Common problems with Mercedes GLK350

The Mercedes Benz GLK350 is the predecessor to the current Mercedes GLC which means that it is positioned as a compact family Mercedes luxury SUV. The GLK is based on the C-Class and it represents the C-Class of Mercedes SUVs.

Given the fact that the C-Class is one of the best-sold Mercedes models of all time, it comes as no surprise that the GLK was also one of the best-sold Mercedes cars at the time. However, this does not mean that the GLK350 does not come with its share of issues, especially since the GLK was first introduced back in 2006.

One of the most common and most stressful issue that plague the GLK350 are related to airbags. The GLK350 is also known to experience issues with the fuel system, the electrical system, suspension issues, and certain engine and engine-cooling-related issues.

All in all, the GLK350 is a decently reliable car, but as with any Mercedes, it needs constant and timely maintenance, otherwise, the car will start developing problems that are much more tasking and expensive to fix.

Mercedes GLK350 airbag issues

The Takata recall is one of the most talked-about Mercedes recalls in history because of the dreaded airbag issues it tends to cause if the car is not fixed. These issues include airbags that don’t deploy when necessary, airbags that deploy without a cause, and many other airbag-related issues.

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Possibly the greatest issue of them is how Mercedes tried to resolve these. So many Mercedes models are part of the Takata recall which means that these issues take way too long to fix. So much so that there are still many cars out there that have yet to be fixed. Either way, be sure to always check if the GLK you are interested in was part of the Takata recall.

 Mercedes GLK350 fuel system issues

Another relatively common and equally stressful GLK350 issue is the one related to the fuel system. Many owners around the world state that the GLK350 tends to emit potent fuel odors whenever you fill it up. Some say that this issue only happens when they fill the car up entirely while others state that the fuel odor is ever-present.

The problem here is that these typically point towards a fuel leak somewhere in the system which means that these can create potential safety hazards. Many owners have reported that issues such as these cost a lot of money to fix, especially the ones that consist out of fuel leaks underneath the rear seat bench.

Mercedes GLK350 electrical issues

The GLK350 is also experiencing several electrical issues that consist out of the car not being able to start up, car stalling, dashboard instrument cluster issues, and key recognition issues. Older GLK models are also known to experience issues with exterior lightning and many in-car accessories.

Some owners reported that their GLK350 models also experienced steering wheel locking without a genuine cause. The instrument cluster tends to light up like a Christmas tree which later results in the car prompting a steering wheel lock system failure.

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Mercedes GLK350 suspension issues

The Mercedes GLK350 comes in two different suspension setups that include traditional steel springs and the more sophisticated Mercedes AIRMATIC air-suspension system. The most common issue with the traditional coil spring setup is down to the front stabilizer bar that tends to produce all sorts of irregularities while driving.

The AIRMATIC system is known to cause all sorts of issues if you don’t maintain it correctly. This is sadly a common occurrence in many Mercedes models, especially the ones with quite a few miles on the odometer. The AIRMATIC systems tend to leak and the air shocks are prone to premature deterioration if not maintained properly.

Mercedes GLK350 engine and engine cooling issues

One of the most common engine-related issues with the GLK350 are the unpredictable and seemingly stressful car stalling. These tend to be related to many electrical issues such as problems with all sorts of sensors, or potentially even with the engine itself.

The engine is known to leak oil, especially on higher mileage models which can be detrimental to many other nearby components. Many owners report that oil leaks such as these often find their way into the radiator which causes all sorts of issues down the line.

FAQ Section

Is the GLK350 worth it?

The Mercedes GLK350 is the predecessor to the current Mercedes GLC which is one of the best sold Mercedes SUVs of all time. If you love the idea of owning a compact-sized Mercedes luxury SUV that is not going to break the bank, you should check out the Mercedes GLK350.

However, be sure to look for one that has been maintained properly and one that does not have all that many miles on the clock. Many people tend to buy used Mercedes cars for affordable prices only to find out that those types of cars tend to experience issues the most.

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Is the GLK350 better than the GLC?

No, it is not. The GLK was never really a smash hit when it comes to design as it looked a bit too senior-friendly. Many people have said that the GLK was simply too boxy and that a boxy design on such a small SUV looks a bit strange.

This is why Mercedes decided to use smoother lines on the GLC which definitely made it more appealing and more youthful. Interior-wise, the GLC is leagues above the GLK because the GLK relied on the Mercedes previous generation interior design that is now severely dated.

Is the GLK350 a reliable car?

The Mercedes GLK350 is actually an above-average reliability Mercedes SUV, especially for the later generations. This means that the GLK350 is one of the most reliable Mercedes models in the modern era which is indeed worth pointing out.

Furthermore, the GLK does cost a lot of money to maintain, but still not as much as most Mercedes SUVs. This means that a well-kept GLK350 has the potential to last a really long time while not being overbearingly expensive to maintain.

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