All about the all-electric Volkswagen ID. Xtreme off-road

Volkswagen ID. Xtreme off-road

For enthusiasts, cars are much more than just point A to point B machines and the Volkswagen ID. Xtreme is the perfect example of that. This concept was just revealed and it showcases how modular and capable the current VW MEB platform is. VW presented the ID. Xtreme in order to see how the public would react to it so they can maybe even make it a serial production car.

This is not the first time VW decides to make a car just to showcase what they can do. The VW ID. R racecar was showcased a few years ago and it still is the most powerful and most capable VW ever. The VW ID. Xtreme is based on the ID. 4 GTX family car, but it comes with more power and certain special touches to make it off-road capable.

This means that the VW ID. Xtreme is basically a VW ID. 4 GTX underneath, and therefore could become a serial production car if there is enough interest out there. The ID. Xtreme comes with higher ground clearance, beefed-up tires, beefed-up suspension with wider wheel arches, a bull bar, a tougher underbody, and a huge LED light bar on the top.

All in all, the VW ID. Xtreme is a really cool off-road creation and hopefully, we will be able to see it being driven in one form or another. Even if that never comes to be, VW will certainly take advantage of all the learnings that came with the VW ID. Xtreme project in other less extreme cars.

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VW ID. Xtreme – The Powertrain

The Volkswagen ID. Xtreme gets an 82kWh battery mated to two electric motors, one on the front axle and one on the rear axle. The total output of the VW ID. Xtreme is 382hp which is as much as 82hp more than the standard ID. 4 GTX. As such, the VW ID. Xtreme becomes the most powerful ID. series car except for the aforementioned ID. R racecar.

The power is being sent to all four wheels and the ID. Xtreme also supports a maximum 175kW DC fast charging rate which enables the ID. Xtreme to recharge from 20% to 80% in just 30 minutes. If you plug it into a normal home AC socket, you will be able to recharge it in about 8-9 hours.

VW didn’t disclose any information about the maximum range you can get from the VW ID. Xtreme, but given the power increases, the Xtreme should do a bit less than the 245mile range you get from the standard ID. 4 GTX.

VW ID. Xtreme – Design and Driving

The most notable changes between the regular ID.4 GTX and the ID. Xtreme is in the design department as the ID. Xtreme uses special 3D-printed parts which widen the wheel arches and make the car’s stance a lot more serious. A bull bar at the front bumper immediately tells you that this is an off-road vehicle, let alone the new full-width roof-mounted LED bar.

The ID. Xtreme is also painted in a special semi-digital camo livery which makes the car look even more purposeful. A pair of utility wheels, beefed-up suspension and underbody, and a completely different front bumper make the ID. Xtreme looks like a completely different beast when compared to the regular ID. 4 GTX.

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VW ID. Xtreme – Reliability and Common Issues

The VW ID. Xtreme is not a serial production car which means that we can’t really talk about reliability. However, since this car is based on the ID.4, we can say that it should be able to stand the test of time, but with certain issues worth talking about.

For starters, the entire ID. family tends to suffer from brake-related issues, especially the ID. 4. Electrical issues are also fairly common across the range, and so are problems with seat belts and sometimes even the headlights. Since the ID. Xtreme shares most of these parts with the regular ID.4, we can expect these to potentially be an issue.

VW ID. Xtreme – Value and Practicality

The VW ID. Xtreme is not a car you can buy as it isn’t even road legal at the moment. It is just a concept car made to showcase what VW can do if they were to make a serious off-roader. It is not 100% clear if VW is doing this to maybe gather enough interest around the ID. Xtreme so they can even sell it sometime down the line.

Practicality is virtually unchanged from the ID. 4 which means lots of seating space both front and back and lots of space in the car’s cargo department.

FAQ Section

Can I buy the Volkswagen ID. Xtreme?

No, you can’t. As mentioned previously, the VW ID. Xtreme is just a concept car and it is not going to become available for purchase anytime soon. It’s likely just a test-bed for future VW projects and a means of showcasing what VW can do in the increasingly more popular off-road segment.

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This is not to say that the ID. Xtreme is not going to become available for purchase eventually because enough buyer interest could motivate VW to make the VW ID. Xtreme a car anyone can buy.

Is the Volkswagen ID. Xtreme better than the ID. 4 GTX?

Comparing the ID. Xtreme to the ID. GTX is like comparing apples to oranges. These two indeed are based on the same chassis, but the ID. Xtreme is designed for adventure, off-roading, and fun while the regular ID. GTX is a road car.

As such, the ID. GTX is much better when it comes to range, comfort, and safety while the ID. Xtreme is better when it comes to off-roading, utility, and usability.

 Why do carmakers do concept cars?

At first glance, it might seem strange that so many carmakers make concept cars that are never going to see the light of day and thus are nothing but expense on the company budget. However, these cars are brought to life to increase brand popularity, better market existing cars, introduce new technologies, and potentially even become available for purchase sometime in the future.

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