Can AAA charge a Tesla?

AAA offers a variety of services. However, one of their most popular services is an automotive repair and emergency road services. But can AAA charge a Tesla? 

Yes, AAA can charge a Tesla and all other EVs. However, AAA no longer offers its mobile charging services, which were provided to electric vehicle users between 2011 and 2019. AAA had chargers on trucks that helped to provide about 10 to 15 minutes of charge. 

The AAA charging trucks were equipped with level 2 and level 3 chargers and they were situated in high-density areas, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Orlando, and Phoenix. But due to lack of customers, AAA decided to retire the trucks as the business wasn’t viable. 

However, AAA still offers towing services and fills up gasoline-powered vehicles on the road. Nonetheless, AAA hinted that it may bring back the EV charging fleet in the future. 

Ellen Edmons, an author from AAA newsroom, says, “AAA believes there is a place for mobile electric vehicle charging as part of our roadside assistance services. We are currently evaluating all of the available options so that we can deliver to our members the solution that best suits their needs.”

What happens if a Tesla runs out of charge?

If your Tesla battery runs out of juice, you will have to tow it to the nearest charging station. Unlike in the past where AAA had trucks with chargers that could give you some juice to take you to the nearest charging station, these services are no longer available. So, you will have to tow your vehicle. 

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Nevertheless, the car will warn you before you run out of power. The color of the little battery icon will change from green to yellow, to red. Also, there will be several notifications popping up to let you know that the battery is low. 

When the battery gets excessively low, Tesla will propose charging stations such as the nearest Supercharger and let you know after what period your car will run out of range of the closest charging station. Besides, your should be able to cover a few miles when the battery hits zero. 

After the Tesla battery drains completely, a warning will pop up that tells you the car won’t be able to drive soon and you should pull up by the roadside. A few minutes later, the vehicle will roll to a stop and put itself into park. You can call Tesla roadside assistance for towing services. 

How do I request Tesla roadside assistance?

Go to the Tesla app at the bottom of the screen and request assistance. After accessing the app, choose ‘Service & Roadside Assistance.’ Next, select the problem your car is facing and confirm any extra details connected to your request. Finally, select ‘Request Help’ to get assistance. 

When providing details about your location, it is important to feature detailed information that will help the Tesla team to find you quickly and understand your car well.  

What services does Tesla roadside assistance cover?

Tesla roadside assistance offers lots of services apart from towing your car when it runs out of charge. Other services include breakdowns, lockouts, and a flat tire. Breakdowns are provided to Tesla cars that are within a radius of 500 miles to a Tesla service center.

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If you happen to have a flat tire, Tesla will only cover vehicles that are within 50 miles of a Tesla service center. For lockouts, Tesla will send a roadside professional to perform a lockout on your vehicle. 

What will happen if I leave my Tesla to run out of power?

If you drain your Tesla battery completely, you may end up permanently damaging the car. Therefore, Tesla discourages its customers to drain their car battery up to 0%. Even though you can jumpstart or recharge the 12V battery, draining it completely will also reduce its lifespan. 

Tesla recommends its customers maintain the battery charge between 20% and 90% for efficient and optimal usage. To ensure that you don’t run out of power, always check the closest charging stations on your route and recharge the battery at home daily if you use the car daily. 


Can you use an ICE car to jumpstart a Tesla? 

Yes, a combustion engine can be used to jump-start Tesla or any EV. On the contrary, you cannot use a Tesla engine to jump-start a combustion engine. This is because a Tesla engine lacks the power needed to jump-start a combustion engine, while a normal combustion engine has a lot of power to jump-start a Tesla. 

How much does it cost to install Tesla charging at home? 

This depends on how your electrical system is set up at home. If the electrical system is well set up, then you may spend about $1,700. However, if the electrical system requires extensive work to be done, it will cost more than $5,000. 

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Can a tow truck charge my Tesla?

Yes, it can. If you put your Tesla in gear while being towed, then the battery will automatically be charged. This is because regenerative braking will take place which will recharge your battery and deliver some power to your car. The motor acts as the generator.  

Can you plug a Tesla into a regular outlet? 

Yes, you can plug your Tesla into a regular outlet. However, the charging will be quite slower than installing a more powerful outlet. Tesla provides all its clients with an adapter for a 110-volt outlet (NEMA 5-15). This charger delivers about two to four miles of range per hour of charging depending on the Tesla model. 


To sum up, AAA can charge a Tesla, but AAA no longer offers mobile charging services as it used to between 2011 and 2019. Therefore, if your car runs out of battery while on the road, you will have it towed to the next Tesla charging station or at home. 

Even though AAA doesn’t offer mobile EV charging anymore, you can still call them if you need your out-of-range car to be towed to the next Tesla charging station or at home. Nonetheless, AAA still offers mobile gas refueling, which is a very popular practice.

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