Common problems with Mercedes W213

Mercedes W213 problems

The Mercedes Benz W213 is the latest generation of the Mercedes Benz E-Class which is one of the best-selling Mercedes sedans ever. The E-Class is a mid-size luxury sedan made to compete with the likes of the Audi A6 and the BMW 5-Series. The W213 is coming to the end of its lifetime which means that a brand-new E-Class is soon to replace it.

Because this generation of the E-Class has been around since 2015, we have a fair understanding of how reliable it is. Given the fact that the W213 is, and is likely going to be a really popular 2nd hand luxury sedan for a while, we are going to tell you what are the key issues you need to focus on if you are interested in buying one used.

As such, the most common issues with the W213 are associated with the engine, the air suspension system, the electrics, and issues with the NOx sensor. Some of these are major issues like the NOx issues and engine issues while others are not. Either way, the W213 is a complex car that needs proper maintenance, otherwise, you will face a bunch of additional issues.

Therefore, if you want one, be sure to do a pre-purchase inspection as that is the only way you can know for certain that the car is worth it. These are well-built and really entertaining and comfortable cars to drive which is why so many people want them.

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1. Mercedes W213 – Engine issues

The Mercedes W213 comes with quite a few engine options. Some of them make around 200hp while the most powerful 4,0L BiTurbo V8 makes more than 600hp. The M274 gasoline engine is known to sometimes experience issues with the pistons which can damage the engine. One owner claims that it cost $9,000 to fix this issue so this is definitely an issue worth mentioning.

Other engine-related issues that need to be mentioned are related to higher levels of oil consumption which some say is normal, but it isn’t. You also need to keep in mind that the ignition coils can fail on higher-mileage models and that some W213 models have been reported as prone to engine overheating.

2. Mercedes W213 – Air suspension issues

The Mercedes W213 comes with a high-end air suspension system which makes the car feel like it floats over bumps. However, everyone knows that AIRMATIC troubles can cause a lot of stress, so we need to focus on these as well. Many owners and specialists claim that the air suspension relay is prone to failing while some say that the airbags are also prone to failure.

Even though the modern-day AIRMATIC system is much better than before, you can still come across newer Mercedes models with the sagging suspension. However, these are typically associated with cars that weren’t maintained all that well.

3. Mercedes W213 – Electrical issues

The Mercedes W213 is a high-end luxury car which means that it comes with many comfort, safety, and luxury features that are designed to keep you entertained and safe. However, some of these issues like the Mercedes Command system can fail. This is the Mercedes entertainment system unit which can typically be repaired by either resetting it or updating it to its newest version.

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Some owners have reported that the car’s wing mirror LED lights can fail and stop illuminating the floor around the car when unlocked. Thankfully, these can be repaired easily by replacing all the LEDs. The mobile connectivity aspect can fail and so can the car’s navigation system.

4. Mercedes W213 – NOx sensor issues

The NOx sensor is designed to help the car reach the emissions levels necessary to pass all the regulatory emissions testing. The NOx sensor is part of the car’s Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. These are designed to monitor the levels of nitric oxide within the car and adjust the SCR to lower those levels when necessary.

When this sensor fails, the car will not be able to control the levels of nitric oxide which can cause bad performance, spluttering, and of course, a failed emissions test. These are most apparent in the OM651 diesel engine.

5. Mercedes W213 – Brakes issues

One of the most common issues with the W213 is one related to the brakes. Thankfully, these issues are not going to cause major trouble, but they are indeed annoying. Many owners have reported that the W213 suffers from juddery and screeching brakes. Many owners have paid a lot of money to fix this, but it seems like a complete fix is rather impossible.

FAQ Section

Should I buy a Mercedes W213?

The Mercedes W213 is now a really popular car in the used car market which means that you should indeed consider it if you want a comfortable and luxurious mid-size sedan. There are plenty of engine choices with the W213 which means that you can choose what you value the most, whether it be power, efficiency, or comfort.

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All in all, the W213 is a really good used car, but it does also come at a premium. This means that not many people are able to afford the W213, especially one that is newer or specified thoroughly.

Which Mercedes W213 model is best?

The answer to this question is rather easy, at least it is for me because the best W213 is the pre-facelift E63 S AMG because it comes with an absolutely glorious engine and more than 600hp. The W213 E63 is a true monster and is likely going to be one of the very last V8 E-Class to ever come out.

If you want a great long-distance cruiser that is also good with fuel, the E220 diesel is the obvious choice.

When is the new Mercedes E-Class coming out?

The next-gen Mercedes Benz E-Class is likely going to come out in 2023 which means that it should be revealed to the world really soon. The next-gen E-Class is likely going to borrow most of its design touches from both the new S-Class and the C-Class.

This means that the E-Class is going to feel like a mid-sized S/C-Class as all three of these are going to look really similar.

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