Common problems with Mercedes C180

The Mercedes C180 model designation is reserved for entry-level Mercedes C-Class models. The 180 C-Class has been available for many model generations including the very latest one. The C180 uses either a 1.5, a 1.6, or a 1.8L 4-cylinder turbo engine with less than 175hp.

These power figures are not on the stronger side, but those who spend the majority of their driving time in the city don’t care about power figures anyway. Those people are likely going to appreciate the fact that the brand-new W206 C180 is able to return up to 40MPG combined.

The C180 is not necessarily the most reliable C-Class model of them all, but the reliability results vary quite a bit among all the C180 generations. Even so, the most common issues the C180 experiences are associated with the MAF sensor, electrical issues, transmission issues, issues with the steering system, and finally the power output.

All in all, the C180 is only acceptable to those who don’t really need all that much power. However, as some models offer around 150hp, many believe that this is not fitting for a true Mercedes sedan, especially because the MPG results are not all that much better compared to more powerful 4-cylinder models.

Mercedes C180 MAF issues

The Mass airflow (MAF) sensor is intended to properly dose the amount of oxygen needed for a perfect balance within the combustion chamber. This means that the MAF plays a vital role in the variable engine timing department and as such if it starts causing issues, you are likely going to notice a severe lack of power.

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It is rather understandable why this is considered as an issue, but an issue like this on a car like the Mercedes C180 is even more treacherous as the C180 suffers from lackluster power anyway. All in all, when the MAF sensor starts causing issues, you will have to replace it. Many Mercedes specialists state that MAF sensor replacements are inevitable at every 50k miles or so.

Mercedes C180 electrical issues

The newer W205 and W206 Mercedes Benz C-Class generations are as prone to electrical issues as some older models are. However, that does not mean that the W205 and the W206 are not going to develop electrical issues in the coming years. The most common electrical issues that plague the C180 are associated with the power windows, power tailgate, and exterior lighting.

Many owners reported that their C180 models also tend to experience issues with many in-car accessories such as the GPS, the infotainment screen, phone connectivity, and so on. These are not detrimental to your overall safety, but they are indeed headache-inducing.

Mercedes C180 transmission issues

The most troublesome Mercedes C180 transmission is the 7G-Tronic while the new 9G-Tronic is noticeably better. The most common transmission issues associated with the C180 are slow shifting, unwillingness to shift from neutral to first, or from first to second, or even some grinding noises.

These are mostly down to the lack of oil within the system that has been caused by improper maintenance. For a transmission as refined as the 7G and the 9G to work as intended, they need proper maintenance. If you fail to maintain them as necessary, they are likely going to cause all sorts of issues.

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Mercedes C180 steering system issues

The Mercedes C180 is known to suffer from various steering system-related issues such as lack of assistance, grinding noises while fully locked, and steering wheel locking while the key is in the ignition. This issue is actually common among many Mercedes models, but the C-Class seems to experience these throughout the range.

It is rather obvious that there can be detrimental to your on-road safety which means that you should take your C180 to an experienced mechanic the moment you sense your steering system going out of whack.

Mercedes C180 lack of power

While this may not be necessarily viewed as an issue, it is still something worth talking about as the C180 indeed does suffer from a lack of power. The C-Class is not really a lightweight car anymore as it weighs more than 3700lbs. As such, a 150hp rear-wheel drive engine is not really anything to brag about.

Even though it may not seem like a grave issue, you are certainly going to notice the lack of power the moment you start overtaking.

FAQ Section

Which Mercedes C180 model is the best to buy used?

If you want the best value C180 option that does not suffer from old age or lack of amenities, you will have to go for the W205 generation. If you want the best, most reliable C180 model, you should go for the W204 facelift model as it offers the highest levels of reliability.

The W203 is now a fairly old car while the W204 pre-facelift model is not as reliable nor good-looking as the post-facelift model. The price differences between these two are rather minimal, so be sure to check out the post-facelift W204.

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Why does Mercedes still make the C180?

The Mercedes C180 exists because Mercedes is now able to offer lots of power from smaller 4-cylinder engines. The brand new W206 C-Class is now only available with a 4-cylinder engine, even the range-topping C63 is getting a 2.0L 4-cylinder.

As such, it’s not really a dealbreaker to buy the C180 anymore as it offers a similar engine to the C63 AMG. This sounds really odd, but desperate times seek desperate measures, at least as far as efficiency is concerned.

Which Mercedes C-Class has the best engine?

The best engine ever to be fitted to the Mercedes Benz C-Class is the one found in the W204 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Black Series. The 6.2L V8 found in the BS C63 is likely one of the best engines Mercedes has ever made and it is likely to go down in history as such.

This engine puts out 510hp and 457lb-ft of torque which is more than enough for such a car. The M156 V8 is one the best performance engines out there, not just under the Mercedes umbrella, but for the entire car industry as well.

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