How many years will a Tesla last?

How many years will a Tesla last?

Buying a luxury car is not cheap and that’s why it’s crucial to know how long the car will last, as well as its maintenance and repair costs. So, how long does a Tesla last? 

According to Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, aTesla can last for over a million years. Of course, this is not true as no car can last that long. However, the lifespan of Tesla vehicles is way above most EVs and even ICE vehicles.

Even though it’s almost impossible for a Tesla to last over a million years, Tesla cars have one of the best vehicle warranties on the market. Tesla offers an 8-year warranty, which is double that of most gas-powered vehicles that usually come with a 4-year warranty.

What makes Tesla more durable than other EVs or ICE vehicles is that it has the best car battery that lasts longer. Therefore, as other EVs break down after a few years, Tesla will offer the consumer at least a good 8 years of use.

Unlike gasoline-powered vehicles, EVs don’t need engines to run, which makes them even more durable. This also means less maintenance and fewer repairs over the years. That’s why Tesla vehicles have one of the best resale values among luxury vehicles.

How long do Tesla batteries last?

One of the greatest fears of first-time EV owners is that the car won’t hold a charge. Tesla has changed all of that by creating batteries that last a long time. The first Tesla Roadster didn’t hold a charge, but that’s long in the past now.

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Most Tesla models are fitted with batteries that will provide power for at least 250 miles on a single charge. Of course, this varies according to the car model. The range also varies according to how you drive and the capacity of your battery.

The longest range from Tesla is around 402 miles on a full charge. Similar to ICE vehicles, Tesla adjusts the present mile range up and down, depending on the current driving condition. For instance, if you make several stops, then the range will reduce drastically.

Ranges for different Tesla models on a full charge:

  • Model 3 Standard Range Plus – 250 miles
  • Model 3 Long Range – 322 miles
  • Model 3 Performance – 299 miles
  • Model S Long Range Plus – 402 miles
  • Model S Performance – 348 miles
  • Model X Long Range Plus – 351 miles
  • Model X Performance – 305 miles
  • Model Y Long Range Plus – 316 miles
  • Model Y Performance – 315 miles

NB: Tesla is planning to create a battery that will last for at least 1 million miles. This will be a great breakthrough and a game-changer. 

Tesla’s battery warranty

One of the main things that separate Tesla from other EV and ICE vehicles is its outstanding warranty. Tesla offers an 8-year warranty, which is one of the best. So, if your car breaks down or has a problem, you can relax knowing that it’s covered for at least 8 years.

Here are the different warranties for the different Tesla models:

  • Model 3 – 8 years/ 120,000 miles
  • Model S – 8 years/ 150,000 miles
  • Model X – 8 years/ 150,000 miles
  • Model Y – 8 years/ 120,000 miles


How often do Tesla break down?

Tesla vehicles rarely break down, thanks to the few parts that these cars come with. Tesla comes with a total of 17 moving parts, unlike a normal ICE vehicle that comes with at least 200 parts. As a result, these cars seldomly break down.

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Most exceptionally-designed Tesla models were built from the ground up as Battery-Electric vehicles with full self-driving capability in mind. Depending on the model that you have, you may have to visit a service center after 2 or even more years for the first service.

How much money do you save by driving a Tesla?

When you compare the cost of driving a Tesla and an internal combustion engine (ICE) car, you will find that it’s way cheaper. Depending on how often you charge your car, a full charge may cost you around $8 and can cover at least 250 miles.

On the contrary, you may have to pay about $20 for an ICE to cover the same 250 miles. But unlike gasoline-powered vehicles, EVs don’t need much other maintenance like oil changes. In total, you may end up saving at least $7,000 annually if you drive a Tesla, instead of an ICE.

How many miles can Tesla last on one charge?

All Tesla models can last for at least 250 miles on a single charge. However, the distance covered will also depend on other factors such as how you’re driving, the climate of the area, and how large your battery is. The longest range Tesla currently provides is slightly above 402 miles on a full charge.

Other things that affect your Tesla’s battery range include towing. If you use a Tesla to tow an RV or boat, then expect the battery to cover fewer miles than it normally would. Also, driving your Tesla in cold climates can reduce your car’s driving range by an average of 41%.

Why did previous Tesla owners give up their cars?

Most of the previous Tesla owners got rid of their cars because of charging problems. Even though these cars can be charged from home, they take longer to fully charge than in Tesla supercharger stations. However, it’s not always possible to charge in Tesla superchargers when traveling.

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Does longevity matter for luxury car buyers?

Not usually. Luxury car buyers buy cars because of their status and class. So, it’s more of a measure of wealth and a status symbol. This is not usually the case with utilitarian car buyers who acquire them out of necessity. Actually, most luxury car buyers don’t stick with their cars for long.

This is why you shouldn’t be surprised to find that some Tesla owners don’t keep their cars for more than three years. Tesla is a luxury car brand and the base model starts at around $35,000.

The bottom line

Expect your Tesla car to last for at least 8 years or more before you can think of changing your car’s battery. Even after this period, your Tesla will still be very efficient in performance and in good condition, as long as you take care of it. However, the battery power will not be as powerful and effective as it once was.

It’s said that a Tesla can last for over a million years. There is some truth to this, as long as you change the car’s battery after 8 years and keep updating your ride with new software updates. You will probably also need to upgrade the hardware as well to avoid having compatibility problems.

How many years will a Tesla last?

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