Common problems with Fiat 500X

Fiat 500X problems

The Fiat 500X is bigger and more advanced than most of its city car siblings. It is also more elegant and fun to drive. However, like most Fiat 500 models, the Fiat 500X also comes with multiple issues. But what are the common problems with Fiat 500X?

Common problems with the Fiat 500X are reduced visibility, faulty rear seat latch, uncomfortable seats, unresponsive gearbox, uneven braking, excessive wind and engine noise, loose steering wheel, and electrical problems. Despite having several issues, the Fiat 500X has above-average reliability.

What are the common problems with Fiat 500X?

Unresponsive gearbox

One of the major parts that fail in the Fiat 500X is the gearbox. Gearbox malfunction causes the transmission to become unresponsive when shifting gears. This is normally caused by a lack of lubrication, incorrect lubrication, and underfilling. Note that underfilling can cause accelerated wear and component failure.

To fix this issue, ensure to properly lubricate your Fiat 500X transmission system. Additionally, add or apply grease and oil as recommended. For instance, an oil change should be made every 8,000 miles.

Excessive wind and engine noise

While the Fiat 500X provides a comfortable and smooth ride, it is not silent. Many users have reported experiencing excessive wind and engine noise. The wind noise heard inside the cabin is a result of a design flow. On the contrary, engine noise can be a sign of engine issues. For instance, users may hear a hissing or gurgling sound.

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Wind noise in the Fiat 500X can be fixed by checking the door seals and windshield. If the door seals are worn out, replace them. On the contrary, engine noise can be fixed by fixing the underlying engine issue. For instance, a hissing sound from the engine is a sign of a leaked cooling system. Have the issue fixed by a professional mechanic.

Reduced visibility

For safe driving, great visibility is very important for any driver. However, that’s not the case with Fiat 500X as many users have complained about poor or reduced visibility. The reduced visibility in the Fiat 500X is caused by poor dashboard positioning. Additionally, the rear window is quite small, contributing to poor visibility.

Uneven braking

Another common problem with Fiat 500X is uneven braking. As a result, this makes the car shudder. Some of the causes of uneven braking on the Fiat 500X are poorly installed brake pads and rotors. Furthermore, uneven wear on the disc rotors makes the brake pad grab and release the rotor, making the car shudder.

To fix this issue, take your car to a mechanic for inspection. The mechanic will either remove the worn-out part or re-install parts properly.

Electrical problems

This is a common issue among Fiat 500 models. Nonetheless, the Fiat 500X also has small electrical issues. Common electrical problems with the Fiat 500X are warning lights becoming intermittent in some cases, software updates, and resets.

Even though the Fiat 500X comes with a few electrical problems, most of them are not serious and can be avoided. Always ensure to update the software. But if the warning lights are intermittent, check the wiring in your car to ensure they are not disconnected or broken.

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Loose steering wheel

This problem is only experienced in a select Fiat 500X model years. So, before you acquire this model, ensure to find out which model years have this issue. Users of the models in question have complained about the steering wheel becoming loose. Have the mechanic check the underlying issue as it can vary from one model year to another.

Faulty rear seat latch

This is another issue that can be found in select Fiat 500X models. The manufacturer recalled this model in October 2018 because of a faulty rear seat latch. Users reported that the seat latch disengaged when the rear seat belts were not in use. The good news is that all the cars with this problem were recalled and the issue fixed.

Uncomfortable seats

While this is not a problem, it is a concern as many people will not find this car to be very comfortable. If you’re tall, you may find the rear seats to be cramped and uncomfortable.


Is Fiat 500X reliable?

Not really. Even though the Fiat 500X doesn’t have a lot of issues, it has average reliability. Most reliable agencies have given it a rating of 2.5 out of 5.0, which is quite low compared to most of its rivals. This is mainly because this car has to be repaired at least 3 times a year, which is more than average for similar cars with a repair period of at least 2 times a year.

How long does Fiat 500X last?

Fiat 500X is among the most durable Fiat 500 models on the market. If it is well-maintained, the Fiat 500X can clock over 250,000 miles. Nonetheless, for this to happen, the user has to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended scheduled service maintenance. Also, proper driving habits have to be maintained.

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Is expensive to maintain the Fiat 500X?

No, maintaining the Fiat 500X is very affordable. This is because the Fiat 500X reports fewer problems than most Fiat 500X models. On average, the owner or user of the Fiat 500X will have to spend around $504 annually to maintain their car. This is considerably lower than the average cost of maintaining a car, which is about $650.

Is the Fiat 500X comfortable?

Yes, the Fiat 500X is a very comfortable car. Thanks to its spacious and comfortable cabin. Besides, it features a well-controlled body lean that helps to prevent passengers from being thrown around when the driver cuts a corner. Nonetheless, the rear seat is not as comfortable as it is somewhat cramped.

After how many miles does the Fiat 500X start having problems?

The Fiat 500X is quite a reliable car. If properly maintained, this car may start experiencing issues after clocking over 100k miles. Nonetheless, minor issues like changing sparking plugs start as early as 32,000 miles. While changing ignition coils may start at 40,000 miles.


The Fiat 500X is a sleek, comfortable, efficient, and safe compact SUV. Like most of its rivals, the Fiat 500X also comes with several problems that interested buyers ought to know about. Regardless, this car can last for a long period if it is properly maintained and driven.

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