Is a Tesla better than a normal car?

Tesla and other electric cars are having a buzz in the market, making many people wonder whether it is a sound decision to buy a Tesla or a normal car. So, which car should you go for – a Tesla or a normal car?

Yes, a Tesla is better than a normal car. The only issue is that Tesla is pretty costly compared to a normal car. The cheapest Tesla, which is the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus model has a base price of $38,690, while the cheapest normal cars usually cost about $36,000, which is somewhat cheaper. 

Besides, Tesla and other EVs have several challenges, such as limited range, long charge time, performance problems, high initial cost, and unreliable battery packs. Nonetheless, Tesla and other EVs have drastically improved their range and performance over the years. 

When compared to normal cars, Tesla has fewer shortcomings. For instance, Teslas don’t need to line up at the gas station, maintain the car regularly, or worry about polluting the environment. On top of that Tesla operates quietly and is safer than normal cars. 

What are the main differences between Tesla and normal cars?

Before you decide whether to buy a Tesla or a normal car, it is important to know the differences so that you can make good judgments. Here are some of the differences between a Tesla and a normal car: 

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Initial price 

One of the advantages of buying an ICE car is that the initial cost is lower than buying a Tesla. Being a luxury car, Tesla is quite expensive compared to conventional gasoline-powered vehicles. So, you will have to spend more to get a Tesla than a standard car. 


In terms of performance, Tesla is among the best-performing cars on the market. This was not the case with other EVs, but they are catching up slowly. On top of that, Tesla’s driving experience can be fun, depending on what the owner prefers. 

Cost of maintenance 

Maintaining a Tesla is cheaper as it comes with fewer moving parts than ICE cars. But with ICE cars, you will have to service the car yearly or after some months. On the contrary, Tesla doesn’t require yearly maintenance, making it cheaper to maintain. 

Miles covered

The biggest disadvantage of owning a Tesla or an electric car for that matter is the limited range. Unlike ICE cars that you can fuel anywhere, Tesla doesn’t have a well-spread supercharger network, meaning that you can be left stranded in some parts of the country. 

Ease of operation 

Tesla is fun to drive compared to ICE cars. Thanks to the smooth engine and quiet operation inside and outside the car. However, this can also be a risk when driving in highly populated areas. On the other hand, ICE cars are noisy and some are challenging to operate. 

Efficiency & Eco-friendliness 

Tesla is one of the most energy-efficient cars on the market. Besides, the car is also very eco-friendly as it doesn’t pollute the environment the way gasoline powers cars do. So, having a Tesla also means reducing air pollution. 


Are Tesla’s better than normal cars?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a reliable and high-performance electric car, then Tesla is the best option. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of cash and normally travel long distances, then a normal car is the best choice. 

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Nonetheless, if all factors are considered, Tesla is the best car hands down. The only challenge is their price; hence, only a few people can afford them as opposed to normal gasoline cars. 

Do Teslas last longer than normal cars?

According to Elon Musk and Tesla, they say that Teslas batteries can last between 300,000 miles and 500,000 miles. However, since Teslas have not been around for long, it is somewhat tricky to determine how long they can last. Moreover, Tesla plans to introduce a battery that lasts over 1 million miles. 

All in all, the durability of the vehicle is determined by how well the owner maintains it and their driving habits. Also, some cars are more reliable than others. Cars like Honda and Toyota are known to be very reliable and last for many years. 

So, this question has no candid answer as Tesla has not been around for more than 20 years. Besides, the Tesla battery may last long, but the Tesla body may not. 

Is Tesla cheaper to maintain than a normal car?

In the short run, yes. But in the long run, no. Since Tesla comes with few moving parts, this car doesn’t break down easily. However, when it does break down, the cost of repair and maintenance can increase rapidly. Overall, Tesla is cheaper to maintain with a few miles, but it becomes costlier to maintain as it puts on more miles. 

What is the best Tesla model to own?

The best Tesla Model to own is the Tesla Model S. Not only is this luxury car fast, but it also comes with high-tech features and it is very comfortable. On top of that, it is very reliable and spacious. But if you want the best Tesla SUV, consider getting the Tesla Model X. 

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What are some of the advantages of Tesla cars? 

The main advantage of owning a Tesla is that it is less costly to operate. Since Tesla uses electricity to run instead of gasoline, they are cheaper to run. On top of that, Tesla doesn’t pollute the environment as they produce less air pollution such as toxic carbon.

Another advantage of owning a Tesla is that they don’t break down easily, meaning you won’t visit the garage or repair shop often like with a gasoline-powered car. Additionally, since Tesla is electric, it is more efficient than gasoline-powered cars and it is quiet in operation. 


If you’ve been wondering whether to go electric or not, you don’t have to. Tesla is a testament that electric cars are the future and better than normal cars. However, the price of a Tesla is the only worrying thing at the moment. 

Nevertheless, since many legacy car manufacturers have joined the race to build electric cars, the price of electric cars will soon drop and be level with normal cars or even cheaper. Also, many companies are working on the range, charge time, and battery life. With time, electric cars will be the most preferred as they offer lots of benefits. 

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