Common problems with Mercedes E450

The Mercedes E450 was first introduced for the W213 generation that started production in 2017. Mercedes updated the W213 last year in order to modernize it and equip it with the latest Mercedes MBUX, latest-gen multi-beam headlights, and more efficient and powerful engines.

The E450 uses a 6-cylinder 3.0L engine with 362hp and 369lb-ft of torque which is more than enough to make the E450 feel sophisticated, fast, and luxurious. The engine is also being assisted by a 48-volt hybrid system that adds an additional 21hp and 184lb-ft of torque.

This powertrain is also aided by the latest Mercedes 96-Tronic gearbox and Mercedes 4MATIC AWD system. Even though the E450 is a relatively new model, it is not free of faults. The most common issues that plague the E450 are associated with in-car electronics failing to do their job and all sorts of interior rattles and squeaks.

It seems like multiple sources also cite various transmission-related issues as well. The E450 was also part of two recalls for potential fuel-related damages and issues associated with the engine stalling. All in all, the E450 is a relatively new car and it seems like it is also a decently reliable car.

Mercedes E450 In-Car electronics issues

Some credible online sources cite that the E450 is experiencing issues with many in-car electronic systems such as the GPS communication system, display freezing or going blank, prone pairing issues, voice control issues, steering wheel control issues, and various camera/sensor issues.

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This comes as no surprise since the E450 is packed with virtually everything that Mercedes offers these days and with such great levels of complexity comes a great level of trouble. Most of these can be easily fixed by a Mercedes software-trained mechanic, but the biggest problem is that these tend to appear over and over again on certain models.

Mercedes E450 rattle and squeaking issues

The E450 also seems to experience all sorts of rattles and squeaks which tend to appear on various parts of the dashboard, the doors, and the rest of the cabin. Owners also state that these issues can sometimes be constant and extremely nerve-wracking since the E450 is supposed to be an extremely quiet car.

It’s also worth mentioning some owners keep reporting various door rattling over bumps which can be either consistent or inconsistent. The problem is that the Mercedes dealer is unlikely to figure out the cause and fix the issue if these are not constant. However, that does not mean that they are more or less frustrating.

Mercedes E450 transmission issues

The Mercedes E450 9G-Tronic seems to be a relatively reliable transmission that should last a long time, but some mechanics report that the 9G-Tronic is not completely without fault. These problems tend to present themselves as grinding noises, jerky accelerations, slow shifting, the feeling of shakiness, whistling sounds, or even a burning smell.

You ought to always pay close attention to any of these as they can cause more harm the longer they go unnoticed. Thankfully, it seems like these issues are relatively rare given the fact that there is only a small amount of data about it online.

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Mercedes E450 fuel system issues

About two months ago Mercedes issues a recall which also includes the Mercedes E450 due to manufacturing issues that enabled particles to jam themselves between the fuel rail and the injectors. This can cause a fuel leak which can potentially even lead to a fire. As such, you need to check if this issue is resolved or not.

Mercedes is willing to replace the fuel rail and the fuel injectors free of charge for everyone who got an E450 with this issue.

Mercedes E450 engine stalling issues

It seems like the E450 is also sometimes experiencing issues associated with the engine stalling due to many different reasons. These are mostly down to damaged and worn-out wires that can cause a short-circuit and thus stall the car without any warning.

This is obviously an issue as this can happen while you are driving and thus it increases the chances of having an accident. Mercedes has said that these issues are mostly associated with higher-power AMG E-Class models but some E450 owners have also reported these issues.

FAQ Section

How reliable is the Mercedes E450?

The Mercedes E450 is a relatively new car which means that it is still unclear how the E450 is going to fare when it reaches the 5-year or even the 10-year-old mark. Even so, it seems like the E450 is holding up fairly well at the moment as there are hardly any grave issues that tend to happen on a larger scale.

This is because the current E450 was first introduced back in 2017 which means that Mercedes has managed to iron out most of the issues during the E450s production. All in all, the E450 is a fairly reliable car, but it needs constant and proper maintenance in order to stay reliable for the longest.

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How much does the Mercedes E450 cost to maintain?

Many online sites claim that the E450 costs somewhere between $95 to $890 each year maintenance-wise. This means that some owners pay almost nothing in an entire year while others have to fork out close to $1,000 on a fairly new car.

Another site says that the average E450 maintenance cost is $160 which is a really good result for a complex German large luxury car. On one hand, it’s not really a surprise as the E450 is a new car, but on the other, with such high levels of complexity, you’d expect the E450 to fare worse.

Is the Mercedes E450 a good car?

Yes, the E450 is indeed a good car both because it offers state-of-the-art technology and comfort features and because it seems to be decently reliable. The E450 also offers lots of power while also being relatively efficient. It also offers lots of space for up to 5 passengers and cavernous cargo space.

The E450 feels sophisticated and refined to drive while looking the part both inside and out. The E450 might as well be the sweet spot of the current E-Class range because it perfectly balances power and smoothness with efficiency and costs.

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