Is Fiat e-Ulysee a good car?

Is Fiat e-Ulysee a good car?

Fiat Automobile is the largest automobile manufacturer in Italy. Besides, Fiats are popularly known for their unique body shape and efficiency. Like many automobile companies, Fiat is also shifting to electric vehicles (EVs) and plans to sell only electric vehicles in Europe by 2027. Nonetheless, is the Fiat e-Ulysse a good car?

Yes, Fiat e-Ulysse is one of the finest all-electric minivans on the market. Not only does this car feature a modern and appealing exterior design, but it also features a nice, cozy, and advanced interior. On top of that, it is very efficient, easy to maintain, and affordable.

However, people looking for a more luxurious, powerful, and reliable electric minivan may have to look elsewhere.   

History of the Fiat e-Ulysee

The original Fiat e-Ulysse was a people carrier that was manufactured between 1994 and 2002. The first generation was made between 1994 and 2002, while the second generation was made between 2002 and 2010. However, the Fiat Ulysse was faced out in 2010.

The Fiat e-Ulysse is a new edition to the ever-growing Fiat all-electric models. Even though this minivan comes with lots of new features, it is similar to the older model in many ways. For instance, it shares the same EMP2 platform with other Stellantis cars, such as Opel Zafira-E, Peugeot e-Expert, and Citroen e-Jumpy.

Features of the Fiat e-Ulysse


The Fiat e-Ulysse looks spectacular and modern. The exterior stands out with its large Fiat logo, 17-inch alloy wheels, and sleek sliding doors. Besides, it also has a panoramic sunroof. Furthermore, the interior is also on another level as its cozy, advanced, and spacious. It has a 7-inch touchscreen, modular slides for adjusting space, and adjustable ad foldable seats.

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Note that the 2022 Fiat e-Ulysse has an option of standard and long base models. The standard model has a length of 4956mm, a height of 189mm, and a width of 2010 mm. On the other hand, the long base model has a length of 5306mm, a width of 2010mm, and a height of 189mm.   


The Fiat e-Ulysse is not the best-performing car in its class. Its performance is slightly below par with that of its competitors. It comes with a single electric motor that delivers up to 136 hp and 192 lb-ft of torque. It also has a 50kWh as standard and a bigger 75kWh battery. The bigger battery provides more range and power.

Moreover, Fiat offers buyers a standard 100kW fast charging that can juice the base 50kWh battery from 0 to 80 percent in just 45 minutes.

Comfort and cargo space

If you have a large family, the Fiat Ulysse offers great comfort for up to 7 or 8 people. So, it depends on the configuration that you choose. Unlike some family cars, this unit offers comfort in both the second and third-row seats. Besides, it also comes with a double-folding table that can be slid between the second and third-row seats.

While the Fiat e-Ulysse is spacious, it does not have a lot of cargo space. Nevertheless, this can be increased by folding the second and third-row seats to have a maximum of 173 cubic feet of space.


Like most people’s carriers, the Fiat e-Ulysse is a very safe car. It is fitted with lots of outstanding driver-aid features, including forward collision warning, traffic sign recognition, blind-spot monitoring, autonomous emergency brain, rear-view camera, and grip traction control.

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The Fiat e-Ulysse may be a nice and comfortable car, but its range is not so appealing. This is because it comes with a maximum range of up to 205 miles on the bigger 75 kWh battery pack, while the smaller battery pack provides up to 145 miles.

Fuel efficiency

Since the Fiat e-Ulysse won’t be using gasoline to run, expect it to be extremely efficient. Besides, the electric motor will ensure the occupants enjoy an efficient, smooth, and responsive ride.


It is estimated that the 2022 Fiat e-Ulysse will go for around $40,700, which is quite affordable compared to other cars with similar features.


Is the Fiat e-Ulysse worth buying?

Yes, the Fiat e-Ulysse is worth buying if you’re looking for a stylish, modern, comfortable, reliable, and affordable electric minivan. However, if you desire a more luxurious, high-performance, and faster minivan, you may have to look away. What’s more, the Fiat Ulysse’s range is not so impressive.

How fast is the Fiat e-Ulysse?

The Fiat e-Ulysse is fitted with a single electric motor that produces up to 136 hp and 192 lb-ft of torque. It also has a top speed of 80 mph and it can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just 13.5 seconds. Even though this car is not very fast, it is way better than some of its competitors.

What are the common problems with the Fiat e-Ulysse?

The Fiat e-Ulysse is a modern and sleek electronic minivan with lots of exceptional features. But like most cars, it also comes with several problems that interested buyers should be ready to deal with. Some of the common issues include electrical problems, battery issues, steering problems, and charging issues.

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Is Fiat e-Ulysse a good daily driver?

Overall, the Fiat e-Ulysse is a nice car. It is very efficient and offers great comfort to the passengers. Some users may find it to be a good daily driver as it’s quite compact compared to other minivans on the market.

Nonetheless, it is still large as it’s a minivan and the range is not so good. Aside from being large, this is a perfect car for daily driving as it’s also easy to handle. So, if you’re not traveling far from home, this car will save you lots of cash as you don’t have to fuel it.

How often should the Fiat e-Ulysse be serviced?

Unlike ICE cars, electric cars don’t require a lot of maintenance and care. This is because they have a few moving parts. Nonetheless, it is vital to service your Fiat e-Ulysse every 18,000 miles or annually. Like ICE cars, you should have your Fiat e-Ulysse thoroughly inspected after 2 years.


Generally, the Fiat e-Ulysse is an exceptional car. It is a perfect family car as it features comfortable seats, a spacious cabin, and a decent cargo area, and it is easy to handle. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that this car doesn’t have a good range and comes with other few issues.

Since the Fiat e-Ulysse is an all-electric car, it is more reliable than most of its gas-powered counterparts. All in all, it’s still a fantastic car with high-end features and decent performance. It is also cheap to maintain but needs proper maintenance and care to last longer.

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