Best hatchback cars for tall drivers

Some cars just aren’t made for tall people, and that’s a fact. However, it’s not true that all hatchbacks should be avoided by tall people. There are several different hatchback options out there that can easily fit a six-footer without sacrificing comfort or safety.

You should also consider the fact that hatchbacks are easily enough for tall people if you don’t plan on transporting rear passengers all that often. All you have to do is slide your seat backward to reach a comfortable position, but make sure your pillars don’t obstruct your visibility in the process.

Some cars like the Kia Picanto, Honda Jazz/Fit, or the VW Polo seem way too small from the outside, but when you do step inside, you are greeted with a decent amount of headroom and legroom. If you want a larger hatchback, a Ford Focus or a VW Golf are both great options.

If you want a more luxurious-feeling hatchback that does not sacrifice passenger space, an Audi A3 Sportback or a BMW 1-series should be able to do the trick for most people out there.

Kia Picanto

Hatchbacks are small, but a subcompact hatchback seems like a definite no-go for anyone taller than 6 feet. However, even though such statements are correct for the vast majority of subcompact hatchbacks out there, the Kia Picanto seems to think otherwise.

Even though the Picanto is still not available for sale in the US or Canada, lots of consumers are expressing interest in finally bringing the Picanto to North America. The Picanto offers lots of adjustments for the seats and the steering wheel which make the Picanto a great option to consider for anyone up to 6 foot 8.

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Honda Jazz/Fit

The Honda Jazz is a small station wagon-looking hatchback capable of easily accommodating tall drivers even for longer journeys. Thanks to a boxy shape, four doors, and a high ceiling, the Jazz makes it easy for you to get comfortable without sacrificing much of the rear seat space.

Both the driver’s headroom and legroom are decent at around 40 inches of headroom and almost 41.5 inches of legroom. Another great thing about the Jazz/Fit is the relative affordability and size because this car is capable of fitting in almost every parking spot.

VW Golf

The VW Golf is one of the most iconic car models ever to grace the face of the earth. Great looks, practicality, efficiency, and reliability have always been the strong suits of the VW Golf. That being said, the newest Mk8 generation Golf is a little bit on the cheap side and not as successful as the Mk7 generation VW Golf.

Nevertheless, all relatively recent VW Golf models are plenty spacious inside and out and can easily fit anyone up to almost 7 feet tall. With more than 41 inches of driver’s legroom and 39 inches of driver’s headroom, relatively boxy shape, the Golf is easy to get comfortable in.

Ford Focus

Probably one of the most ferocious WV Golf competitors, the Ford Focus is also plenty spacious for tall drivers, even more so than the Golf. A used 2018 Ford Focus offers 38 inches of driver’s headroom and almost 42 inches of legroom, both of which are great for tall people.

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If you pair that with incredibly adjustable seating and steering wheel positions, it seems like the Focus is a force to be reckoned with. It’s rather sad that the Focus is no longer in production because it always was a great hatchback, but that does not stop you from buying a well-kept used one.

Audi A3 Sportback

The Audi A3 Sportback is somewhat of a more polished VW Golf experience. Besides the premium badge, the A3 offers a more mature-looking, technology-focused design that looks a bit more thought-through. Besides the exterior design, on the inside, the A3 is a definite step up from the VW Golf.

Engine-wise, these two are almost identical, the only differences being the top-of-the-line RS Sport and R-Line models. That being said, the A3 offers the same amount of interior and cargo space, but the levels of adjustability and general comfort are way better with the A3.

FAQ Section


Why should I ever consider buying a hatchback?

There are many different reasons why one should consider a hatchback, the most important ones are obviously the size and the price. A hatchback usually costs considerably less than a smaller sedan or a crossover, but the levels of equipment and luxury are often on a comparable level throughout.

As such, if a hatchback is capable of completely satisfying your needs when it comes to space, power, and luxury, there truly is no reason to opt for anything else. It indeed feels great to drive a large SUV or a flagship sedan, but these are way more expensive, harder to see out of, and way harder to navigate.

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What is a hot hatchback?

A hot hatchback is usually a factory beefed-up version of a regular hatchback. For example, a standard 1.5L gas-powered, front-wheel-drive VW Golf is the epitome of a regular hatchback, while a VW Golf R is a true hot hatchback because it offers twice the power, beefed-up suspension, better brakes, and an all-around better chassis.

Some of the differences between a modern-day hatchback and a 10-15-year-old hatchback are power, styling, and price. Nowadays, you can easily buy a 400hp, $50k hatchback that looks like a spaceship. 10-20 years ago, such extreme measures were only reserved for sports cars and a few sedans.

What is the most spacious car segment out there?

If you want the most amount of space currently available, you ought to look for an extended wheelbase flagship sedan or a full-size SUV. These cars are often used for chauffeuring purposes which means that the rear seats are the ones you want to travel in.

However, such cars are massive no matter where you sit, but there are lots of downfalls to such cars. They are way too big for regular parking spots and it is incredibly hard to navigate such behemoths through tight city centers and parking garages.

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