Common problems with Mercedes GLC300

Mercedes GLC 300 Problems

The Mercedes Benz GLC300 is a compact family Mercedes SUV which means that it resides in one of the most popular car segments. The current generation of the GLC300 has been around for quite a while now which means that a brand new GLC is around the corner.

Reliability-wise, the GLC is a decently reliable car, especially the newer models. However, there are some problems worth discussing such as issues with the powertrain, issues with the wheels and brakes, problems with the car’s vehicle speed control, steering system issues, and issues with engine seizures.

Most of these can be solved with preventive maintenance, but some do require you to cash out significant money for repairs. The GLC300 offers the Mercedes resident 2.0L 4-cylinder engine that does manage to balance performance and efficiency really well.

All in all, the GLC300 is a lovely car to spend time in, but it does suffer from various issues that could potentially ruin the whole experience. Either way, if you maintain it well enough, it should be able to serve you for a long time to come.

Mercedes GLC300 powertrain issues

The biggest powertrain issue the GLC300 seems to experience is one related to the 9G 9Tronic transmission. The transmission is known to suffer from shifting delays which are unpredictable and can sometimes jitter the entire car. Some owners even reported grinding noises coming from the transmission, even on relatively low mileage cars.

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Burning smells coming from underneath the hood, whistling noises, or even the entire car shaking. All of these can ruin the experience of owning a luxury SUV with a Mercedes badge. Therefore, pay close attention to the transmission if you are interested in buying the GLC300.

Mercedes GLC300 wheels and brakes issues

The Mercedes GLC300 also sometimes suffers from a variety of different issues associated with both the wheels and the brakes. The issues with the wheels are mostly that the GLC is an SUV, yet it does not manage to tackle any sorts of challenging terrain. Quite the contrary, the GLC300 is a 100% road-oriented SUV, especially without the 4MATIC AWD system.

As far as the brakes are concerned, the GLC300 is also known to suffer from squeaky brakes which can lead to premature brake pad wear. These can also be noticed if you hear grinding noises coming while braking. Vibrations and pulsations through the steering wheel while braking are also common indicators of brake-related trouble.

Mercedes GLC300 vehicle speed control sensors

Vehicle speed control sensors are designed to make your daily life a lot more comfortable, especially while cruising on the highway. However, some owners have reported issues with the adaptive cruise control and the traffic sign recognition in which the car either misreads the speed limit or completely messes it up by adjusting to the speed limit way below the actual limit.

One owner said that he was cruising on the highway while his GLC300 decided to brake abruptly at up to 30mph on a highway because the system misread the speed limit. This can cause serious safety issues and can often lead to serious accidents.

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Mercedes GLC300 steering system issues

A few online sources also stated that the GLC300 sometimes suffers from peculiar issues related to the steering system. One such issue is related to the car’s wiring which can fail and completely disengage the car’s power steering assistance. Mercedes even issued a recall to fix this about a year and a half ago which means that there are many GLC models still having issues.

Secondly, the steering system itself is known to suffer from weird vibrations and overly sensitive alignment. Some owners even complained about the car emitting grinding noises while taking turns.

Mercedes GLC300 engine seizure issues

The GLC300 sadly was part of a few complete engine seizures even before the car reached any serious mileage. One owner complained that the engine on his GLC300 completely failed before the car reached 70k miles. He also said that a Mercedes mechanic stated that the fix would be to completely replace the engine which costs between $10,000-$15,000.

These may not be as widespread as some other issues, but given the fact of how expensive these can be, they are indeed worth mentioning. If you are in the market for a GLC300, pay close attention to the engine, the way it operates, and how much oil it consumes.

FAQ Section

Is the Mercedes GLC300 a good car?

The Mercedes GLC300 is indeed a really good car, but it does require considerable care and maintenance in order to keep it running, especially for earlier models. It may not be the newest compact luxury family SUV, but it still manages to compete with the very latest offering from its segment.

Therefore, the GLC300 is a good car. The GLC300 model is actually the best GLC model you can buy because it gets more than enough power while also being very sensible on fuel. If you have the means, I’d suggest going for the 4MATIC AWD model because the GLC is an SUV after all.

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When is the new Mercedes GLC coming out?

Many sources state that the next-gen Mercedes GLC is going to see the light of day as early as June 2022. They also say that the car will be available for purchase before the end of September. This means that it makes perfect sense to wait if you are already in the market for a brand new compact luxury SUV.

The new C-Class is likely the bedrock for the new GLC which means that the GLC is likely going to be the coolest and most advanced Mercedes SUV when it reaches production. As such, it makes sense to wait, even if it takes longer than just a few months.

Why do people love compact luxury SUVs?

People love compact luxury SUVs because they offer a balanced approach between size, efficiency, power, and practicality. You get the raised driving position which comes with great visibility, but you also don’t feel like driving a bus.

These types of cars are extremely competitive, and that is why the new GLC is likely going to be a showstopper.

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