Is Audi S8 a good car?

Is Audi S8 a good car?

The Audi S8 is the full-size flagship performance sedan by Audi. This 4-door behemoth is designed for those who want the utmost comfort and technology, but still want the car to be dynamic and fun to drive. These cars are designed for crunching highway miles in style, comfort, and safety. So, is Audi S8 a good car?

We can wholeheartedly say that the Audi S8 is indeed a really good car because it combines everything you’d want from a premium sedan. It comes with a powerful engine, it is packed with technology, and it is spacious, safe, and really comfortable. These cars are great to drive and great to be driven in.

The S8 features a turbocharged V8 engine that offers quite a punch, so much so that it even rivals the likes of some sports cars. The design is understated which means that you will be flying under the radar and only those who know what to look for, will know that you are not driving just a regular Audi A8.

The S8 offers an incredibly sophisticated air suspension system with anti-roll bars which make it comfortable, yet stiff when you want it to. Reliability is decent, but only if you take proper care of it. Values of these are high and they depreciate quite a bit, but the S8 undercuts the S63 AMG and the BMW 7-Series by quite a bit.

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Audi S8 – The powertrain

The Audi S8 features a 4.0L turbocharged V8 with 571hp and 590lb-ft of torque. This is enough to propel the S8 from 0-60mph in just 3.7 seconds. The car can also reach a limited top speed of 155mph, but if you pay Audi more, they will let you do 191mph. Moreover, the new S8 can do the quarter-mile in just 11.5 seconds which is indeed impressive for such a large car.

This powertrain is mated to a Tiptronic 8-speed automatic transmission which fits the character of the S8 really well. The power is being sent to all four wheels all the time thanks to Audi’s iconic Quattro AWD system. Efficiency is not perfect which means that the S8 can only do around 20-23MPG combined.

All in all, the S8 powertrain is perfect for what the car is because it is smooth, strong, and fairly quiet when you want it to be. It matches the likes of the Mercedes S63 AMG, yet the S63 costs quite a bit more money than the S8.

Audi S8 – Design and chassis

The Audi S8 differs from a regular A8 by employing special Audi Sport touches such as a more aggressive front grille, a subtle body kit, a set of large wheels, larger brakes, and a quad exhaust setup. The car also gets a few discrete S8 badges, a sporty interior, and carbon fiber if you are willing to pay for it. The interior of the S8 is stunning which high-quality materials everywhere you look at.

The chassis and suspension technology of the S8 is really impressive as the car comes with an adjustable air suspension system and active anti-roll bars. This enables you to tailor the S8’s driving experience in moments’ time which emphasizes just how flexible the S8 can be.

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Audi S8 – Reliability and common issues

With such a complex car comes complex maintenance which can either make or break the S8’s reliability results. These cars need consistent and timely maintenance, otherwise, they will fail. The most common Audi S8 issues are related to the engine, the suspension, and the equipment.

The electrics found in the S8 are plentiful, and many of these can also fail after a while. Finally, the transmission might not be up to everyone’s taste because it is not a dual-clutch box and because it can sometimes feel a bit too slow and hesitant.

Audi S8 – Value and practicality

The 2022 Audi S8 costs $117,000 which is a huge sum of money, but it is a flagship Audi sedan after all. For a spot of context, the entry-level Mercedes S-Class starts at $112,000, and the S63 AMG which rivals the S8 is likely to start at over $180,000. Either way, both of these depreciate quite badly which makes them questionable when it comes to value.

Practicality is great with the S8 as it is a full-size sedan. This means that the interior of the S8 is extremely spacious. The car is easy to get in and out of and is likely the best Audi family sedan you can buy. All in all, it might be a bit too large for tight city streets, but if you get the optional rear-wheel-steering system, the car is a breeze to drive in the city.

FAQ Section

Is the Audi S8 a good buy?

From a financial standpoint, it is not because it depreciates likely crazy. However, from a comfort and performance standpoint, the S8 is a great buy. These large-performance sedans are certainly a market niche which means that the demand for these isn’t all that large.

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This means that they depreciate really badly and that there aren’t many other car segments that depreciate as much as luxury sedans do. It might be a good idea to wait a year or two before you decide to buy the S8 because it is going to be a lot cheaper, especially on the 2nd hand market.

Is Audi going to discontinue the S8?

The Audi S8 is not selling as well as the Mercedes S-Class or the BMW 760Li. Audi was never really up to the task when it comes to the S8 because they never offered an Audi RS8 which could potentially rival BMW and Mercedes best offerings.

There is a great deal of chance that Audi will discontinue the S8 soon because it is not really selling all that well, yet it costs a lot of money to develop.

Is Audi S8 the most comfortable Audi?

The Audi S8 is one of the most comfortable Audi models, but the regular A8L with air suspension is the most comfortable Audi because it is not set up for performance driving. The S8 certainly is comfortable, but nowhere near as the regular A8 is.

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