Is Peugeot 108 a good car?

peugeot 108

The Peugeot 108 is the last car from Peugeot’s small city hatchback “100” line as it was discontinued for the 2021 model year. The Peugeot 100 series traces its roots back to the Peugeot 104 which was first released in 1972. Peugeot later offered the 105, the 106, and the 107, and it closed the entire ordeal with the 108. So, is Peugeot 108 a good car?

The quick answer is yes, the 108 is a really good car. First of all, the 108 comes with relatively reliable and sophisticated engines. Even though the 107 was not a particularly memorable-looking car, the 108 does look much better as the overall design language is sharper and more streamlined, especially if equipped with the right options.

The interior is also in stark contrast to the 107 as it now looks modern and well thought after. The driving experience is surprisingly agile, but that makes sense since the 108 is a really lightweight car. Reliability also seems to be fairly comparable to the 107 which is a good thing, but there are some issues we need to mention.

Value-wise, these can now be bought for significant discounts as depreciation has taken its toll on the 108. Practicality might be the car’s weakest link as it does not offer all that much space, but it is at least available with a 5-door configuration.

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Peugeot 108 – The Powertrain

The Peugeot 108 comes with just two engine sizes, a smaller 1.0L inline 3-cylinder engine, or a 1.2L inline 3-cylinder engine. Both of these are gasoline engines and there are no hybrid or diesel engines with the 108. The 1.0L engine offers either 68hp for the pre-facelift models or 72hp for the post-facelift models which aren’t all that good.

The 1.2L inline 3-cylinder engine offers 82hp in all variants which is a much output and makes the car feel fairly quick due to it being so lightweight. The car comes with a FWD setup exclusively. You also get the manual gearbox from the factory, but you can upgrade to the automatic gearbox if you are willing to pay extra money for it.

Efficiency is best at around 50MPG, but you can expect the car to hover around 40MPG if everything is fine with the car.

Peugeot 108 – Design and Driving

As mentioned in the intro, the 108 looks much more pleasing than the outgoing 107 as it looks way more purposeful in comparison. Peugeot did upgrade their design in the mid-2010s when it started making authentic-looking cars. The interior design is also a massive shift as the 2014 and later models really do have a well-laid-out interior with an Audi-Esque design language.

The driving experience is fairly entertaining due to the car weighing only 2000 lbs (900kg). This means that it can nip through traffic gaps without any problems. It is also really easy to park and maneuver in all the tight spaces which makes it a perfect city car.

Peugeot 108 – Reliability and Common Issues

As far as reliability is concerned, the 108 seems to be a fairly reliable car. However, there are some issues worth talking about. The steering system is known to have issues with the column failing and locking the steering in place while the power steering pump can sometimes fail as well. The car can suffer from electrical issues which include problems with the infotainment screen and the rearview camera the most.

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The seatbelts can be not up to scratch and the car can also have issues with the transmission, especially the clutch. Finally, we also need to mention problems with poor acceleration which can be caused by a number of culprits such as the O2 sensor, the MAF sensor, clogged and dirty filters, issues with the throttle body, the throttle position sensor, or the cats.

Peugeot 108 – Value and Practicality

Because the 108 is no longer available from the factory, it has taken the brunt of depreciation already, at least the pre-facelift model which means that it can now be had for a really low price. It is modern enough to be a really good daily driver, yet it does not cost all that much for it to break the bank.

Practicality is this car’s weak spot as it lacks space in virtually all dimensions. Taller passengers will feel cramped if someone else is in the car with them while the trunk space can accommodate a weekend gateway for two, but barely.

FAQ Section

Why there are no Peugeot 108 diesel models?

Peugeot used to believe that investing in diesel engines is a good idea, but the company CEO Jean-Phillipe Imparato later came out and said that it was a mistake to invest in diesel engines that much as the world slowly started to move away from diesel engines. This made diesel development, not all that feasible which led to Peugeot cutting diesel engines from its lineup entirely.

This is why in 2023 you will not be able to find a single diesel engine within Peugeot’s lineup in addition to Peugeot completely hybridizing and electrifying its entire lineup of cars.

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 Is the Peugeot 108 too small for tall drivers?

It depends on if you want to drive the car yourself or if you want to have friends with you. If you are by yourself, you can fit into the 108, but you will not feel overly comfortable. On the other hand, if you want to transport other people, you will immediately realize that the 108 is not a car for four adults.

The seats are fairly supportive and can fit larger people, but the leg space is the biggest problem, especially if you are NBA player-level tall.

Is the Peugeot 108 better than the 208?

The Peugeot 208 is by far the best small car Peugeot ever made as it is now in the best position it has ever been. First of all, it gets hybrid, gasoline, and fully electric versions, all of which are more than good enough for most people.

The 208 looks great inside and out and it is a much more refined and spacious car than the 108. The only area where the 108 is better is the price. Everything besides that is firmly in the corner of the 208.

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