Is Fiat Scudo a good car?

Is Fiat Scudo a good car?

The Fiat Scudo is a minivan that shares the same platform as the Peugeot Expert and Citroen Jumpy. This car is compact, fuel-efficient, and fun to drive. But is the Fiat Scudo a good car?

Yes, Fiat Scudo is one of the best minivans on the market. Despite being affordable, it is comfortable, reliable, fuel-efficient drives well, and has different variants on offer. However, people looking for a luxurious, spacious, and high-performance car may find the Fiat Scudo to be unimpressive.

History of Fiat Scudo

The Fiat Scudo was first introduced in 1995. However, a new model was introduced in 2007 and it was replaced by the Fiat Talento in 2016. Note that the Fiat Scudo is larger than the Fiat Doblo but smaller than the Fiat Ducato.

Besides, this model was built as a joint venture between Fiat with PSA Peugeot Citroen, which is also responsible for producing Peugeot Expert and Citron Dispatch. Nevertheless, Fiat withdrew from this joint venture in 2012 and it was replaced by Toyota. 

Features of Fiat Scudo


The Fiat Scudo comes in four different body types. These include Fiat Scudo Panel Van, Scudo Crew Cab, Scudo Combi, and Platform Cab. The latest Fiat Scudo looks spectacular and competes favorably with its rivals in terms of exterior looks. They also have an electric version, referred to as E-Scudo that is beautifully designed.

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The interior of the Fiat Scudo varies according to the body style you select. For instance, the Scudo Combi offers up to seven seats and it’s quite comfortable. On the contrary, the Fiat Panel Van comes with either two or three seats, which can be quite cramped depending on the number of seats you select. 


Fiat Scudo comes with different variants and engines. So, the performance of the car will heavily depend on the type of engine and variant of the car. Nonetheless, the more powerful the engine and the higher the variant, the costlier the car. However, if you want more power with outstanding efficiency, consider picking the E-Scudo.

The E-Scudo comes with two battery options; the 50 kWh and 75 kWh batteries. They offer one of the best ranges in their class. For instance, the 75 kWh battery will provide you with up to 205 miles. Besides, it also has two excellent gasoline-powered engines, including the 1.6-liter and 2.0-liter engines. These engines produce a maximum of 126 hp and 161 hp, respectively.

Comfort and cargo space

As stated earlier, Fiat Scudo comes in four different body types that determine how comfortable the car is. Fiat Combi is the best for a family as it provides up to seven seats with decent cargo space. On the other hand, the Fiat Panel Van is best suited for carrying goods and two passengers.

Depending on the purpose of the vehicle, you can select a body style that will meet your needs. Generally, the Fiat Scudo offers lots of cargo area, regardless of whether you select the Fiat Combi or Panel Van.

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The Fiat Scudo is not the safest minibus on the market, but it performs fairly well in this area. Thanks to 13 active and passive standard features on the latest Fiat Scudo models. Some of these features are lane departure warning, forward collision warning, traffic signals recognitions, and a rearview camera.


Even though the Fiat Scudo is fuel-efficient with a rating of 40.29 mpg, its main rivals based on the same platform have better efficiency. The Citroen Dispatch and Peugeot Expert have an efficiency of 42.2 mpg, which is better. 


The Fiat Scudo is a considerably affordable car compared to its competitors. Its price ranges between $14,100 and $20,000. Note that the prices vary according to the variant and body style you pick.


Is it worth buying the Fiat Scudo?

Fiat Scudo is worth buying if you’re looking for a compact, reliable, efficient, comfortable, and affordable minivan. On the other hand, it is not worth buying if you want a more comfortable, high-performance, advanced, and safe minivan. Nonetheless, it offers value for money as it’s affordable but with lots of exceptional features.

What are the common problems with Fiat Scudo?

The Fiat Scudo may be a nice minivan with fascinating features, but it also comes with lots of issues. Common issues with the Fiat Scudo are gearbox problems, turbo issues, electric problems, failing fuel injectors, door lock problems, power steering problems, and starting problems. If you want to avoid most of these issues, ensure to properly maintain your van.

How fast is the Fiat Scudo?

The speed of the Fiat Scudo varies with the variant and type of engine the car has. For instance, the latest E-Scudo is quite faster with a top speed of 130 km/h. Nonetheless, gasoline-powered cars are even faster with a top speed of 145 km/h. Besides, this car can also accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 12.8 seconds, which is very impressive.

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What is the high mileage for Fiat Scudo?

The high mileage for Fiat Scudo is around 150k miles. However, some Fiat Scudo users have reported clocking 200k without experiencing serious problems. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a quality used Fiat Scudo model, it is crucial to consider a car with 150k or fewer miles.

Is the Fiat Scudo a good daily driver?

Yes, Fiat Scudo is a nice daily driver. This is because it is a compact car with lots of cabin and storage capacity. Additionally, it is very affordable and easy to maintain. Nonetheless, depending on the engine you select, you may not like the performance of this car. And if you intend to drive long distances, the ride may be uncomfortable.

Final thoughts

The Fiat Scudo is a good car if you desire a quiet, comfortable, fuel-efficient, reliable, affordable, and fun-to-drive minivan. On the other hand, it is not a good car if you’re looking for a high-performance, luxurious, spacious, and safe minivan.

All in all, it’s still a nice car as it’s cheaper than most of its rivals but offers different variants to suit the needs of different users.

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