Common problems with Volkswagen Arteon

Volkswagen Arteon Problems

The Volkswagen Arteon is the successor to the beloved Passat CC and is positioned as a more affordable Audi A5 Sportback. The good thing is that the Arteon shares many of its parts with other VW products because that tends to enhance reliability. The bad thing is also the fact that the Arteon shares many of its parts with other VW products which means that it may not be special enough.

Either way, the Arteon is a really good-looking car and it manages to stand out among many other German four-door coupes. It seems to be a relatively reliable car as well, but it does suffer from a few particular issues that are worth mentioning.

The most common VW Arteon problems are associated with the brakes, various equipment and trim issues, issues with the hybrid system, issues with the rear suspension bearing, and issues with the sunroof. Most of these can be resolved proactively, but only if you manage to stop them in time.

All in all, the Arteon is a dependable automobile, especially the post-facelift models. Nonetheless, you should pay close attention to all of these issues if you want to buy the soundest example out there.

VW Arteon – Brakes issues

The brake push rod seems to experience issues because it is not properly screwed down to the brake booster. This means that the rod could potentially detach itself during driving which can completely disconnect the brake pedal from the brake booster. Therefore, your brakes will be toast and the only way you will be able to stop is by using the emergency brake function or the parking brake.

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This is obviously a huge safety hazard and that is why VW issued a recall for all 2019-2021 Arteon models. Some say that there are a few thousand Arteon models affected by this issue so be sure to investigate if the one you are interested in had these issues solved.

VW Arteon – Equipment and trim issues

The Arteon seems to be suffering from various equipment and trim-related issues which can cause all sorts of problems on the road. A great example of this is the incorrectly affixed luggage net that could potentially break loose during driving. Many owners have complained that this caused their luggage to literally fly into the passenger compartment.

VW also issued a recall for a few of these issues for more than 20,000 Arteon models all across the world. Issues such as these did not only plague the Arteon, but also the VW Golf Mk8, and the VW ID.4.

VW Arteon – Hybrid system issues

Some of the hybrid Arteon models also suffer from a weird manufacturing defect in which the cable that connects the positive 12V battery and the battery main fuse box might have been swapped around. Because of this, the fuse box will not be able to do its job properly which means that the battery could potentially exceed the permitted temperature limit.

This could potentially lead to a fire which is definitely not something anyone wants to experience. VW also issued a recall because of this and more than 4,000 various VW models have been affected. Be sure to pay close attention to this issue because it can cause catastrophic amounts of damage if not taken care of.

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 VW Arteon – Suspension bearing issue

The rear suspension wheel bearing tends to experience problems after a while because it was not attached properly from the factory. Not many Arteon models have been affected by this issue, but the issue is so grave that it could potentially destroy the car’s ability to even drive in a straight line.

You should also investigate if the Arteon model you are looking at has also experienced any similar issues. Some say that only a single Arteon model was part of the recall while others state that the true number is unknown. Either way, this issue is concerning, and checking the wheel bearing for any signs of insufficient hardening is not really all that difficult anyway.

VW Arteon – Sunroof issues

Arteon models made between 2016 and 2018 tend to experience issues with the sunroof panel. VW has said that due to a manufacturing issue, some Arteon models have been manufactured with an incorrect sunroof primer which could cause the sunroof panel to detach.

If that indeed happens during driving, the sunroof could potentially fly off the car and endanger anyone around it. As such, VW also issued a recall because of this and it is not all that clear as to how many Arteon models have been affected.

FAQ Section

Is the VW Arteon worth it?

The VW Arteon is one of the most interesting cars on the market these days because it offers a really stylish exterior design matched with a relatively ordinary-looking interior design. It is rather unfortunate that the Arteon does not really seem any more premium than the Passat even though it costs a lot more money.

Either way, the Arteon is actually one of the most practical sedans on the market thanks to colossal trunk space. The Arteon drives a lot more sophisticated when compared to the Passat which also tends to rival some of its more expensive competitors when it comes to driving.

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Should I buy the VW Arteon?

It depends on what you want and need from a car. The VW Arteon is able to rival some of its more expensive competitors while it also manages to lack in certain areas. It is easy to recommend buying the Arteon because it is a desirable car overall.

However, when it comes to value, it is not quite sure if the price difference between an Audi A5 and the VW Arteon is large enough to go for the Arteon. All in all, it depends on the deal you can make, so if it makes sense financially and you like the Arteon, you should look further into buying one.

Is the VW Arteon going out of production?

Some reports are saying that the VW Arteon is going to cease production soon. It’s worth mentioning that VW stopped offering the Arteon in some markets like Canada while other markets like the US and Europe have recently got the more updated version of the Arteon.

We will have to wait and see how well the Arteon is going to sell in the coming few years as that is likely going to be the main factor when it comes to deciding if the Arteon is going to continue production with a whole new generation.

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