuki model has its own issues, with some having more problems than others, there are some issues that you will find in almost every Suzuki model. The main problems with Suzuki models are lousy timing chain tensioners, burnt-out bulbs, defective engine systems, and transmission system issues. 

Is a second-hand Suzuki Swift a good car? 

Yes, a second-hand Suzuki Swift is an excellent car. This is because it is cheap to maintain, fuel efficient, and practical, and its spare parts are affordable. Nonetheless, it is crucial to inspect a second-hand car before paying for it. This is because the owner may have poorly maintained the car, making it have a lot of issues that could cause you problems along the way. 


Suzuki Swift is amongst the most sought-after compact hatchbacks in the market. This car is elegant, efficient, reliable, practical, and cheap to maintain. However, it also comes with several problems that interested buyers ought to know about. But with good care and maintenance, this car can still last for a long while. 

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