How reliable are Volvo SUVs?

Volvo SUVs are somewhat average in terms of reliability.

Volvo surely makes safe and durable cars, but they have suffered in reliability scores. They had had an average of 204 problems per 100 cars in 2016. However, they have certainly been working on improving their reliability. In 2021, Volvo improved its reliability score to 185 problems per 100 cars.

Reliability also is somewhat dependent on the model. The 2021 XC40 is quite reliable, but the XC90 has drastically suffered in terms of reliability scores.

Volvo’s overall reliability

Volvo has made its mark with safe and strong cars. However, they have lacked in terms of reliability scores due to some problems in recent years. These problems began when Volvo started making modern cars with new and complex materials. Fortunately, they have working on this, and ultimately have improved their ratings in the last 5 years.

Volvo has a ReliabilityIndex score of 127, ranking it 23 out of 40 brands. This is certainly not the best score, but it is still better than many other big luxury car manufacturers like Audi, Tesla, and BMW.

Consumer Reports has rated Volvo 24th in its rankings. And JD Power has ranked all Volvo’s SUVs as above average. The XC40 has certainly improved the reliability reputation of Volvo and helped bring Volvo SUVs to above-average ratings in terms of reliability.

The XC90 isn’t very reliable, but comparable to competitors

The XC90 has many benefits. It is the only 7-seater Volvo car, and it is comparatively affordable compared to its competitors. Furthermore, it also has an AWD option, which makes it pretty good in off-roading experiences. The safety and luxury features make it one of a kind.

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However, the reliability scores of the XC90 are a bit concerning. The XC90 has an overall reliability score of 50.65, where a 57 is an average score.

If we look at some other competitors like Audi Q7, BMW X5, Ford Explorer, or Acura MDX, all of them also similar scores in this index. This means that all the other big SUVs like the XC90 also lack reliability.

The reason large SUVs tend to be unreliable is because of the big truck chassis and more complex operating systems. SUVs experience these types of issues. The average annual repair cost of the XC90 is $851, which is still lower than the Q7, X5, and some other big SUVs.

However, the true luxury and safety features that the XC90 provides usually makes up for any reliability issues. It is constantly ranked as one of the safest SUVs ever by NHTSA and IIHS. Therefore, the SUV is still one of the best.

The XC60 rates better in reliability

The XC60 is a compact luxury crossover SUV. It is basically a smaller XC90 with a smaller engine. The car is based on the new SPA platform, which is known for its stability. It performs comparatively better than the XC90 in terms of reliability.

It has an overall reliability score of 76.5, which is actually very good in this category. The XC60’s competitors include the BMW X5, the Audi Q5, the Acura RDX, and the Kia Sorento. All of them have lower reliability scores than the XC60. The highest-ranking of its competitors is the Audi Q5, which scores 70.

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The XC60 also performs very well in annual repair costs. It has an annual repair cost of $746, which is pretty average. Other competitors like Audi or BMW have higher annual repair costs, while Kia and Acura have lower annual repair costs. Nevertheless, the XC60 is better in terms of safety and economy than others.

The XC40 is Volvo’s most reliable model

The Volvo XC40 is a compact SUV that is truly a jewel in Volvo’s crown. It has the best reliability scores of any Volvo car. It is also the best Volvo car to buy at present. It offers everything that the best car should have. It is fuel-efficient, affordable, comfortable and one of the safest.

The ride is also better than other Volvo SUVs. JD Power gave it a predicted reliability score of 71, which is not the best, but better in its own category. The car is also better in terms of repair costs and overall value.

The fuel economy of the car is brilliant, and it is even better in the plug-in hybrid model. The safety features are again some of the best and there are some extra safety features as a standard in this Volvo. The XC40 is smaller than the other two Volvo SUVs, but it is pretty practical.

The new Volvo C40

Volvo is planning to launch its all-new Volvo C40 in 2022. It is a fully electric subcompact luxury crossover SUV. It would be the second fully electric Volvo car, and it is based on the new Volvo CMA platform. Volvo is still improving the quality of its SUVs day by day.

Volvo SUVs have okay reliability

Volvo SUVs may lack high-level reliability scores, but they are still better than their competitors. The safety measurements and luxury are what put them ahead of others. It really just depends on the buyer which SUV suits their needs the most, but Volvo SUVs are still reliable enough.

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Are SUVs reliable?

The bigger the vehicle, the more problems it usually faces, as well as some issues regarding fuel efficiency. SUVs consume more fuel and this, in turn, causes an environmental hazard. Diesel-based SUVs cause even more problematic.

SUVs are also usually used in tougher conditions like high terrain, which causes high maintenance and repair costs. All of this contributes to the low reliability of the SUVs. The high ground clearance is for certain off-roading experiences, but this causes more rollover problems. The SUVs also suffer in terms of brakes.

Why do people like SUVs?

The desire for SUVs has increased lately. Driving on tougher roads and high terrains makes them popular. People also love them because of their high ground clearance and sporty shapes. They also come in handy in terms of carrying a greater number of people.

Why are SUVs popular in the US?

SUVs have become so popular in the US because of their features and capabilities. Bigger vehicles can carry more people and more stuff, which proves cost-efficient for Americans. Americans are known for like everything bigger.

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