Is Volkswagen Golf a good car?

Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf is one of the best-known cars to even be produced. Since the 1970s, VW has continuously managed to upgrade the Golf in order for it to become the staple car in VW’s lineup. Now, more than 50 years later, VW has managed to sell more than 35 million Golf models all across the globe.

The VW Golf family tree is brimming with amazing Golf models such as the GTI, Golf R, R32 Golf, GTD Golf, and so on. It’s rather impossible to say that the Golf is not a good car because it is so well known and successful that answering this question with pure statistics is easy.

Design-wise, the Golf looks like a fairly large hatchback which is not all that particularly special. The interior design is nice in every Golf model, especially the latest generations. The Golf is also a relatively reliable car as a whole, but only if you maintain it adequately.

A VW Golf can be had in almost every price category while the VW Golf’s practicality is just a little bit better than most of its rivals. The Golf offers lots of seating space, lots of cargo space, great all-around visibility, and an ergonomic cabin that is also filled with many cubby spaces and storage.

VW Golf – The powertrain

The VW Golf lineup primarily consists of 2.0L 4-cylinder engines which means that you can get a 1.2L, a 1.4L, a 1.6L, a 1.8L, or a 2.0L 4-cylinder in the latest VW Golf generations. The 2.0L 4-cylinder is the most popular engine of the lot while the 1.6TDI and the 2.0L TDI engines are the most popular diesel variants.

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The 2.0L 4-cylinder Golf is the GTI/Golf R model which means that it can offer around 320hp. The Golf has always been a FWD car, but some models come with VW’s proprietary 4MOTION AWD technology such as the Golf R. The standard Golf transmission is a manual, but you can upgrade to a 7-speed DSG box in the newer models.

All VW Golf engines are designed to be smooth, potent, and most importantly efficient. The latest VW Golf is also available with a hybrid powertrain which combines the 1.4L 4-cylinder with an electric motor for a combined output o 205hp.

VW Golf – Design and chassis

The VW Golf utilizes a fairly recognizable design language which means that it is rather difficult to mistake the Golf for any other car. The Mk7.5 seems to be the best-looking VW Golf to date, but many also believe that the Mk8 is the best-looking Golf ever. Interior-wise, the Mk7.5 seems to be the highest quality material while the Mk8 is the most tech-savvy.

The suspension and chassis tuning of a Golf is unmistakably tailored towards comfort and ease of use. The VW Golf is not a sports car, but the Golf GTI and the Golf R are. This means that you should consider the GTI and the R if you are interested in a car that is both comfortable, easy to drive, and relatively dynamic through the corners.

VW Golf – Reliability and common problems

The VW Golf is a solidly reliable car but only if you maintain it properly. There are many of these all around the world living their best lift with extremely many miles on the clock. As such, many deem the VW Golf to be indestructible, meaning that it will last forever if you take proper care of it.

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Either way, the most common VW Golf issues are associated with the timing chain system, all sorts of leaks, suspension issues, equipment and trim issues, and issues with the mass airflow sensor.

 VW Golf – Value and practicality

You can get a used VW Golf in almost every price category while somewhere around $15,000 is going to get you a relatively decent example. The Golf holds its value relatively well, especially when compared to many other cars in its segment. The GTI and the Golf R hold their value best, especially the more limited-edition models.

The VW Golf is also a really practical car and that is why so many people are interested in buying it. The VW Golf offers more space than any other premium German 4-door hatchback. Visibility is also great and so are the interior cubby spaces. The VW Golf is also a great family car.

FAQ Section

What is the best VW Golf generation?

The VW Golf 7.5, or the Golf 7 post-facelift is likely the best VW Golf generation out there. This is because the 7.5 looks a lot better than the Golf 7 while also being a higher-quality product when compared to the Golf 8. The Golf 8 has recently only come out which means that it should take a few years before we can properly judge it reliability-wise.

Either way, the 7.5 Golf is the best followed by the Golf 5 post-facelift, the Golf 3, and the Golf 2. These are the VW Golf models that have managed to push the boundaries the most. That’s not to say that other VW Golf models are not good, but they are not as great as these.

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 Which is the best VW Golf model?

The VW GTI is the best VW model because it balances exciting looks with performance beautifully. The GTI is not compromised too much in order to be fast but is rather perfectly tuned. The Golf R is a bit more serious thanks to its 300hp+ power output, 4MOTION AWD, and four mean-looking exhaust tips.

The GTI is just a more subtle, but equally fun-to-drive variant of the Golf that is likely the best Golf model of all time.

Is the VW Golf a safe car?

The VW Golf has always been a 5-star rated car when it comes to safety which means that you should not worry about safety at all. The Golf is available with all the modern-day safety systems, but they are usually part of expensive optional packages.

Either way, the Golf has always managed to uphold its safety credentials, so safety should not be your concern if you are looking into a relatively modern VW Golf model.

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