Common problems with Mercedes A200

The Mercedes A200 is the pick of the range for many Mercedes A-Class buyers because the A200 perfectly balances power, efficiency, and costs. The Mercedes Benz A-Class is a really popular car as it is also the entry-level Mercedes model available in either hatchback or sedan form.

The A200 typically uses a small displacement 4-cylinder with around 160-170hp which is enough considering the size of the A-Class. The A-Class now also shares its design with some higher-end models like the Mercedes CLS-Class which certainly works in favor of the A-Class.

However, the A-Class is not perfect as it tends to experience problems with the transmission, and the steering system. It also tends to suffer from oil leaks, especially the first-generation model. The electricals are a sore point for the previous-gen A-Class while the quality itself is not acceptable for a car wearing the three-pointed star badge.

In essence, the new A-Class is a lot more reliable, luxurious, technologically advanced, and appealing when compared to the first generation which was never anything special. It’s safe to say that the majority of issues with the A-Class are due to a lackluster W176 A-Class model.

Mercedes A200 transmission issues

The Mercedes A200 comes with a 7-speed Mercedes gearbox that is known to experience issues with slow shifting, unwillingness to shift, or even jittery and grinding noises while shifting from neutral gear. These are mostly found on the W176 A200, but it seems like even the W177 A200 suffers from these issues from time to time.

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Many owners have reported that the car is prone to slipping from 1st to second gear which can hamper performance. The W176 A200 also had a manufacturing issue for models produced in 2015 because a badly welded component inside the dual-clutch gearbox makes the car go into limp mode.

Mercedes A200 steering system issues

Mostly found on the W176, the steering system makes clunking noises while turning to the right. The entire steering rack on the W176 A200 is known to fail because the very same steering rack was used for many Mercedes models that experience similar issues.

The clunking sound is down to a cracked bearing and is most noticeable while making right turns. These need to be repaired as soon as possible because they are able to create even more issues down the line. If you don’t remedy this immediately, you are likely going to experience issues with the suspension and the trailing arms.

Mercedes A200 oil leaks

The A-Class uses a relatively faulty “O” ring that tends to crack or misplace itself which eventually leads to an oil leak. Sometimes this issue can be easily solved simply by reinstalling the “O” ring, at other times you will have to buy a completely new one.

If you decide to ignore this issue, your car is likely going to use a lot more oil than needed which can also cause all sorts of trouble. If the leaks come in contact with hot components, you might even end up in a fire.

Mercedes A200 electrical issues

Both the current-gen, and the previous-gen A200 models are known to suffer all sorts of electrical issues such as issues with the GPS, the in-car connectivity systems, power windows, and sometimes even the exterior lighting. Most of these are also more troublesome on the previous generation model while the new A200 seems to be a lot better.

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Be sure to check as many electrical components as you can if you are interested in buying the A-Class as these can sometimes cost a lot of money to replace.

Mercedes W176 A200 lack of quality

The W176 A-Class is not on the same level as all the other Mercedes Benz cars because it suffers from so many issues related to an overall lack of quality. Many owners have reported that the interior trim is cracking and wearing out quickly, the exterior paint is also prone to cracking while the electricals are not as dependable as they are on the new A-Class.

The W176 A-Class also didn’t drive all that well because it lacks space for even moderately sized adults. The new W177 A200 is leagues above the W176 which is apparent the moment you step inside the car.

FAQ Section

Is the W176 Mercedes A-Class worth it?

The W176 Mercedes Benz A-Class is not really a car you should be looking at as the BMW 1-Series and the Audi A3 from the same era are simply better cars. The W176 A-Class is an acquired taste as far as design is concerned while the overall lack of quality is something that no one can deny.

The W176 is not really worth it because it does not do anything all that particularly well. It is a lot smaller when compared to the new A-Class, it lacks quality, the engines are not as smooth nor as efficient while the interior is 5 levels above in the W177.

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Is the W177 Mercedes A-Class worth it?

We have already mentioned that the W176 Mercedes A-Class simply can not compare to the previous generations of the Audi A3 and the BMW 1-Series. The W177 on the other hand can easily compete with its current Audi and BMW rivals. Furthermore, the W177 A-Class is actually better in many regards, especially the design.

The A-Class looks and feels more futuristic and premium when compared to the new Audi A3 and the BMW 1-Series. The Audi A3 is not far from the A-Class while the BMW 1-Series is not really all that appealing since it lost its primary benefit, the rear-wheel-drive setup.

Should I buy the Mercedes A200?

You should buy the W177 A200 because it is a really great car. On the other hand, the W176 A200 is not and that is why you should avoid it. The 200 engine is more than enough for a daily commuter while also being adequate when it comes to overtaking and merging on the highway.

If you are someone who tends to drive high horsepower cars often, you are likely going to be more satisfied with the A35 AMG or the range-topping A45 AMG. Be sure to also check the CLA versions of those.  

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