Which Volvo SUV is the biggest?

Volvo has a small lineup of 3 SUVs, with the XC90 being the biggest. Volvo started making its SUVs in the 2000s and the XC90 was the first SUV they created. It is a crossover SUV based on a car chassis that comes in all-wheel drive with the front wheel drive as the standard. The XC90 can have a third row of seats, which increases its passenger space.

The Volvo XC90: Volvo’s biggest SUV

The Volvo XC90 is a mid-size luxury SUV. The XC90’s concept was launched in 2001, while they started its production in 2002. The car is now in its second generation. XC90’s first generation was based on the Volvo P2 platform, the same platform used for other Volvos like the V80 series. However, the second generation is based on a different global platform called Scalable Product Architecture (SPA).


The car chassis used in the XC90 is Scalable Product Architecture (SPA). The technology used in this platform reduces the car’s weight, while improving safety and efficiency. The car has a double-wishbone front suspension, together with a new integral link rear axle, including transverse leaf spring of lightweight material. The front has T-shaped LED daytime running headlights that are marketed as the “Thor’s Hammer” by Volvo.

XC90 Measurements

  • Height: 1776 mm
  • Length: 4950 mm
  • Width: 2140 mm
  • Width inc. Mirrors: 2140 mm
  • Wheel Base: 2984 mm
  • Track Front: 1665 mm
  • Track Rear: 1667 mm
  • Turning Circle: 11.8 mm
    Source: Volvo Cars
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First generation (2002–2014)

The first generation XC90 was launched in 2001 in North America. This was Volvo’s first notable SUV. The car was launched in two variants, the 2.5T and the T6. The 2.5T was the base variant with a 2.5-liter B5254T2 “T5” turbocharged inline-five engine that produced 208 horsepower and 320 N⋅m torque.

The T6 variant had a 2.9-liter B6294T engine which produced 268 hp and 380 N⋅m torque. Later in 2005, the Yamaha V8 engine was added to this model. The car received several updates after that, including a facelift in 2007 and other small changes in 2009, 2010, and 2012. The car was an immediate success. It won several awards and other rankings by safety organizations.

Second generation (2015–present)

Production of the second-generation XC90 started in 2012 and it was released in 2015. Every variant received the same 2.0-liter four-cylinder Drive-E powertrains. This came with Volvo’s 8-speed Geartronic transmission.

The 2nd generation came with 3 trim levels, T5, T6, and T8. The T5 came with two gas engines, while the T6 came with two diesel-based engines. The top-of-the-line T8 model has a twin-engine. It is a plug-in hybrid vehicle. All of the models come with All-Wheel Drive.

The T8 model has an 11.6 kWh lithium-ion battery. The T8 Excellence model was released in 2017 and discontinued in 2020. The car received another facelift in 2021, renaming the T8 model as “XC90 Recharge”. The Recharge is a plug-in hybrid, as Volvo doesn’t have any solely gas or diesel engines anymore.

Other specifications

The XC90 is a luxury SUV, providing the best interior and exterior. The safety features are also the best in all of the SUVs of this category. Two of its most innovative safety features are the “run-off road protection package” and the “Auto brake at intersection capability.” Of course, the XC90 also has all the other standard luxury safety features that Volvo is known for.

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The interior design is also luxurious and aimed at providing the best comfort. The car also comes with 3-rows and seats 6-7 passengers. The front seats come with a massage features, heated seats, ventilated leather, and power adjustment. There’s also a 9” front display.

The XC90 features a high-level Bowers and Wilkins audio system and Volvo Cars’ air purification system. In 2017, Pilot Assist II was made standard in all XC90 for selected markets.

Volvo’s other SUVs

Volvo has a small lineup of three SUVs under its umbrella. The smaller SUVs are the XC40 and XC60. Both of these are the best of their own categories. The XC40 is a compact luxury crossover SUV while XC60 is a luxury crossover SUV. Both are one of the safest cars ranked by the IIHS.

Volvo’s future SUV plans

Volvo has a small production scale as compared to other car manufacturers. They have been making three SUVs and they are going to make them for some years. Although, there’s been an addition recently. In 2021, Volvo announced they are going to launch the Volvo C40 Recharge as a fully-electric subcompact luxury crossover SUV.


What are SUVs?

SUV stands for sport utility vehicle. They are usually made for more passengers and the highest performance. Most of the SUVs come with a 4-wheel drive option, making them highly efficient on rugged terrain. They normally have high ground clearance and come with different variants like crossover SUVs or compact SUVs.

Which is the biggest SUV ever?

Some SUVS are pure beasts. Massive gas guzzlers used for high performance and rough tracks. They usually have low fuel economy due to their big engines and can carry lots of cargo. Some of the largest SUVs include:

  1. 2016 Chevrolet Suburban- weighs 8,100 lbs and has 121.1 cubic feet of cargo space.
    1. 2016 Mercedes Benz GL Class- it can fit 93.8 cubic feet of cargo.
    1. 2017 Nissan Armada- can fit 95.1 cubic feet of cargo space.
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What are some advantages of SUVs?

There are certain advantages of bigger vehicles. The first being the space. Many SUVs can fit 7 people inside. There’s also more cargo space for big journeys. The bigger vehicle also gives better leg space for the passengers.

The other benefits include its capabilities. With the higher ground clearance, many SUVs can go almost everywhere. The 4-wheel drive capabilities in most SUVs also increase their performance, as well as better visibility due to their bigger windows and windshield.

What are the types of SUVs?

The four regular SUV categories are based on size and include the compact crossover, crossover, mid-size, and full-size.

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