Is Aiways a good car for a tall person

Most large electric cars these days cost a lot of money and thus are unattainable for the average customer. Cars like the Mercedes Benz EQS and the Lucid Air offer superior amounts of space for both the front and the rear passengers, but the Lucid Air starts at almost $80,000 while the EQS starts at $102,310.

As such, cars like the Chevy Bolt or the Honda e cost between $33,000 and $38,000, but they are not all that accommodating for taller drivers. The best value proposition out of all-electric cars is the Aiways U5 if you want to maximize space and minimize the costs.

The U5 is positioned as a mid-size SUV/crossover which means that it offers an abundance of space for both the rear and the front passengers. The legroom is especially large as the U5 offers a longer wheelbase when compared to cars like the VW ID .4.

All in all, the U5 is a great option for a taller driver because it offers lots of headspace and leg space. Cargo space is also decent, but it’s worth mentioning that the safety ratings associated with the U5 are not class-leading in any way shape, or form.

Aiways U5 – A great value proposition

The current EV market is brimming with amazing options, but most of those options are far beyond what any of us can currently afford. There are a couple of relatively affordable cars such as the Kia EV6, the Hyundai Ioniq, or the VW ID .4, but they are indeed compromised options for many people.

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Pretty much everyone would enjoy using cars such as the Tesla Model S or the Audi e-Tron GT but these are often too expensive. As such, finding a great value-oriented EV is tricky these days if you want a larger car that offers increased levels of both space and comfort.

Designing an EV is still a fairly expensive task which means that most EVs these days cost way too much money. That’s where the Aiways U5 comes in as it offers a lot of value for the money, so much so that it can hardly be matched by any other existing EV out there.

All U5 models come with a single motor 150 kW (210hp) power output that should offer you around 250 miles between charges. This is made possible by a 63 kWh battery that can be charged from 20% to 80% in a little over 30 minutes if you come across a fast DC charger.

Reasons to consider buying the Aiways U5

Imagine yourself as a salesperson, you need to sell a product by highlighting all of its benefits over the competition and making the customer consider buying the car. This is rather tricky if you are not aware of what the potential customer wants from a car, however, the Aiways U5 is a great all-arounder so you can use that to your advantage.

Firstly, the U5 is an SUV/Crossover and this is the most popular car segment out of them all at the moment. SUVs/crossovers are desirable across the board which means that they sell frequently, and that’s something you want if don’t want to keep the car forever.

Furthermore, the U5 does offer class-leading amounts of space for both the passengers and the cargo space. It also comes with all the bells and whistles you’d come to expect from a 21st century EV. The interior materials used in the U5 feel both premium and sturdy which is obviously a good thing.

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The U5 also offers a raised-up driving position which ensures great all-around visibility. A specific feature the U5 offers is a set of cameras that monitors your driving at all times to make sure you pay attention to the road and for the Chinese government to spy on you.

Reasons to not consider buying the Aiways U5

New car purchases these days are driven by both desire and need, and that’s something the U5 can not offer as the Aiways brand enjoys little to no brand appeal besides the obvious value benefits. This can make it tricky to sell the car down the line and it also begs the question of how easy it will be to service and maintain the car.

However, the biggest issue with the U5 is the lackluster safety. Europe’s leading car crash testing organization called the Euro NCAP tested the U5 but the U5 only managed to earn a 3-star safety rating which is rather poor for a 2020 car.

Many unknowns are surrounding the brand at the moment and that’s why so many people are not interested in buying the car. Either way, we will have to wait and see how newer Aiways models will fare in the future.

FAQ Section

Who owns Aiways cars?

The Aiways company was founded in 2016 by a former high-ranking financial officer of the Chinese mega-company, the SAIC Group. The company also enlisted help from a man called Roland Gumpert who is a fairly well-known figure in the automotive industry.

Roland is the founder of the Apollo Automobile company which recently sold the Apollo IE hypercar for an eye-watering $2,6 million. Roland was also once the head of Audi’s performance Audi Sport division so we might even see some performance-oriented Aiways models in the future.

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Why do people buy Aiways cars?

It may seem ridiculous to some that there are people out there who are willing to spend a decent sum of money on an unknown Chinese startup EV brand that has only recently joined the market. However, the first Aiways model, the U5 has proven itself as a worthy competitor to most current EV options on the market.

The U5 simply does offer a lot for the money so people are willing to risk it because they are getting a decent car for a decent price.

 Is Aiways going to become more popular?

Judging by the initial market reception the Aiways company is on the right path towards becoming a relevant EV company. They are focused on making cars for the masses that are not there to excite you but rather to get you from point A to point B.

If Aiways continues to make decent cars that cost less when compared to the rest of the automotive industry, we are likely going to witness Aiways becoming a lot more popular in the future.

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