Common problems with Mercedes B200

Mercedes B200 Problems

The Mercedes Benz B-Class is a Mercedes family minivan/hatchback. The Mercedes Benz B-Class has been around since 2005 and is now in its 3rd generation. The first generation of the B-Class is the one with the worse reliability records while the 2nd generation is a little bit better. That being said, the 3rd gen B-Class seems to be the best of them all.

The Mercedes Benz B200 is the mid-level engine option and one of the most popular ones. The reliability of the B200 in general is more or less in line with all the other B-Class models. The most common issues the B200 suffers from are associated with the fuel system, the steering system, the seats, electrical issues, and issues with the cooling system.

Most of these issues seem to plague both lower mileage and higher mileage examples which means that they are not directly connected to lack of maintenance. This means that the B200 issues are not the easiest to predict.

As far as maintenance is concerned, the B200 is a relatively cheap car to maintain, at least as most Mercedes cars are concerned. As such, the B200 is not the most reliable Mercedes out there, but it is not as bad as some are led to believe.

 Mercedes B200 – Fuel system issues

The 3rd gen B200 was part of a fairly significant recall in which dirt particles and debris managed to find their way into the fuel system. These particles are known to damage the seals between the fuel injector and the fuel rail which ultimately leads to fuel leaks on top of the engine compartment.

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Therefore, fuel can find its way onto hot engine components which can cause fire and thus destroy the car completely. Mercedes B200 models produced between 2016 and 2020 were part of this recall, so be sure to inspect the car you are looking at in order to avoid potential engine fires.

 Mercedes B200 – Steering system issues

The steering system of the Mercedes B200 is known to house an incorrectly sized borehole which means the fitment of the bearing and the borehole causes steering issues. Issues such as these are substantial because they are directly linked to potential accidents that took place with the B200.

As such, Mercedes also issued a recall because of this for B-Class models made between 2016 and 2017. Chances are that most of these have been repaired because the repairs were rather easy. Either way, you should pay a great deal of attention to these issues as they can hamper the B-Class steerability a lot.

Mercedes B200 – Issues with the seats

According to another recall made by Mercedes Benz, the 2018 Mercedes Benz B-Class also suffers from poor seat attachment. More specifically, the front seats on many B-Class models have not been properly attached which could lead to them separating from the car’s floor which could pose a huge safety threat.

Be sure to contact your Mercedes Benz dealership and inquire if the B-Class you are interested in has had this issue repaired. It’s never a good idea to not take part in official recalls made by car brands as they typically only do these if there are severe safety issues.

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Mercedes B200 – Electrical issues

The first and the second generation of the B200 are also known to suffer from various electrical issues, such as engine management issues, sat-nav issues, and the starting and ignition systems. The 1st gen B200 also tends to suffer from various electrical issues such as issues with the power windows, exterior lighting, and various other non-essential electrical components.

These are a common occurrence on older luxury cars, but the ones that trouble the B-Class can be seen on even the very newest B-Class models. The good news is that these can easily be repaired simply by switching or troubleshooting many of these components.

 Mercedes B200 – Cooling system issues

The 2014 Mercedes B200 tends to suffer from peculiar cooling system-related issues in which the water pump and the thermostat fail and need replacing. Some owners have even reported issues such as these happening as early as 30k miles which is indeed a substantial issue.

Whenever your car overheats, you are risking additional damage being done to your engine, your cooling system, and all the nearby components, especially rubber hoses and other components that are prone to melting.

FAQ Section

Should I buy the Mercedes B200?

The Mercedes Benz B200 is a great family car because it offers luxury, comfort, space, and a really desirable badge. However, most Mercedes buyers rather buy Mercedes compact SUVs such as the GLA, or the GLB as opposed to the B-Class because the B-Class is one of the least popular Mercedes models out there.

That’s not to say that the B-Class is a bad car, but rather that most people deem it to be too expensive while being not as popular as other Mercedes family cars. All in all, if you like the way the B-Class looks and it fits your needs, there is absolutely no reason not to buy it, except for all of the reliability issues listed above.

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Is the Mercedes Benz B200 a safe car?

All Mercedes Benz B-Class models are safe because Mercedes always goes to great lengths to ensure that all of their cars are as safe as they can be. As such, the B200 is a 5-star safety-rated car, no matter the model generation.

If you want all the newest software safety systems, you will have to buy them through additional optional packages, but that is more or less the case with all other luxury carmakers, especially German ones.

Is the Mercedes B200 the best Mercedes family car?

The Mercedes Benz B-Class is indeed one of, if not the best Mercedes Benz family cars because it is designed to offer superior amounts of space while also being a through and through Mercedes. This means that the B-Class does not lack any space, both in the seating department and the cargo department.

Some people do prefer Mercedes SUVs over the B-Class when it comes to family-hauling duties, but the reality is that the B-Class is likely the best Mercedes family car overall. The reason being is that the B-Class is built to be a family car above everything else.

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