How often do Teslas need to be serviced?

Tesla makes fully electric cars, meaning that they don’t need standard maintenance like changing oil, replacing fuel filters, or spark plugs. But like every car, Tesla still needs proper maintenance for smooth operation. So, how often do Teslas have to be serviced? 

Tesla does not have a particular timeframe for servicing. Instead, Tesla recommends servicing your car as needed. Therefore, the time and cost of maintaining your car may vary from one year to another. Regardless, some service maintenances need to be done often and they include: 

  • Tire rotation, balance, and wheel alignment – Tesla advises its clients to rotate their car tires every 6,250 miles, or when the tread depth difference is 2/32 or more. Apart from rotating tires, the wheels should be balanced and aligned. 
  • Cabin air filter – the cabin air filter also has to be changed often as it prevents dust, pollen, and other particles from entering the air vents. However, the recommended replacement schedule varies from one Tesla model to another. It should be changed every 2 years on the Tesla Model 3 and Y, and every 3 years on Model S and X. 
  • Brake fluid test – Tesla advises clients to test the brake fluid every 2 years and change it as needed. 
  • High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter – if your Tesla model comes with a HEPA filter, then you should replace it every 2 years. 
  • Air conditioning service – this service includes changing the A/C desiccant bag for exceptional efficiency and longevity of the car’s air conditioning system. Nonetheless, it should be changed at different times in different Tesla models. It should be replaced after 6 years in model 3, after 4 years on model Y, and after 3 years on Model S and X. 
  • Winter care – this applies to people in cold regions. Make sure to clean and lubricate all brake calipers every 12 months or after 12,500 miles. 
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In the past, Tesla needed its customers to service their cars annually. However, things changed after Tesla reviewed fleet-wide data. The company noted that its vehicles were capable of withstanding a longer period without regular maintenance, unlike conventional ICE cars. 

This is one of the main reasons why Tesla is more affordable to maintain than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. So, as long as you ensure that the above-recommended service maintenances are carried out, your Tesla should rub well and efficiently. 

Besides, the drivers don’t need to go for an inspection in the service center, as the Tesla owners App will keep track of the different time limits on these parts and allow drivers to known when they should plan for service. 

What is the cost of the common Tesla service maintenance?

Since Tesla is fully electric, there are a few moving parts to worry about which do not go wrong easily. Therefore, the cost of maintaining your Tesla for the first few years will be very low and the car won’t break down easily. Besides, you won’t have to worry about any standard service as highlighted earlier. 

However, there are some common service maintenances that you will have to pay attention to yearly. These include tire rotation, cabin air filter replacement, wiper blades, and brake system flush. Nonetheless, it’s vital to know how much you will be required to spend on these yearly maintenance parts. The cost for maintaining these parts include: 

  • Tire rotation – $35 to $100
  • Cabin air filter – $60 t0 $200
  • Wiper blades – $20 to $50 
  • Brake system flush – $100 to 110
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N/B: The prices vary because it depends on the Tesla model that you’re dealing with. For instance, the cost of tire rotation on a Tesla Model 3 is cheaper than on a Tesla Model S. 

What does the Tesla factory warranty cover?

When buying a new Tesla, it’s important to know what the warranty covers and what it doesn’t cover. Most new Tesla owners think that the 8-year warranty covers everything, but that’s not the case. The 8 year or 150,000 miles warranty for Tesla Model S and X, and 8 year or 100,000 miles for Tesla Model 3 and Y only covers the battery and drive unit. 

Tesla offers a basic vehicle limited warranty for 4 years/50,000 miles warranty like most ICE cars. However, it also has 5 years or 60,000 miles warranty for supplemental restraint system (SRS) and 12 years or unlimited miles for body rust. 


What is Tesla’s extended service agreement?

To help customers have an easy time covering costly repairs, Tesla also provides an extended service agreement. However, this agreement only covers Tesla Model S and X. Nonetheless, people who own Tesla Model 3 and Y can consider getting an aftermarket warranty from a private provider. 

Tesla Model S and X owners can get two years or four years of additional coverage via the extended service agreement program. Nevertheless, it’s also important to note that this coverage does not feature a battery and drive unit. 

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Is it a must to take my Tesla to a Tesla Service Center?

No, you can take your car to a non-Tesla service center, but in case of any problem, coverage under your Tesla warranty could be affected. Besides, Tesla has over-the-air software updates, remote diagnostics, and support from Tesla mobile maintenance services. 

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What is the Tesla mobile maintenance unit? 

Since Tesla has few service centers, they offer mobile maintenance, where they come directly to you. However, the Tesla mobile maintenance unit can only help you to rotate tires or have your filters changed. All you have to do is book the services from the Tesla App. 

Bottom line 

Unlike ICE cars, Tesla does not have scheduled service maintenance anymore. In the past, Tesla required all of its cars to be serviced yearly, but that’s no longer the case after it discovered that its cars are more durable and don’t need regular maintenance. 

However, Tesla recommends certain parts to be serviced after hitting particular miles. For instance, a full-service inspection should be done every year, while tire rotation and wheel balance carried out after 6250 miles. On the other hand, cabin air filter and brakes system flush should be replaced every 2 years. 

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