Does an Aiways require a lot of maintenance?

One benefit electric cars have over ICE cars is the fact that they need a lot less maintenance. EVs don’t need motor oil replacements, they suffer from lesser brake wear due to regenerative braking, the battery and the electric motor need little to no regular maintenance and there are fewer moving parts in general.

Aiways is a newcomer Chinese EV startup brand that currently offers the U5 and the U6. The U5 is the staple model of the company and is being sold left and right due to its relatively cheap price. Aiways is a brand unknown to many, but that does not mean that the U5 is a bad car, quite the contrary, the U5 is great value for money.

As such, it’s safe to say that the Aiways U5 does not require a lot of maintenance and that maintenance should not be a concern when it comes to the U5. The U5 also comes with a factory warranty that covers the battery for 8 years and all the other electrical components for up to 5-years or 150,000km, whichever comes first.

All in all, the U5 should be an easy car to live with, but the issue of servicing the U5 might be more relevant as Aiways is a brand new brand and it’s rather difficult to tell how many dependable service shops can even work on the U5.

Aiways U5 – Maintaining an EV

Maintaining and servicing an electric car is both more cost-effective and easier than it is to maintain and service an internal combustion engine car. Some online sources cite that maintaining and servicing an EV costs up to 30% because there are fewer parts that need looking after.

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Some aspects of regular car maintenance such as tire swaps are more or less the same with ICE and EVs. However, EVs are almost always a lot heavier than ICE cars which means that tires need to carry more weight thus could potentially wear out sooner.

The biggest benefit EVs have over ICE cars as far as maintenance is concerned is the fact that the electric motor has fewer moving parts. This means that there is less friction which also means that there is less heat. Less heat and friction means that there is no need for engine oil and the fact that parts can last a lot longer if not constantly changing in temperature.

All EVs these days come with regenerative braking which is designed to slow the car down by using the electric motor in order to store lost energy back into the battery. This means that you are rarely ever using your brakes which also eliminates the need for frequent brake maintenance.

Aiways U5 – Servicing the U5

EVs indeed tend to be more reliable when compared to ICE cars because of all the reasons listed above. There is simply less that can go wrong with an EV. However, some EV brands are better at servicing than others so it’s important to note that that’s one of the greatest mysteries of the EV world.

As stated, EVs are more reliable, but when they do break they tend to be a lot more difficult to fix. You can’t just simply pop up to your local service shop with an EV because only trained professionals are skilled enough to work on some EVs which means high prices.

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Another potential issue with the U5 is the fact that there aren’t many licensed Aiways service shops out there which means that you might potentially need to travel a long distance before you can service your car.

Aiways U5 – Warranty

All Aiways models come with a 5-year long/150,000km warranty that covers all your standard drawbacks that might arise from using the U5. Aiways also offers an 8-year long battery warranty which means that most owners from new should not worry about the battery at all.

Aiways also guarantees 75% battery health after 8-years which means that you should be able to enjoy a 200 mile + range for years to come. Aiways also gives you a 10-year long corrosion warranty and a spare parts warranty coverage of around 20,000 km.

In order for you not to void the warranty, you have to take the U5 to a licensed service shop if you want to service your U5. As stated above, that could potentially be an issue because not many service shops are Aiways licensed just yet.

FAQ Section

Why are EVs more difficult to fix?

To be honest, it’s not necessarily true that EVs cost more money to fix, but there indeed aren’t many people that can fix your EV. ICE cars have been around for decades which means that every mechanic out there knows a thing or two about these engines which also means that the overall prices should drop thanks to lots of competition.

On the other hand, EVs are still not as popular as ICE cars and there simply aren’t many qualified and trained mechanics that can work on delicate EV technology. As such, finding the place to fix your EV is more difficult, and fixing it might even require you to wait for weeks.

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Are EVs going to become more popular?

Chinese startup EV brands such as Aiways are doing all of us a favor by offering a cheaper EV alternative to European and Japanese electric cars which should lead towards cheaper EVs in general. One of the largest issues of the EV market is the fact that EVs still cost too much money for most customers.

If EV prices continue to drop and the charging infrastructure continues to develop itself more consistently and reliably, we should be witnessing a significant rise in EV popularity in the coming years.

Should I buy the Aiways U5?

You should buy the Aiways U5 if you are in the market for a cheap, spacious, and relatively advanced EV. The U5 offers class-leading space and it also offers a decent driving experience, especially considering the price.

The U5 does lack when it comes to safety and design, but everyone says beauty is in the eye of the beholder. All in all, the U5 is a decent car and should definitely be considered.

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